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March 7, 2023

What Makes Jumbo Bags a Perfect ln Packaging Option for the Malting Industry?


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


The popularity of Craft breweries is increasing, the malting industry is on a roll. With escalating needs, the requirement for efficient, strong, and economical bulk packaging has also increased within the industry.


Bulk bags (which are also known as Jumbo Bags) have been demonstrated to be useful for holding and transporting a mixture of products and materials, but a new usage for these versatile woven polypropylene bags has recently emerged. With the eruption of the craft brew enterprise in the last 10 years, the need for speciality malted barley has increased exponentially resulting in alters looking for an adequate way to ferry their product to their buyers.

Why are FIBC Bulk Bags preferred?


A portion of what makes FIBC Bulk Bags a prizes storage solution for almost every business sector is its multipurpose aspect. . Reputed FIBC Bags Manufacturers like Singhal Industries use superior-grade virgin polypropylene, which is a category of very versatile polymer that has a large range of uses.


PP fabric is also stabilised against the UV rays effect, which makes FIBC Bags suitable to be used under harsh climate situations. In addition to delivering strength and durability, they are also recyclable. As a petroleum by-product, PP woven fabrics are clean, secure, and cost-effective.


No wonder, Bulk Bags are in such increased demand across sectors and can be utilised to store such a broad range of goods or products.


Bulk Bags


Let’s examine why alters are utilising PP jumbo bags to ferry their product as well as identify a few various bags that are ideal for transporting malted barley.


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also referred to as Jumbo Bags, Big Bags, or Bulk Bags, have arisen as the ideal packaging solution that checks all these boxes and more. As such, malting industries are converting over to woven polypropylene FIBC bags to transport the malted barley or wheat to the breweries. Let us see why.


Best Food-grade packaging


The competitive beer market needs strict quality control of the grains from the farm to the brewery. It’s not just about getting the malting procedure right. Packaging plays a big part in conserving the quality of the definitive product per the market needs. This implicates the usage of food-grade packaging solutions to stave off contamination during storage in a warehouse or transportation while maintaining the taste, fragrance, color, and most importantly, the quality of ferment able sugars.


Made of virgin polypropylene manufactured in a certified hygienic production unit retaining rigorous criteria, Jumbo bags are evaluated best as per food-grade quality. Hence, certified food-safe FIBCs are the competent solution for packaging and handling your product.


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Certifies FIBC Bags: An ideal packaging solution for the food industry

What are the Advantages of FIBC Bags in multiple industries?




FIBCs offer the lowest package-to-product weight ratio, meaning that the weight of the empty packages is nominal to the volume they handle ultimately. Moreover, empty packages require the tiniest storage area. FIBCs are assembled to adjust large volumes, therefore decreasing your packaging cost considerably. Filled-up jumbo bags are comfortable to load up thus taking up a limited area to store and transport too, making them a cost-effective option.

1 ton bags


Food Grade FIBCs can help enterprises to transport up to 3,000 pounds or additional securely.  These sacks are safe to deal with even if they are being carried by hoists, cranes, or forklifts. Empty bags are also very comfortable to keep as these can be folded into reduced sizes. FIBCs can easily be reclaimed. These bags are also developed to be utilized various times as long as they are being tidied up and reconditioned and qualified for reuse to stock or transport the same product and in the application for which the bag has assembled.




Your customers may ask for your malted product in different forms: green malt, malt dried in varying temperatures, or roasted malt. Your packaging for each layout of malt will have to be various to retain its unusual constituency. Jumbo bags offer you the adaptability to modify your packaging as per particular requirements at very economical prices, making them the most suitable packaging option.


FIBCs come in different designs to make sure that you feel at ease at the time of filling and discharging. You can opt for safe working loads and cubic food capability for your FIBC as per your need.


Branding Scope


FIBCs offer a broad printable surface suitable for prominently observable branding. You can ask your jumbo bag manufacturer to modify and print the details of your company and product on the outer layer of the FIBCs. This way, you can use valuable branding space for brand promotion and reach more possible customers through your packaging.


Fibc Bulk Bags


Another benefit of utilising FIBCs is that they help matters do their branding and promotion. FIBCs can be custom printed as per the needs. You can, therefore, have your firm name and logo printed on it. You also have the privilege to go for classic black-and-white prints or full-color images. This assists matters establish their brands more firmly and boost their business reach.


Branding and marketing have also become very crucial in the craft brew scene and jumbo bags can extend your reach. Your business is extraordinary and your finished product should reflect that.

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Types of Bulk Bags – Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd




Do you own a malting enterprise? Are you searching for a new-age packaging solution for your malted products? Allow the experts at Singhal industries to place you into the world of high-quality FIBC Bags that can reduce all your packaging worries.


If you have still not started the usage of FIBCs, or are looking forward to a genuine FIBC supplier that is reputed for providing high-quality FIBCs we would like to invite you to visit our facilities in Gujarat. You can check for yourself the procedures and methods we follow to assure the hygiene and quality of our FIBC bags.


At Singhal Industries, our representatives will first understand your demands and hence offer you customised products. We keep an inventory in our warehouse so you can receive the timely delivery of your products. Owing to our prestige for efficiency and customer service, we have specified ourselves in the malting industry. Give Singhal Industries a chance to serve and we are sure to delight you.



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