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December 23, 2021

Use Liner And Stop Leakage for Storing or Transporting Water




Pond Liners


If you want to stop leakage from the base of your pond, makeshift swimming pool, then using a pond liner is the best and cheapest option. You may have dug a canal for irrigating your field, and much water is being lost during the passage of water from the source to the field. So what do you do? The best option is to use canal liners along the path to stop water loss. There are many benefits of using the liners and fulfilling the requirement of water. Again many types of pond liners are available in the market and can be used effectively to serve the purpose.

The benefits 

  • Saves water –With the groundwater levels going down fast, there is always a scarcity of water. Therefore, one should always make efforts to get and store maximum water for their agriculture, construction, or even water needed for specific industrial use. Water may be sourced from the lake, pond, and ground or even harvested from rain. Using the pond liner or canal liners one can stop the loss of water during transportation and storing in a reservoir or distributing in the fields.
  • Economical – Making RCC flooring and boundaries are quite expensive. Moreover, people often shift their irrigation canals as per the source of water. It makes the investment in RCC wastage, and a lot of money is drained out during the process. The process is also a time-consuming affair, and the projects get delayed. With LDPE, HDPE, or LLDPE liners, the problems of leakages and storing water become much cheaper and faster.
  • Keeps the water clean and hygienic – The pond liner or the canal liner prevents water leakage and keeps the water clean and hygienic. The debris and sediments can be cleaned easily, and the liner prevents the growth of algae.
  • Extensive usage – The pond liner can be effectively used to maintain the golf course, swimming pools, store water for fish hatcheries, construction sites, ash dykes, swimming pools, and more places where the need for water is a maximum. Canal liners are effectively used to transport water to the irrigation fields or the ponds without losing water during transportation or storage.

Getting them

With the growth in demand, there is no shortage of pond liner manufacturersin the country. However, not all of them make good-quality protective shields. One should always buy good quality liners. Ensure that the liners you use are easy to install, can be laid on rough surfaces without puncture, are chemical resistant, and have hydrostatic resistance. Also, make sure that the liners are suitable for prolonged sun exposure and ultra-violet stabilization. They should also have high tensile strength and be easy to lay on the required surface. Many bad-quality liners tear at places and allow root penetration. Avoid these types of liners.

The liners you use for your pond or canals should preferably be of thickness between 100 to 1500 microns, depending on the need. Good manufacturers, like Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd and others can customize the width of the liners as per customer demand. One can also get them ready-made with a width varying between two to 10 meters. The material used is either virgin grade LDPE or HDPE and non-toxic. One can get them in black color, which is more commonly used or specify some particular colour while ordering and the best manufactures will supply the same accordingly.

Select the best manufacturer with a professional approach and send your inquiry for a quotation. You may also need to describe your purpose of use so that the best manufacturer can supply the best quality material. One may also talk with the experts of the manufacturer and decide on the grade, color, width, and length of the liner. The length is not a problem as the liners can be heat–sealed to increase it. The best manufacturer also sends their experts to your site to look into the requirements and the surface and then recommend the best product from their cart that can be suitably used for your specific purpose.


Storing or transporting clean and hygienic water is essential for many purposes. However, with shirking water levels, the cost of transportation, or the cost involved in constructing concrete canals or pond base, the LDPE or the HDPE liners can be the best alternative. Getting the liners from the best manufactures and encasing the area can not only stop water loss but also can be a mode of best storage and transportation. Therefore, it is time to contact the best manufacturer for the pond liner and get them in the required size. The worries for water loss for your projects will be over with the liner supplies made by the best manufacturer making them.



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