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January 12, 2022

Wires are Lying on Floors, Use Warning Tape Tile




Cable Protection Cover


What is Warning Cable Tile?

We have often found some wires lying on the floor, sometimes behind the couches or bed, side by walls and near the doors. But these types of cables which are lying on the floor are a talk of earlier times as these days no one can see the wires in their home. Whether it is office, shop, home or school, the wires are required everywhere. These wires or cables are used in many things like computers, TV, Music System etc. As the cables become a most important part of our life, we can’t eliminate the risk factor which is involved in having wires, as any mishap can happen due to wires.

When we leave the wires or cables anywhere especially on the floor or on the wall then it is not safe at all. Many accidents can happen due to wires like a short circuit, electric shocks and even wires that can catch the fire. If anywhere wires are lying without Warning Tape Tile then it can harm the people who are around it but before harming anyone they can damage the other things. Offices, Malls or Theaters need to allow the bulk of wires to work properly and for the same, they need to build a clean cable management system.

What is the purpose of Warning Cable Tile?

The main use or purpose of Warning Cable Tile is to provide protection and concealment of all the cables from getting damaged and also it keeps the person safe from electricity which is running by the wires. If we speak about the Types of Warning Cable Tile then it always depends on the type of loads.

What are the Types of Cable Protection Tiles?

If we talk about the wires in our home which we also referred to as domestic. You may see many wires in any house but in comparison to any corporate office, this number could be very few. All the wires that are lying in any house carry the lighter electricity load. But never take the domestic electric load lightly as even the house electric load can lead to any big mishap. For domestic purposes, we required different Cable Protection Tiles.

When we think about Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Industries, Malls, Factories where the bulk wires are lying. So you will be required to use a different type of Cable Protection Tiles. For example, in any kind of industry, you will be required to wear a Heavy Warning Tape Tile.

What are the Benefits of Warning Cable Tiles?

Keeping the wires under Warning Cable Tiles is very safe but many people think that it is always better to keep all the wires under fully concealed premises. It can be a good option if you have space to keep those wires under the floor or wall but if there is no possibility for the same then this Warning Cable Tile comes into use. If there are too many wires or a load of electricity is higher then you may face difficulties keeping them under the walls or floor.

In these kinds of situations, Warning Cable Tiles keep the wire, people and premieres safe from any electricity tragedy. Apart from it, fixing the wires under the wall is a high-cost and time-consuming installation process. This type of wire management system is not only very critical to install and maintain but it will need a lot of money. But Warning Cable Tiles are very easy to install and it costs you very little compared to fixing the wires under walls. You can also purchase the preferable type of cable protection online or offline.

There are various reasons available as to why you never keep your wires unprotected. We also understand different types of industries which require bulk wiring. So you have to understand that whether it is an office or home, Industry or Hospital, Mall or Factories they will require unique cables and protect those cables you need a good quality of Warning Tape Tile.

Find Warning Tape Tile Manufacturer

Now you have understood the use and benefit of Warning Tape Tile, but when you think to purchase the same for your use then it is also very important to think about which supplier or manufacturer to purchase. Singhal Industries is one of the best and leading Warning Tape Tile Manufacturers in India. We, at Singhal Industries, always manufacture premium quality Warning Tape Tile or Cable Protection Cover.

This tape is also used to alert the passerby or workers that there is wire lying nearby them. We are manufacturing the Warning Tape Tile and Non-Detectable Warning Tape tile for different types of applications like Sewer Lines, Gas Pipelines, Water Lines, Optic Fibre, Telecommunication etc. We always believe in Good Quality, Excellent Service and Quick Delivery. We are a Customer-centric manufacturer and always manufacture the Warning Tape Tile as per the Customer’s requirement.

We are also make Underground Warning Mesh and Underground Warning Tape



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