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August 24, 2023

What Are the Benefits of Using Geo Textile Bags


Arpit Kushawaha


Geo Textile Bags



Geo Textile Bags also known as Geo fabric grow bags, are made out of absorbent fabric, which is used for waterproofing. This fabric is a synthetic fabric that is primarily used for construction projects and possesses the ability to drain, filter, protect, and reinforce. They are specially designed to prevent damage caused by water and therefore are used for several projects such as foundation reinforcement, roof repair, and construction of dams and highways.

Since it is made out of polyester or nylon, both synthetic fibers stand like a barrier and prevent moisture from seeping through while allowing plants or water to pass without any restriction. They are mainly available in three forms, i.e., woven and non-woven.


Types of Geo Textile bags

The geo bag manufacturer is made up of two types:

  1. Woven

The woven geotextile fabric bags are created by adopting the methods of weaving regular clothes. They are produced by interlacing steady or rounded threads of different types of fabrics at the right intersections. They possess the characteristics of two sets of threads or yarn that are parallel and perpendicular to each other. The yarn that runs parallel to each other is called the warp, whereas the one that runs perpendicular is called the weft.


  1. Non-Woven

The Non-woven geo bags are produced by implementing mechanical, thermal, chemical, or a combination of these techniques. They are manufactured from short-staple fabric or steady filament yarn. The fibers’ thickness, achieved through chemical or mechanical interlocking or thermal bonding, is usually 0.5-1 mm. On the other hand, the ones which are chemically bonded possess a thickness of 3 mm.


Since non-woven bags are also needle-punched, they are known as needle-punched bags. In the case of needle punching, the fibrous webs are pushed by the needles, and the repetitive action allows the creation of the porous quality possessed by these bags. Due to their permeability, these bags are also known as filter bags.


Benefits of Using Geo Textile Bags

  1. Protection

Geotextile bags’ primary function and benefit are that they protect from erosion and continuous drawdown. Keeping a layer of this bag is advisable to prevent the leaching of quality material. They are ideal for rock beaching or mattress structures. Moreover, they can also be placed underwater quite easily.


  1. Separation

Another function and benefit of a geotextile bag is that it separates two adjacent soil layers and prevents their interception. This quality of separating two layers of soil possessed by the bag comes in handy in construction work.

For instance, if fine soil particles are separated from lower soil quality, it helps preserve drainage and strengthen the characteristics of the geotextile material.


  1. Drainage

One of the significant benefits of geotextile bags is that they help in drainage. Since the fabric is absorbent, it permits drainage in projects such as drainage ditches or retaining walls. They can collect additional water from the rainwater or derive the surplus from the fertile soil and discharge it.


  1. Reinforcement

Another advantage offered by these geotextile bags is that they enhance the structures of the earth for filling substances. These bags are considered the ideal reinforcement solution because they possess a higher coefficient of soil fabric friction and high density. Due to their high stability and tensile strength, they are mostly sought after for reinforcement solutions.


  1. Filtration

These geotextile bags are perfect for backward filtration in the soil due to the permeability of the bags. Fine soil particles in every kind of soil can move quickly without much restriction.


  1. High Waterproofing Quality

The primary reason why geotextile bags are sought after for construction purposes is that they possess excellent waterproofing quality. They are water-resistant and highly durable, as a result of which not only are they successful in keeping the water out but also permit moisture and air to seep through the walls and surfaces of structures. Allowing moisture and air to seep through the walls prevents the build-up of mold and mildew, thereby preventing any damage being caused by them. Because they possess so many qualities, they are deemed the perfect solution for all kinds of projects that need waterproofing.


  1. Cost-Efficient

While construction projects can be pretty expensive, you need not worry about the cost of geotextile bags. The geo bag price in India is not much and is quite cost-friendly. The low-cost factor allows such bags to be used so commonly for different kinds of construction projects and applications.



Due to the variety of qualities the geotextile bags possess, they are considered the best option for waterproofing projects. They, therefore, are primarily used for a variety of applications. While choosing a geotextile fabric for a project, it is essential to bear in mind that one needs to consider the environmental factors in which the construction is taking place. The environmental factors and the kind of project determine the size and thickness level of the geotextile bag. This helps in running the project smoothly without any hindrances.




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