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September 3, 2021

Understanding the key facts about Fluted & Traditional Polypropylene Sheets






Are you thinking of entering the product packaging business? Let’s go to the packaging material. It’s crucial to choose the most suitable one from many options, including cardboard, plastic, foil, film, metal, Plastic, and others. This article will help you to get in-depth knowledge about plastic materials. So, let’s get started.

First, be well informed of various factors that help select the best material.

Factors Contributing to the Selection of the Right Packaging Material

Availability of the Packaging Material

Always look for package material that can be ordered in bulk throughout the year. Customers always prefer supreme quality to be in the game. So choose the one that helps you get profit.


Packaging is the first thing consumers notice while opening a product. Therefore it needs to be acceptable to your consumer and fulfil the necessity of maintaining the product quality inside the package.


Choose the best material that your company can afford. As they are used for bulk orders, make it as cost-effective as possible.

Easing to handle

Use those packaging materials that guarantee easy handling without the tension of leakage.


To keep your consumers attracted to your product, use only biodegradable materials and maintain all the government regulations.


You need to opt for that packaging material that is compatible with your business. It not only increases the effectiveness but also helps to fulfil your definite needs.


Use those packaging materials that seem appealing to your end customers. Your chosen packaging material should be consistent and shelf-ready to help run your business efficiently.

An Introduction to Polypropylene Plastic Sheets

It may be a daunting task for beginners to choose the right plastic material. However, businesses love to use Polypropylene material or PP Sheets for several reasons. Keep reading to know the special attributes of Polypropylene plastic.

  • Three grades of polypropylene (block copolymer, random copolymer, and homopolymer) are available that help formulates tailored sheets.
  • Polypropylene sheets are low in weight yet have high density. This helps in getting a sustainable package material and cost savings by lowering the occurrence of solid waste.
  • Being semi-crystalline in nature, polypropylene sheets give a hazy effect naturally.
  • Polypropylene plastic effectively blocks the moisture content of the product.
  • This particular plastic sheet is recyclable. Hence there are many possibilities for using this sheet in different applications like flower pots, cans, storage items, and many more.
  • It has high resistance power against cool temperatures. Thus, it helps in interacting with the actual properties.

Applications of PP Sheets

Polypropylene sheets are used for a wide variety of household as well as industrial applications. These are stated following:

  • Stationery
  • Laboratory machinery and equipment
  • Film package
  • Living hinges
  • Banknotes
  • Textile
  • First-aid item
  • Plastic furniture
  • Cleaning agents

Interesting facts on Traditional Polypropylene Sheets

Known as Thermoplastic, Polypropylene Sheets are one of the most usable plastics around the Globe. It’s a plastic material that can be used to pack different consumer goods. 

Formulated in 1951, this traditional plastic packaging sheet is popular for its chemical resistance features. This particular material is shiny, soft, flexible, strong, durable, and non-reactive to acids. You can see the use of this traditional sheet in different industries, including packaging, equipment manufacturing, and electrical industries. The varied features make this item usable for multi-purposes.

Understanding the Fluted Polypropylene Sheets Application

This particular plastic packaging material is used in various industries, including food packaging, advertising, chemical, signage, and semiconductor industry. These are widely used for multiple benefits, including high abrasion resistance power, multi-layer, low cost, low maintenance, sturdy, durable, lightweight, malleable, endless designs, etc. The biggest advantage of using Fluted Polypropylene sheets is that they can be greatly used outdoors and shipped long distances without worrying about spoilage. To offer your product robust protection, you can opt for fluted polypropylene packaging sheets.

What to Choose Between Traditional and Fluted Polypropylene?

If you see both sheets mindfully, you can realize that both have independent attributes to attract customers. Knowing the benefits of each material helps you to choose one over another on your packaging. For example, traditional polypropylene is ideal for the packaging industry, while fluted is better for signage purposes.

Final Verdict

Picking the most suitable plastic to meet your requirements can be bewildering at first. But if you know the general features and usage of polymers, you can get the most economical options for your application. By now, you have a detailed knowledge of Polypropylene sheets that is appropriate to meet the diversified customer needs. These are an ideal choice of packaging material for any project due to their versatility. The traditional and fluted polypropylene plastic sheets are widely used in multiple industries, having similar features, like durability and cost-effectiveness. So, whatever you choose for your project, you will get the best outcome to meet your purposes.



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