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December 25, 2021

Use Container Liners During Bulk Shipment of Your Dry Cargo




Container Liners


When you intend to transport goods in a bulk container through the ship from one place to another, the packaging is one of the essential parts of shipment for safe transportation of the same without material damage during shipment. Container liners are one of the safety shields to safeguard the material from water, dust, oil, or air. However, the goods inside the containers can get easily damaged and worthless during transportation, and the consignee may reject them on receiving them.

Therefore, bulk materials that are dry are protected from being exposed to these natural hazards. Many consignors use container liners that are placed between the cargo and the container walls forming a protective barrier. People also call them shipping liners, dry bulk container liners, and land and sea liners. They are made from HDPE, LDPE materials and protect the materials inside the container from exposure to natural factors during the process of shipping. There are many benefits of using them, and let us discuss them a bit.

The Benefits :-

  • Saves the packaging cost –Unlike the traditional bulk bags or sacks, one can use these container liners and avoid piece-meal packages. Thus, the packaging and handling costs are reduced to a much extent. These liners are laid all along the walls, floor, and ceiling of the container, and then the material is loaded, and final packaging is done following the shipping standards. Even there is no need to add pallets to bear the load of the materials. Thus, the industry houses can cut down the packaging and handling cost to a great extent and reap more profits quoting a competitive price to get orders.
  • Reduces wastage – The shipping containers are loaded in both directions, horizontal or vertical, as per the availability of space on board. The container liners are durable and robust enough to hold the goods without any damage. They are also puncture resistant and protect the material leakages otherwise.
  • Increases productivity – As the materials enclosed in these types of liners can be loaded or unloaded using conveyor belts, belt throwers, or are gravity fed, the productivity during the loading and unloading is much more in comparison to traditional packages. Traditional packages need forklifts, extra storage space, sturdy palletizing, and take more time. Therefore, one can reduce the time using these liners and avoid injuries to the workers. A container can be packed within 30 minutes using thee liners, whereas, in the traditional method, it can take up to 48 hours on many occasions.
  • Lessens contamination of products – Container liners reduce the chance of product contamination during long hauls, unlike the sacks and the bags, which may get contaminated with water, oil or get damaged due to exposure to air. In addition, these liners are puncture-proof and airtight, helping the materials stay in good condition during transportation.

Getting them

Considering the advantages of using these liners, the demand is growing rapidly. The logistics and the supply chain managers prefer this type of packaging solution for the bulk shipment of their products in containers. Thus, with the demand increasing in the market, many container Liners manufacturers are producing them. However, not all of them supply good quality material and in volumes. Therefore, one should always try the best manufacture in the market, like the Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd for providing the best quality of the materials with appropriate thickness, length, width, and height at a reasonable price. If required, the experts from the best manufacture are always open to listening to the customer’s needs and finding out the best solution supplying the best container liners to serve the requisite purposes.

However, as a consignor, one should ensure that the liners they use for the containers to transport bulk materials have a proper gauge, are suitable for gravity, pneumatic, or conveyor loading and unloading facilities, and have appropriate dimensions. The consignor should also look into the material of the liners. The best manufacturers make them from extruded film or woven fabric, and one should always use these types of liners. The best manufacturer also makes custom coating if desired by the customers or can supply the uncoated liners. Make sure to mention if you need storage sprout at the time of ordering these liners, and the manufacturer will do the needful for the same if required.


The packaging and transportation process of bulk goods has changed over time. Today, with new technologies and research and development, transporting goods through the sea route is not a nightmare. One can protect their consignment using the best loners for the containers and stay relaxed. It is time to contact the best manufacturer around and order the liners as needed. Cut down your overall packaging and logistical cost to a much extent and avoid paying demurrages to the consignees using the best liners for containers available in the market.



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