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January 4, 2023

Why we Need Underground Warning Tape for Various Task?






At Singhal Industries we manufacture high-quality tape, underground warning tape. We are also producing both undetectable and detectable to highlight pipes and cables for construction workers to identify systems set which are lying under the ground quickly and easily. This method greatly enhances safety within the workplace and helps to decrease the risk of errors that cost you money.

Our creative detectable underground warning tape is manufactured by us by using 2 steel wires that can be traced above ground. Further, it reduces the time and locates the ground system very efficiently.


Know More About Underground Warning Tape

The underground warning tape offers a sustainable solution of recycled PP and a printed notification message for comfortable excavation. This adequate warning device implies the cables and underground pipes to stave off accidents. Most of the underground warning tape is available in dark & vibrant colors, and the center section has a warning message that can be easily recognized. These are installed in between the texture and concealed utility. By installing this, you can decrease excessive expenses.

This can stave off accidental digging, excessive restorations, expenses, and service interruption. We have the warning tapes in uniform color criteria of APWA. These color codes resemble the below mentioned:

  • For highlighting electric power lines red color warning mesh is used
  • White warning tape is used for excavation
  • For highlighting the drainage lines and sewers, green warning mesh is utilized
  • Blue warning mesh for potable water
  • Orange warning tape resembles signal lines, alarms, and communication.
  • Purple mesh indicates slurry lines, reclaimed water pipes, and irrigation.
  • Pink warning tapes used for provisional survey markings
  • Yellow tapes are used for petroleum gas, gaseous substances, and steam.

When we talk about the Detectable warning mesh, then we should know that these are constructed with an aluminum film. These are utilized for discovering underground utility lines with the non-ferrous locator. It proposes the ultimate advantage of finding underground lines without digging. These are accustomed to locating the lines to make the excavation procedure simpler!

What are the Benefits of Underground Warning Tape?

  • Get instant warning messages for diggers & construction excavators
  • The tape is completely UV resistant
  • Comprehensive scrape proof & cost-effective solution
  • These are resistant
  • Get extraordinary chemical resistance
  • Minimize excessive accidents and cost
  • Quickly tracking the buried cables & pipes

Application of Underground Warning Tape

The noticeable warning tape is formulated with the aim of labeling and identifying the risks. It helps to increase understanding and lessen the possibility of accidents. With this, the possibility of injury and damage can also be minimized. Here are the things which can be determined with the support of a warning mesh.

  • Buried electrical mains
  • Gas pipelines
  • Fire mains
  • Street lighting cables
  • Underground TV/telephone wires
  • CCTV lines
  • Road ducts
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Traffic signal wires

Are you searching for the perfect tape for the next project? If you are, you can check out the best detectable warning tape by Singhal Industries. If you feel confused and null, contact our team of experts. They will speak to you, comprehend your needs and customize the best underground warning tape.

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