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June 10, 2022

Exploring The Efficiency of Fibrillated Yarns in Numerous Applications






Alternatively known as slit film or monotape, FIBRILLATED YARN has been used for many years. Fibrillated tape yarn is the one-stop solution for multiple applications, including synthetic turfs, cords, marine carpeting, industrial sewing yarn, and ropes, and manufactured from polyethylene and polypropylene heavy-duty industrial fabrics, etc. This particular yarn provides improved mass in robust industrial fabrics, thus helping in constant twisting and folding. The manufacturing process is designed so that one single tape is first made and then cut into several tapes to create a webbing network. Today, fibrillated yarn is mainly used in different sports.

An introduction to fibrillated yarn

The pp baler twine or fibrillated yarn is made from polyethylene, making the artificial turf look natural. These yarns perform well due to their strong fiber bonding, aesthetic appearance, long life span, and the spread of the fiber. These yarn guarantees a lifetime if you want to install artificial grass on your lawn or commercial space. The latest technology has allowed the manufacturing of the most top-quality fibrillated yarn for making improved turf.

Exceptional features of Fibrillated yarn

  • Resistant to combustion
  • Manufactured from best-in-quality polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Withstand to corrosion
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent durability
  • Provide controlled stretching
  • Unaffected by acid
  • Resistance to high heat
  • Contains maximum durability
  • Readily available in multiple colors
  • Prolonged life span
  • Possessing an incredible suspension system
  • Low density

Practical utilization of heavy-duty FIBRILLATED YARN

Here are some of the most used applications of Fibrillated yarn:

  • Industrial-strength cables
  • Tennis court
  • Golf
  • Soccer field
  • Hockey
  • Automotive implementation
  • Short carpet
  • Geotextile
  • Show stitching
  • Footwear and garments
  • Sport merchandise
  • Luggage bags and school bags
  • Landscaping
  • Factory-made fabric
  • Cords and ropes
  • High persistent slings
  • Sewing thread

Why does choosing the ideal fibrillated yarn matter the most?

The high UV resistant FIBRILLATED YARN is manufactured with the most advanced technology so that the artificial grass doesn’t deteriorate with time. The right kind of chemical structure in fibrillated yarn ensures long stability against harmful Ultraviolet rays.

The artificial turf manufactured from the high-quality fibrillated yarn makes the surface look intact after ages. The sports industry heavily depends on the best-fibrillated yarn to maintain the turf’s strength.

In parks and courts, kids often get injured from the shock. The use of pp baler twine on the turf enhances the sports as well as walking experience of the kids. Not only that, but it also doesn’t affect the environment, resulting in zero pollution to the soil and underground. It is due to the anti-pollution manufacturing of fibrillated yarn that protects the players from any shock effects.

Why select Singhal Industries Private Limited as your fibrillated supplier?

Singhal Industries Private Limited has an expert team that meets customers’ unique requirements when offering fibrillated yarn in different styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. The company provides high-grade fibrillated yarn that is lightweight, recyclable, environment-friendly, user-friendly, and does not catch dust easily to its customers. Due to its incredible specifications, there’s increased demand for fibrillated yarn in foreign countries for use in sports grass, bags, soccer fields, and many applications.



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