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April 20, 2023

What are Types of Caution Tape and It’s Used For?






Safety warning tape is also known as warning tape, barricade, or barricade tape. It is largely utilized in hasty incidents, bank seclusion, highway construction, environmental protection projects, road maintenance, accident-prone areas, and other regions where protection threats have been determined but are not very apparent to those who may enter the area.

Safety warning tape can be divided into many types according to various application procedures, such as polyester caution tape, PE warning tape, and PVC warning tape. They are created of various fabrics and have diverse characteristics, let me take you through the different protection warning tapes.

Polyester Warning Tape

This type of Warning Tape is made of polyester as the base fabric, the viscosity is about 12 silks, this tape can deliver into a storage box, can be used multiple times, is comfortable to haul and recycle, largely utilized in hasty circumstances, mishaps sites, and other alarm areas.

PE Warning Tape

This category of PE Warning Tape is created from polyethylene as the base material, and the consistency is about 3-8 silk, this tape is inexpensive, but one-time use, can not be reused, widely utilized in highway construction, environmental protection engineering, and road maintenance, and other areas.

PVC Warning Tape

PVC warning tape is s created from PVC as the base material, covered with natural rubber, the most used colors of these bags are black and yellow, and red and white, and viscosity is about 14 silks, this tape can be pasted on the texture of numerous objects, it is an enduring warning tape, largely utilized in plant area division, bank isolation, and other regions.

When opting for safety warning tape for your workplace, be confident to select a good quality, long-lasting tape. Singhal Industries’ safety warning tape is one of the promising options on the global market. With 17 years of exposition background in the industrial tape enterprise, Singhal Industries is at the forefront of the industry and is a trusted international product supplier. If you are curious about this tape, contact Singhal Industries and get the desirable Warning Tape for your usage.

These tapes are called pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive bond film, splicing tape, and sheathing tape. Polyester is also known as PET, the short name for its chemical name polyethylene terephthalate.

What is Polyester Tape / PET Tape?

Single and double-sided polyester tape is functional in acrylic, silicone, and rubber adhesive and it is easy to stick due to its outstanding mechanical aspects and increased antagonism to moistness, solvents, oil, and different kinds of chemicals.

What are the Applications for Polyester Tape / PET Tape

Single and double-sided polyester tape, PET tape is used for technical and general-objective splicing adhesion, protection, and masking applications. Examples of applications where these types of PET tapes are utilized include:


  • Automotive Applications
  • Bonding
  • Insulation
  • Masking
  • Mounting
  • Protection
  • Sealing
  • Splicing
  • Surface Protection
  • Markets for Polyester Tape / PET Tape

Polyester tape is utilized in a broad mixture of markets like aerospace, powder covering, paper making/coating/converting, and electronics, including.


  • Automotive
  • Building And Construction
  • Electronics
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Speciality And Assembly

Product Advantages of Polyester Tape / PET Tape

Polyester tape proposes numerous advantages when high mechanical, chemical, and temperature antagonism is needed for industrial manufacturing applications. Some of the characteristics and advantages of utilizing PET tapes are:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Chemicals and solvents resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Good shear resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 200°C (20 min)
  • Cleanly removal
  • Outstanding dielectric strength
  • Colors identification
  • High tack
  • Exchanging aging and weathering properties

Polyester Tape / PET Tape Technical Information

Polyester tape from Singhal Industries is available in many various glues, materials, widths, sizes, and consistencies.


  • Single Sided 25µm Polyester carrier covered with rubber, acrylic, and silicone bond
  • Single Sided 36µm Polyester carrier smudged with an acrylic adhering-sided sided 50µm Polyester runner covered with a silicone bond
  • Double-sided 23µm Polyester carrier blanketed on the side with w silicone sticky
  • Double Sided 23µm Polyester transportation coach ted on the sealed side with a silicone bond and with an acrylic adhesive on the open flank
  • Double-sided 50µm Polyester carrier covered on both sides with red-pigmented segmented silicone adhesive

Why Choose Singhal Industries for Polyester Tape / PET Tape?

Singhal Industries is a global caution tape manufacturers and exporter of polyester tape, with extensive experience and product expertise. Singhal Industries apprehends its quality standards and excel at product growth.

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