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May 9, 2024

What are the different types of jumbo bags available in the market?


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If you are searching for a proper Heavy-Duty Packaging Solution you should be conscious that the Jumbo Bags are ideal for use. If you want to understand more about these, then today’s post is all about this. PP Jumbo bags which we also understood as 1 Ton bags, PP woven jumbo bags, FIBC bags, Big Jumbo, Bulk bag, and so many more. The features of this type of bags are also opposing as per the user needs. It is very tough to choose for the specific need and quality ton bags you require for your enterprise & its needs. These PP Jumbo bags are considered as the very best bags to convey heavy-duty packaging products. While choosing a faultless PP Jumbo Bags you should consider the length, load-bearing competency, used raw fabrics, sorts, available models, and their particular use areas before completing the bags.

Know as What are Jumbo Bags?

PP woven jumbo bags, also very famous by other names as FIBC Jumbo Bags or Bulk Bags, are the favored selection for nearly every industry today that requires keeping, packing and shipping solid dry bulk items. Moreover their space- and cost-saving abilities, these particularly crafted bags are understood for their flexibility of usage, weight carrying capabilities, and ability to resist hard situations.


Length of PP Jumbo Bags

If we discuss the average-sized Jumbo bag then they are normally 90 to 200 cm in height and 90 to 120 cm in breadth. Also, if you need Jumbo Bags for your specific requirements then it is also likely as you can get a modified size Jumbo bag depending on your particular requirement. As far as the total weight is concerned these bags are about 3 to 6 pounds, and they can comfortably carry one to various tons of various items.

Again, pp woven jumbo bags can be variable reliant on to the determination through different changes. There is no normal size of jumbo bags even. The most well-known & beneficial size of the Jumbo bag is the 1-ton size variation which has a span size 90X90X90 cm. You can notice all possible lengths and capacities of Jumbo bags with Singhal Industries.

It is very problematic for anyone to picture the precise size of the Jumbo bags without glancing at them manually. A material-full bag lying on a normal size pallet is about waist to chest height of a usual height individual


Why Do You Require the Right Jumbo Bag Type?

You need to choose the adequate bag to assure protection and well-organized control. During the filling and quitting of Jumbo bags, there is frequently a build-up of static electricity due to the fine, powdered fabrics flowing in or out of the bags. This can threaten a danger when transporting flammable or combustible items. With the proper categories of FIBC Jumbo bag, such incidents can be barred.

If you’re on the search for Jumbo Bags for your enterprises, looking for the right product can sometimes be a challenge. 

Relying on your requirements and objectives, there are various PP jumbo bags categories you can select from. Here’s a brief summary of the kinds of FIBC Jumbo bags that are available at Singhal Industries. But before we go deep into the various Jumbo bag categories, let us answer a few simple questions.


Categories of FIBC Jumbo Bags and their Applications

Generally speaking, four categories of jumbo bags are created and these sorts of bags carry out various jumbo bag applications.

Standard FIBC Bags:

This is the most usual jumbo bag kind that is available with a weight capacity of 500- 2000 kgs. These jumbo bag sizes are perfect for transporting non-flammable dry items such as agro-items, chemicals, and construction items like sand, stone, gravel, etc. and can be modified to your need. Depending on the layout, standard Jumbo bags can be categorized into 1 & 2 LOOP FIBC Bags and 4 LOOP FIBC Bags.

Conductive FIBC Bags:

Also understood as Type C FIBC bags, these are created utilizing non-conductive polypropylene materials that are intertwined with conductive threads to be linked to a basis point during filling or discharging. Not only are these bags appropriate for keeping and shipping flammable items, but also the harmless option for atmospheres with volatile gasses, dust, or diluters.

FIBC Baffle Bags/Q-Bags

This type of FIBC Jumbo bags is crafted with polypropylene baffles stitched across the four corners to enhance their filling capability to nearly 30% compared to standard FIBCs. Some of the advantages of these bags contain better stack ability, shape retaining, space optimization, and safety from leakage.

UN Certified FIBC Bags

While standard FIBCs fulfill a protection ratio of 5:1, our UN certified Jumbo bags propose an exceptional protection ratio of 6:1. As such, these bags are crafted for heavy-duty objectives. The stiff build and stability of these bags make them perfect for keeping and transferring volatile or dangerous substances.

Ventilated FIBC Bags

Sturdy, breathable, and safe against moisture and mold, these bags have been particularly crafted to keep and ship grains, seeds, and perishable food products like onions, potatoes, etc.


The Load-Bearing Competence of Jumbo Bags

The competence of Jumbo bags stipulates how much items they can keep and carry. The competence is frequently described as cubic feet or cubic meters. You can analyze the volume of a bag by increasing the sizes, breadth, and raise. However, the knot also requires consideration while subtracting the length of the bags. When you put the products in the Jumbo Bags, due to the load of the items, it enlarges. As a consequence a flow in competency. That is why industries endorse a little additional as the capacities of the bag.

What about the weight bearing competence of the PP Jumbo bag? The product categories you want to ship with the PP Jumbo Bags is also a crucial feature. A heavy-weight fabric must affect the volumetric range of the bags. If you carry low-density materials, you can keep them over, and if you transport high-density items, you must store them low.


Trust the Best, Singhal Industries

At Singhal Industries, we manufacture a broad range of FIBC Bulk Bags and tailor them to customer stipulations, fulfilling the storage and shipping requirements across industries. We follow top manufacturing procedures complying with global values and preserve stringent quality control to make sure every FIBC item is larger in quality and proposes the best value for money. For detailed information, contact us today.



How many Liters is a jumbo bag?

A normal jumbo bag is usually approx. 1500 L or 1.5 cubic meters.

What size is a 1-ton bag?

A Ton bag has normal sizes of 90x90x90cm meaning a volume capacity of 0.75m³.

How big is a 24-inch bag?

When we speak about the size of a 24 inch bag then you should know that White and Blue PP Woven Jumbo Bags are of Size: 30 X 24 X 24 Inch.



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