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December 2, 2022

We are Using Underground Cable Protection Tiles for Many Major Works






Cable protection tiles and covers are incredibly significant and in need in the market along with a heavy-duty utility safety system for safeguarding undercover cable and pipes which constitutes the medium, low, and high voltage power grids that work at 11kV and 33kV. Singhal Industries stocks and supplies the most comprehensive range of Cable Protection products from stock to delivery all over the country. We can fulfill all the printing preferences and specifications in both Stok bord and Tape tile ranges. Clear visible notification of the underground utility services, the cable safety products are made up of a printed warning laminated to the texture of the base material.

Cable Protection Tile Use for…!

Underground Cable Protection Tile product has been created specifically to offer a clear optical warning to people during excavation work to offer a clear visible warning about the undercover cord joints or cable vents. They are simulated from reconstituted low or medium-density polyethylene or similar material which is demonstrated to resist deterioration and is invulnerable to a broad range of virgin and tilted soil situations. Cable laying contractors apply this over cord furrow to make a path for comfortable and quick safety of low and high-voltage street lighting and underground electricity cord to around 11kV. These tiles are also reasonable for proposing safety from subterranean gas in the mains and water pipes.

Underground Tape Tile Applications – Electric, Gas & Water

  • Electric: Red/Brown background with yellow tape/black notes
  • Fibre Optic: Green background with black notes
  • Gas: Yellow background with black notes
  • Water: Blue background with black notes

Cable Protection Tile Benefits

  • Gives clear notification to the third parties of underground cables and pipes
  • Contains corporation logo in bold warning text for clear cable identifications
  • Decreases deteriorations to LV-HV cables which reduces the expense of repairs
  • Lightweight and easy to install irrespective of climate conditions
  • Enduring with reasonable effect resistance
  • Rot Proof and invulnerable to a broad span of soil conditions

Cable Protection Covers

The Protection tile product is planned to primarily propose a clear optical warning to the workers grinding out in excavation labors and other utilities about the existence of underground cables, cord vents, or cord joints. These comply with the effective opposition test prerequisites of Class 2 as illustrated for authorizing interconnection of the cable covers which are discovered 25mm from each end of the cap along its centerline, each cover features a pre-drilled 12mm gap. A sensible peg or cord tie is suggested for authorizing covers to be connected.

Singhal Industries works with major Cable Tile suppliers and gives you the choice to print custom wordings on the cable safety tapes as per your prerequisite. You can also print your firm logo and other symbols on the Cable Tile along with the warning indication. We provide different underground cable protection tiles with different dimensions, chasms, and energy opposition for the various needs of the client. Though Cable Tiles can consist of various materials, concrete and polyethylene are two famous Cable Tapes favored by consumers. Singhal Industries is a polyethylene cable tiles supplier in the entire country. Our roads & utility products are perfect for optical fiber and heavy electric cables.

Underground Cable Protection Covers from Singhal Industries furnish high visibility, the comfort of installation, and the ability to withstand both hand tools and automated factories and are the result of a preference for utility safety applications, particularly for high-voltage cords.

While suggesting a high degree of durability and impact opposition, the plastic cable covers are light in weight and extremely manageable to deal with and install. They are jointed, disperse overlap, and clasped firmly with pliable pegs to ensure steady safety.

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading and well-known manufacturing firms for warning tape tiles, also understood as polymeric cable covers, cable safety covers, hardcover tapes, cable safety tiles, and underground cable covers. Warning tape tiles or underground polymer cable covers are crucial to protecting critical services like electric, gas, and oil pipelines, water pipelines, street lights, drainage pipelines, and telecommunication.

These Covers and Tiles are used to safeguard electrical and transmission wires as well as gas and water pipes.

Underground Polymer Cable Covers and Tiles confirm that cables and pipes are not inadvertently damaged, therefore furnishing the safety of the community and these valuable infrastructure assets.

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