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January 19, 2023

What is Crime Scene Tape and Its Uses?






What is Crime Scene Tape?

Have you seen yellow tape in your area or somewhere else? Most of us have seen it, but everyone rarely sees the crime scene tape. We are all curious about that Yellow or crime scene tape. It is a tear-proof and durable plastic that says Crime Scene Do Not Cross, Caution, or Police Line. But what exactly is it? Does it mean staying away from that area? Can we cross it? What will happen if we cross the crime scene tape, and what happens in that area? This article will discuss all the parameters and learn everything about that yellow caution tape.

Purpose of the Tape

Look, there are several reasons for using these tapes at the crime scene. The purpose here is to keep the crime area safe and secure so that there is no damage to the evidence or some crucial information. More than double the area is likely covered with tape when a crime happens in a specific area. The Yellow caution tape is used to clear out the area and preserve and protect the crime area while noticing the general public that the specific area is restricted and they are not allowed to enter there for some specific period.

The area under the crime scene tape is not allowed for the general public, and only those who have special permission or someone who is investigating the crime scene are allowed in that area. For example, forensic investigators, police, firefighters, etc., we have learned about the purpose, but what’s the reason behind it? Why not cover it with barricades or put a no-entry sign board? Let’s see about that in the next para.

Reason for the Crime Scene Tape

Look, the yellow tape is used to secure specific areas for multiple reasons. The most common reason for using them is that they are not tearable and have various uses, and they can be easily extended and removed without any hassle. Why not use just no entry sign board or barricades to answer the question? They are much heavier and more hassle to carry. Also, there is the risk of removing those and tampering with the evidence at the crime scenes. The primary purpose of the crime scene tapes is here to tell the general public to refrain from roaming around that place, or else they might tamper with the evidence of the crime scene willingly or by mistake.

The crime scene tape or barricade tape is also used for other reasons. Remember we talked about whether you have seen the yellow tapes in your area? They are mainly used to prevent people from entering hazardous areas such as car accidents, gas leaks, downed power lines, and downed trees.

Barricade tape marked with “Caution” or “Do Not Cross” is a standard tool used among abatement and restoration specialists, despite its legendary status in criminal plays and action films.

Police forces use barricade tape around criminal investigations to preserve the scene’s authenticity while gathering evidence, in addition to shielding nearby police and prosecutors, along with any interested bystanders or visitors, from potentially harmful items. To make sure that individuals can notice the barrier from a mile and have enough notice to keep away from it and prevent danger, bright colors like yellow are utilized. These colors catch your eye immediately.

Crime scene barricade tape includes a sturdy, non-adhesive polyethylene backing that makes it possible to endure a broad range of environmental and meteorological conditions, including wind, moisture, dirt, and residue surrounding wrecks. It is perfect for establishing a boundary that lasts throughout the inquiry or cleaning since it resists tearing and straining, which lowers the possibility of drooping.

Do and Don’t with the Crime Scene Tape

If you ever see any scene with yellow tape, you can approach the area safely but only cross it to avoid getting into trouble. If you have anything urgent, you should ask the present officer for permission by explaining the situation appropriately. Mostly, the police officer will reject your request, but yes, if it’s genuinely urgent, you can try it.

Breaking the crime scene tape and entering that area will end up in jail for hindering and interfering in the police work and investigation. If you are lucky, you might get a fine or go to jail for a few days. It depends upon the state, and it’s better to avoid crossing the yellow line for the integrity and safety of the area.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know all about crime scene tape and its functions. In short, they are used to protect the area and prevent the general public from entering the crime scene to maintain the safety and integrity of the area.

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