Hazard Tape

Hazard Tape

Hazard Tapes are hazard cautioning tapes commonly used for patching the open region where caution marks are not suitable, like barrier walls and project workers. These are non-glue polyethylene, uncommonly solid, superior grade, and sturdy obstruction tapes.

Singhal Industry is one of the biggest manufacturers of Hazard Tapes. They produce different varieties of these tapes in different sizes and thicknesses. And also make customizable tapes according to the requirement of the customer. These hazard tapes are used to avoid any potential accident or unintentional moment in developing construction, for example, construction sites, building development, street construction, and other prickly places. These LDPE material hazard tapes can add a basic level of safety to the development zone and not allow the public to enter the construction region.

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Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. are responsible for producing and assembling a large amount of Hazard Tape and its related items. We started manufacturing this item back in 1988. we prepared and manufacture different types of products, have some principles, and set a high standard for providing high-quality products. Singhal Industries follow all the standard regarding ADDC, AADC, and ADWEA. We offer a very trusted way of delivering products to our customers according to their requirements and as per their requests. We provide the items per our customers' requests according to their requirements in different development, and we flawlessly support our clients.

What is the Purpose of Hazard Tape?

Hazard tapes are commonly used to warn people conscious about danger or prevent the public from entering dangerous restricted areas. Our Hazard tape works as a barrier tape. These bold-colored tapes are found in black-and-white and red-and-white combinations. The most commonly used and seen tape is typical Yellow and black hazard tapes used by police at crime scenes. You also can find these types of tape on construction sites, and the very weak area could break at any time. These tapes are being used in different locations to prevent any unfortunate situation.

What is Hazard Tape Used for?

To promote safety in a dangerous location, manage access to work sites, and communicate safety warnings, these hazard tapes written danger and caution on them are being used. To keep everyone safe, decrease the level of risk, and avoid any serious risk, these brightly colored and non-adhesives are being placed so that they catch your attention and everyone can see them.

What is Black and Yellow Hazard Tape used for?

These black and yellow Hazard tapes are well-known and commonly accepted in safety. These yellow and black hazard tapes are one of the field's most common and popular color combinations. This color was primarily used to alert workers about danger and safety caution in some areas.

What Colour is Hazard Tape?

Hazard tape is commonly used in construction areas to prevent any kind of unfortunate to anyone. Also used in abandoned places and rode to prevent accidents while construction work is in progress. The sole purpose of this tape is to catch the attention of everyone, so companies like the Singhal industry use bright yellow and black Colours in tapes to make them brighter.

Who Might use Hazard Tape?

Our danger tape is available in different color combinations to serve a common function. Using our tape is simple and easy and can be done by any worker at any workplace. Supervisors of the construction site restricted the use of our hazard tape to make awareness of the danger to the people and to know them of the danger. Police, fire police, traffic police, and other companies also use these hazard tapes for different purposes. Hazard tapes are commonly used to warn people conscious about danger or prevent the public from entering dangerous restricted areas. These hazard tapes can add a basic level of safety to the development zone.

What is 3M Barricade Tape?

3 M Barricade tape is a type of tape used to prevent access to an area deemed unsafe. The tape is usually brightly colored and marked with a warning message. It is commonly used to cordon off hazardous areas such as crime scenes, construction sites, and road repair zones. M3 Barricade tape can also mark traffic patterns, control pedestrian access, and alert people to potential dangers. It is typically made of durable plastic and is highly visible, making it a great tool for conveying safety information quickly and effectively. By using 3M barricade tape, people can be warned of a potential hazard and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves.


The Best Features of Hazard Tape

  • help to mark footpaths and danger zones on the road
  • help to highlight the risky unguarded places
  • By this, you can give guidance and show the direction
  • Alert everyone about the danger
  • it will increase the safety level


What are the Benefits of Warning Tape?

  • These are some advantages you can have
  • these tapes are environment friendly
  • safe for both human and animal
  • Prevent different unfortunate situations and accidents by bright stop signs
  • Help the contractors and excavators to mark their construction area
  • These are weatherproof and can hold in any condition


Following are the Applications of Hazard Tape

  • Use Hazard Tape on Fire doors
  • make barricade on handrails in case emergency
  • Use this tape on Electrical wire area
  • Use this tape on Warehouse floor
  • This tape is best for Underground electric cables
  • This tape is use for Gas pipelines, Water pipelines, and Sewer pipelines


Hazard Tape Specifications

Our Hazard tape works as a barrier tape, commonly used to make people conscious of danger or prevent the public from entering dangerous restricted areas. We made all our hazard tapes according to the rule and regulations of all our local government regulative, and we ensured to mention all the safety precautions for our staff and customers. Our box is 30 microns thick, and each roll is 75mm x 500 meters. We have different combinations and different categories of this tape. We also offer you one year of warranty on all parts.

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