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September 4, 2023

Uses and Types of Plastic Films for Food Packaging


Arpit Kushawaha


Plastic Films


As we all know, the food packaging industry is growing rapidly. However, plastic film is a great and popular choice for fulfilling food packaging purposes. People think that there is only one type of plastic film. However, there are many types of plastic films. Before we discuss plastic film, we are going to discuss the benefits of it.

Advantages of considering plastic film

Plastic films are known to be high-scoring when it comes to safety for food packaging. However, the material is less susceptible to contamination and is very useful. The longevity of the food products is also claimed to increase. Moreover, plastic films offer an attractive look to the food item. Additionally, the material is lightweight, and people can print anything depending on their needs and requirements. They also carry superior barrier properties and can also be reused and recycled.

If you plan to purchase this product to fulfill your needs, consider visiting a genuine store to get a genuine product. We have shared a list of different types of plastic films; you can go through them to gather more relevant information. Before we shift to different types of films, we will discuss a few advantages.

Lightweight– PE films are claimed to be lightweight and can be easily stored and transported.

Impact resistance– it is claimed that this type of material is also used in making boats, floating, and large containers. It is easy to maintain, impact-resistant and stays afloat.

Cheap price– the high-density film’s production and processing are comparatively cheaper and faster. However, matte plastic is used for consumer products such as body lotion, detergents, shampoo bottles, etc.

High strength– the structure of the PE films is resistant and strong to moisture. Moreover, the strength is visible in making bottle caps, water bottles, vegetable oil bottles, and liquid and milk cartons.

Adaptable– PE film can be customized according to the needs of an individual. However, PE is marketed in different thicknesses, transparencies, and colors. However, it can offer a better look to the product.  users can go through the PE film packaging process to know more about it.

Types of PE films

Polyethylene is available in numerous styles and designs in the market. For instance, PE is produced in white, milky, and transparent colors. It also can produce film of different thicknesses; the thicker the film, the stronger the product. Due to numerous reasons, it is used in different industries. However, the PE film roll is available in different options; people can choose depending on their needs.

High-density polyethylene

This type of plastic film is said to have a superior resistance. However, this plastic film is mainly used to fulfill all general purposes.


  • Bottles for storing juices, storing water, and storing milk.
  • Cereal box liners
  • Bags for grocery, as well as trash, retails
  • Margarine tubs

Low-density polyethylene

This type of plastic film is the best for fulfilling packaging applications involving heat sealing. However, people consider using it because of its flexibility and cheap cost. However, this type of PE is used in creating squeeze bottles, pharmaceuticals, container lids, etc.


  • Flexible lids
  • Squeezable food bottles
  • Bags for well-frozen food and bread


Possesses a higher level of optical clarity.


  • Margarine tubs
  • Yoghurt container
  • Salad dressing bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET)

Helps in the prevention of oxygen, water, and CO2.


  • Bottles, tubs, and jars
  • Snacks, food wrappers, and bags
  • Plastic bottles are robust, long-lasting, transparent, and resistant to heat.

A few other includes

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene Naphthalate

However, plastic film can also be colored or transparent. Moreover, it is available in both single and multi-layer; users can choose one depending on their needs. However, the technology that combines the film with numerous materials, including paper and aluminum, boosts the film’s capabilities and properties.

Factor influencing the price of the plastic film

These products are mainly made of hydrocarbon obtained from oil or natural gas. As all the products are made of oil, the price depends on the oil price. They are sold in rolls and are ideal for serving numerous purposes. Moreover, these flexible films can be customized to serve any project by mixing them with other materials. People can go through the article to know more about it in detail

Type- All the films are made of the same raw material and are ideal for serving different purposes. Different types of films serve different purposes, depending on the flexibility, raw material, etc. However, the type of film affects its durability and lifespan.

Thickness– another essential feature that is taken into consideration is thickness. However, these films are created in a very thick sheet to a thin thickness. People can go through the specifications to see which one suits their needs. However, the thickness of these products is directly related to the product’s strength.

Color– These types of products are created in different transparent colors. However, PE is also used in the process of attractive plastic packages. However, users can look for PE film suppliers. You can consult with the supplier to customize your PE film. Moreover, you can also add text to your sheet without compromising its quality.

UV and heat resistance– however, you need to look for a product with several standards to withstand weather conditions. Before you purchase any product, specify the storage of the product and the terms of transportation.


Numerous things are available in the market, but some are very useful. If you want to purchase a PE film, consider going through this article to know everything in detail. However, numerous types of options are available in the market; people can choose depending on their requirements. Additionally, people must choose a genuine supplier to purchase the product so they don’t get fooled. All the products are available in different colors and versions; consider going through them to see which one is perfect for you. However, this sheet has no guarantee, but purchasing them from a genuine store can offer durability. However, professional claims that these sheets only require regular maintenance.



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