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December 28, 2023

Woven Polypropylene Bags: The Complete Guide


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Woven Bags Manufacturer


PP woven bags are largely utilized to maintain and transport various types of products. There are lots of industries like the Farming Industry, Food Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Industries, etc. which are using these categories of bags in large amounts. The Harmless, Non-Staining, and Anti-Stressing aspects of these woven bags make PP Woven Bags outstanding packaging bags. The features of PP Woven Bags make these bags a significant choice for different industrial separations.

Various kinds of products like Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar, Food Grains, Polymers, etc. can be easily kept and transported in PP Woven Bags. PP woven laminated bags are manufactured by sewing polypropylene cords in conflicting directions to produce strength. This process is needed for the output of important substances, for example, bulk bags. Let’s dwell on this and comprehend all about these types of packaging bags. There are various Manufacturer of PP Woven Bags available but Singhal Industries is a top PP woven bag manufacturer that that can deliver you high-quality sacks.

Types of PP Woven Bags

We can easily differentiate PP Woven Bags into diverse types based on their Figure, quantity, and firmness.

  • PP Woven Plain Bags

By the name we can effortlessly comprehend which type of bag is this, PP Woven Plain Bags are always created with pure plastic and these bags are also recognized as Simple PP Bags. This category of bags has some enhanced features like Tear-resistance, power, and lightweight.

  • PP Liner Bags

PP Liner Bags can be easily identified as many liners are lying on the inner side of these bags. The PP Liner woven Bags are very ideal for those items that need the appropriate protection. These categories of sacks are worked to haul or stock the goods with finer particles like chemicals, cement, sugar, etc.

  • PP Woven Laminated Bags

When an extra layer of the poly film is bound in plastic bags, then the bags that are manufactured are named PP Woven Laminated bags. This bag has some vital aspects like anti-toxicity, temperature conflict, and high tear constancy. These aspects make these bags a perfect bag for storing and hauling the number of goods that need to be preserved from water and moisture like Rice, etc.

  • BOPP Laminated Bags

The full form of BOPP is Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene. This layer is enhanced to the PP Woven bags as an extra protection layer. This gives the strength and solidity to the bags.

What are the Advantages of PP Woven Bags

Before starting the use of these PP Woven bags we should know their benefits as there are several advantages of utilizing the PP Woven Bags. Let’s know some of the key advantages of PP Woven bags which are mentioned below.

  • Price

The price of these bags is much more reasonable than any other type of packaging sacks. The polymer is itself available at a very low cost which provides complete ingress to those aspects that are convinced in polypropylene.

  • Non-Toxic Behavior

PP Woven Bags have a non-toxic behavior which allows a vast span of various types of usages. Also, these bags are functioned in the Food Industries and pharmaceutical industries due to their harmless behavior.

  • Weight

These PP Woven Bags are very lighter in weight compared with other conventional bags which makes them tremendously sturdy.

  • Resistant to any type of Chemicals

Woven Bags are unwilling to use bases, acids, and different chemicals. So they can be utilized in the beneficial preparation.

Where are PP Woven Bags used?

  • For Packing Agricultural Goods

PP Woven bags are usually utilized to store and transport different agricultural farming items like Foods, Fruits, Fishery items, Vegetables, etc. Varied kinds of PP Woven Bags are utilized in the agricultural industry. If we speak about where the PP Woven Bags are typically used then the answer is the Farming Industry as there are Vegetable Woven Bags, Fruit Mesh sacks, and Fertilizer PP Woven Bags.

  • Geotechnical Engineering

PP Woven Bags are largely utilized in producing irrigation structures, highways, water blockades, railways, digging, and building among other products.

  • For Food Wrapping

PP woven bags are essentially used for food items wrapping. These bags are very suitable bags for food packaging due to their extraordinary aggression against any kind of chemicals and excellent wear and tear control. PP Woven Bags are manufactured from PP woven material and are used to store and carry various food items. Some of the major types of Woven Bags are Rice PP woven bags, Flour PP woven bags, and maize PP woven bags.


In today’s blog, we get to understand PP Woven Bags. If you are looking to purchase PP Woven Bags for any of your use then just contact PP Woven Bags Singhal Industries as they are preeminent PP woven shopping bag manufacturers in the country. We have a cluster of industry experts who comprehend the current market trends and the necessity of clients. We always keep our customer’s requirements of top importance.


Are Woven Polypropylene Bags suitable for outdoor use?

As PP Woven bags are recyclable, this makes them an abundant choice for eco-friendly businesses. In addition to being recyclable, woven polypropylene baa a number amount of other advantages. They are sturdy and tough, so they can carry a lot of weight. They are also water-resistant, so they can be utilized for outdoor activities or in wet environments.

How can I order Woven Polypropylene Bags in bulk?

To order woven polypropylene bags in bulk you just need to contact the leading PP Woven Bags Manufacturer which is Singhal Industries. You can easily get the desired count of PP Woven bags as per your requirement.

Are Woven Polypropylene Bags cost-effective?

Purchasing a PP woven shopping bag is much more operational than purchasing a single-use plastic bag. Yes, it is more costly than a single-use plastic cover, but since it is intended to be utilized multiple times, it is much more cost-effective than having to purchase a cover every time you go shopping.



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