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September 22, 2023

What is a BOPP bag, and why your business needs it?


Arpit Kushawaha


BOPP bag


Is your business mainly associated with manufacturing and shipping products to necessary places? In that case, it is difficult for you to find a specific category of bag that can allow you to achieve those without facing any hurdles. When it comes to the goals followed by businesses, simplification of daily operations tops the list. When companies find themselves busy with lots of work, they can only effectively satisfy their customer needs through seamless operations.

Therefore, in those instances, Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags (BOPP) are considered an ideal choice, which has made itself an integral part of the plastic packaging industry in the last few years. Keeping in mind the disadvantages that plastic bags are said to deliver to the environment is crucial before you choose one available. That is why, in this article, we have provided all the evidence you require, which will help understand why businesses urgently need BOPP bags.

Overview of BOPP bag

Before going into a deep understanding of BOPP bags, you need to get an insight into them. Or else, it would be difficult for you to discover the points that have made BOPP bags so famous quickly. When it comes to BOPP bag manufacturers, Polypropylene is the main component found to be used. These polypropylene films have undergone extensive heat treatment and bidirectional stretching, making them an effective barrier against external moisture or pressure. Moreover, the process followed for constructing BOPP bags makes them an ideal choice for storing food items, fertilizers, cosmetics, medical supplies, and plenty of other components. Unlike other categories of available plastic bags, BOPP bags are predominantly environmentally friendly, increasing their approval against different types of plastic bags.

Different types of BOPP bags

  • BOPP Woven bags

If you are looking for strength and durability in the BOPP bag, choosing a BOPP woven bag might be the perfect option. It is famous for its muscular and excellent core strength and the transparency and printability of BOPP film, making it an attractive choice among other categories. Food and chemical are a few industries where BOPP woven bags are mainly used.

  • BOPP laminated bags

In packaging industries, the BOPP laminated bags are held in high regard as the layer of BOPP film used increases their overall strength. Even lamination of these BOPP bags is also possible due to the presence of materials like paper and woven fabric on both of sides. From pet foods to fertilizers, most of these categorical products are found to be stored within BOPP laminated bags.

Benefits of BOPP bags

Here is the list of benefits summarized in a few points mentioned below, which will give you a practical idea regarding why BOPP bags are an excellent option in businesses around us.

  • Lightweight

The first and foremost reason behind the massive rise in popularity of BOPP bags is their lightweight, which makes them easy to transfer and manage compared to other categories of plastic bags. This helps reduce the workload load that workers must bear in the transition of BOPP bags. Moreover, it also makes it considerably easier for any vehicle to pull through when any particular substance is not getting picked up by human labor.

  • Cost-effective

Compared to other categories of plastic bags available for people to purchase, BOPP bags can be found at a considerably lower cost. Although the materials that BOPP manufacturers use are held in the highest regard, their quality is not compromised. Even small-budget companies can effectively purchase this bag category from nearby stores.

  • Option of printing

Most industries are on the lookout for a specific category of plastic bags where printable letters can be seen from a long distance. If that’s your primary criterion, then BOPP bags might be your best choice. You can go for any graphic or text within those BOPP bags without thinking about their disappearance after a specific time.

  • Moisture resistant

Yet another reason behind companies opting to use BOPP bags is their moisture-resistive qualities. Most companies ideally prefer those bags that don’t allow any moisture to hold inside them against others. Additionally, they are also quite resistant to oil if there is an instance where a similar product gets broken within the contents of BOPP bags. You wouldn’t have to worry because BOPP bags are made in such a way that oil flows out slowly from the bag after a certain period.

  • Resistance against chemicals

Many companies’ packaging involves abrasive chemicals, which need to be protected against all probabilities. In those cases, BOPP bags are considered to be an ideal choice. Due to its resistive properties against chemicals, you can easily store any category of chemicals in them without thinking about the damage they might cause.

  • Durability

Lastly, there is durability, for which BOPP bags have outgrown the popularity mastered by other categories. When your bag has high durability, you can effectively use it in different conditions or rough surfaces without considering its wear and tear. Moreover, it also saves you from any additional cost that might have been required to repair the bag due to coming in contact with a pointy surface.


Hopefully, you have understood the importance of BOPP bags for all businesses after reading this article. In the last few years, since the introduction of BOPP bags, it has become an ideal option for companies involved in manufacturing or packaging units. Furthermore, its lower cost and high-quality materials have only increased its popularity against other plastic bag options in the market.



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