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September 14, 2023

BOPP Bags for Industrial Use


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bopp laminated bags


BOPP stands for biaxially oriented propylene bags. To build these bags, manufacturing units knit fabric to formulate a stable bag that can hold even small pieces of ground material. Because buyers replenish them and them to consumers or other enterprises, they need noticeable tags with information about the derivatives.

To create consistency over the woven material that will allow your label and other knowledge, BOPP bag founders add a laminated layer of propylene over the woven quantity of the bag.

What Are the Benefits of Utilizing BOPP Sacks?

BOPP bags offer your industry various benefits for reserving and selling products. Enterprises across different enterprises choose BOPP sacks because they are quality products with a wide range of usage. Some commonly raised queries about the benefits of using BOPP bags are:

1. Are BOPP Bags Water-Resistant?

Singhal Industries utilizes strong, long-lasting materials for our BOPP bags that will safeguard the components and your products inside the sacks. The woven propylene resists moisture intrusion, which sustains decay and mold in the basin. When accumulating or selling dry commodities, such as animal spread or food, a blockade of moisture can preserve the vitality of people or their pets.

Deterioration in edible products could sicken those who consume them, whether it can be consumed by any living individual or animal. The extra advantage of these BOPP bags is that they have a water-resistant layer on top further increasing the moisture protection of your article.

2. How Stable Are BOPP Bags?

The weaving too boosts the strength of these bags. Because the products you have kept in the containers may be hefty, the bags need to be placed up to the pressure of the products inside. For example, a plain paper or plastic sack would rip if utilized to peddle cat trash.

3. Are BOPP Bags Recyclable?

BOPP bags are recyclable, permitting them to return to the manufacturing method for reuse.

4. Are BOPP Bags Tremendous With Automated Bagging Process?

If you have an automated bagging technique, you can utilize BOPP bags to hasten the packaging of your products. Since you do not need to worry about various packaging for the products, your company can concentrate on thriving industry and earnings, rather than consuming additional extra packaging.

5. How Customizable Are BOPP Bags?

The laminate texture of the BOPP bags accommodates a rainbow of shades and a myriad of configurations. You have ten colors to choose from when formulating your bag surface. Don’t dismiss aspects such as your creation’s name, symbol, and UPC for sales. Since the buyers note the surface of the BOPP plastic bags, use it to facilitate their label.

If you like a shiny finish on your bag’s outer part, make an impression on the reversal side of the laminate. This printing method enables the shiny, smooth side to countenance the front, giving your packaging an extraordinary appearance on the shelf.

6. Can BOPP Bags Assist Your Company to Save Money?

Your enterprise can preserve money by liking to replenish and sell from BOPP sacks rather than plastic buckets or identical options.

First, the bags required a tiny warehouse room while waiting for your machinery to reload them. Since you do not require a great storage area, you can expand your strategies or finalize derivative storage locations. By minimizing the needed storage area for vacant bags, you can dedicate more regions to prosperous happenings. Besides, the replenished bags need less area than buckets. You can also safely support them without worrying about breaks in the boxes.

Secondly, the capability to use mechanical bagging machines saves your industry time and money. Mechanical devices work quicker and more specifically than people, and you can utilize the protection by adding new derivatives to improve earnings.

Lastly, you can safeguard money by integrating your advertisement with the packaging of your product. You do not need a container to put the bag inside when you select BOPP laminated bags, saving you the expenditure of purchasing, storing, printing, and stuffing those extra crates.

How Does Each Enterprise Utilize BOPP Bags?

A blend of industries advantages from BOPP bags for selling their products.

These industries often employ BOPP bags:

Pet Care: Dog food, cat food, cat waste, and animal meal.
Farming: Fertilizer, enormous animal feed, and grains.
Food: Kernels, beans, and extra food products.
Construction Materials: Concrete mix, plaster mix, resins, and other dry materials for use in the structure.

Find a Quotation from Singhal Industries for Your Company’s BOPP Bags

Find a citation for your company’s BOPP bags. Once you have selected that your enterprise will benefit from BOPP bags, you need a trustworthy source for them. When it comes to fulfilling storage necessities, choose us at Singhal Industries. Our firm goes the extra mile to deliver our customers with excellence in derivatives and customer service.

Multiple associations have ratified us for our products and production — AIB, BRC, FSSC 22000, HACCP, and ISO 9001:2008. If you require food-grade BOPP printed bags, Singhal Industries can assist you. All the propylene we use is virgin and woven in clean rooms to stave off contamination, following stringent food security and handling regulations.



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