ABS Plastic Sheets

ABS Plastic Sheets

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Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kg – 1000 Kg
Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Color  Black, Blue, Gray, White, Yellow, etc.
Material ABS Sheets
Pattern Plain, Textured, Glossy & Matte Finish


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Are you in the quest for the best-quality ABS plastic sheets 4x8 1 4 or ABS Embossed Sheets? If yes, we have a wide range of ABS Plastic sheets ideal for both car interiors and exteriors. Commonly known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, 1/4 inch, 3/8 ABS plastic sheets 4x8 1 4 have influence at lowest temperature. 1 8 ABS plastic sheets 4×8 1 4 is Manufacturing by Singhal Industries these sheets are the perfect solution for manufacturing prototypes with exceptional thermoforming properties. For continuing a superior definition and deep drawing, ABS Plastic sheets are a one-stop solution. Different industries depend on ABS Plastic sheets Modified grades for their resistance to UV rays and increased fire rating.

ABS Plastic Sheets Popularly known as an engineering plastic as ABS plastic sheets 4x8 1 4 , industries often make replacement of other forms of plastics with ABS plastic sheeting since it appears as an economical alternative. Moreover, ABS plastic sheets Canada are highly durable and well-suited for the particular application. Get an insight into this article to know more about ABS plastic and its applications in various industries.

ABS Plastic Sheets Manufacturer : Singhal Industries is the leading player in the making as a manufacturer of ABS plastic sheets and supplier provide sheets products for a worldwide market. Singhal Industries also Offers HDPE Sheets with the specification of HDPE Sheets 4x8 and HDPE Plastic Sheets . It has an expert team that provides technical details about the ABS plastic sheets.

Since the market is filled with a wide variety of plastics, you can use them for different objectives based on their texture, strength, melting point, durability, and other specifications. If you want to select a suitable plastic material for your task, picking up the one that best suits your business's budget will be most worthwhile.


What are Colored ABS Plastic Sheets?

The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ColoredABS Plastic Sheet Canada denotes a non-transparent thermoplastic and amorphous polymer.ABS Plastic Sheets Canada, Contrast with thermoset, thermoplastic represents the technique in which the material reacts to heat.

ABS plastic sheet 4x8 1/4: Thermoplastics turn into liquid at a definite temperature. For instance, ABS plastic sheet 4x8 1/4 has a liquid transition at 221° Fahrenheit. The best part of using ABS plastic is best part of is that it can be warmed up at the melting point, cooled down, and then heated up again without any noticeable deterioration. In place of being ignited, ABS thermoplastics become liquid, allowing them to be quickly industrialized and recycled.

Conversely, thermoset plastics are likely to be heated only once during injection molding. The initial heating allows the thermoset materials to change the chemical, which won't be driven back. Don’t ever try to warm up a thermoset plastic at an elevated temperature one more time, since on doing this, the thermoset plastic gets burned. Therefore, industries don't rely on thermoset materials for their insufficient perspective on recycling. Moreover, ABS is an unstructured material and does not manifest translucent solids' instructed properties.

We at Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd offers different types of customization for ABS plastic sheet. You can order for 1/4 inch abs plastic sheet 4x8, 1 4 abs plastic sheet 4x8, 1 8 abs plastic sheet 4x8, 3 8 abs plastic sheet 4x8, 3/16 abs plastic sheet 4x8, abs plastic sheet 4x8 = 320, abs plastic sheets 4x8 = 150

What are the Industries in Which ABS Plastic Sheets are Mainly Used?

The top-rated manufacturers cum suppliers emphasize providing high-quality ABS plastic sheets to each valuable customer so that they can use them in various industries and implementations per your business's unique needs and financial estimate. On ordering with us, you may expect to gain a variety of colors and specializations on ABS plastic sheeting that also provide exceptional protection against harmful UV rays. Let's look at some industries where it is impossible without employing ABS plastic sheets.

3D Printing Construction

You often notice the use of ABS plastic in Professional 3D printers due to its melting point at low temperatures. Professionals in 3D printing embrace ABS plastic sheets more than Polylactic acid (PLA). It is mainly because PLA has a low melting point, making it challenging to get reserved in hotter conditions. ABS plastic's most practical side is that it is more potent than PLA plastic and less vulnerable to wreckage.

Automotive Sector

In contrast with other types of plastics, ABS plastic is lightweight. This feature increasingly affects the vehicles that utilize ABS or similar plastics, and thus the weight of cars is reduced by 10% and helps them save extra fuel. Typically, ABS plastic sheets are used on dashboards, wheel covers, and body parts because of their robustness, high resistance to low temperature, and irregular surface that doesn’t get scratched easily.

Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings

Compared with other metals or plastics, ABS plastic sheets are the superior choice for plumbing systems. It can be easily installed and comes lightweight, and won't mold, rot or corrode during waste collection. If you decide to use PVC, it's time to shift to ABS plastic since they guarantee longevity and provide resistance to breakage at low climatic conditions.

Machine Prototype Manufacturing 

Compared to other plastics, since where to buy ABS Plastic sheets can be easily molded, it is increasingly used in manufacturing ABS Plastic sheets prototypes in the welding industry. It is more convenient to paint on ABS sheets than on other forms of plastic. ABS Embossed Sheets can also fabricate an unstrained cosmetic surface for manufacturing prototypes. Industries heavily use ABS plastic to create temporary prototypes since they come as cost-effective solutions.

Vacuum Infrastructure 

In setting up power vacuums and their parts, ABS sheets are one of the most sought-after plastics. This robust sheeting constructs some stringent features that come out long-lasting than other types of plastics. The high-duty ABS plastic sheets are available in multiple colors, including white, black, and different custom colors. This extensive sheeting also possesses a textured sensory cell finish that allows protection against scratches, thus preparing for extensive use.

Is ABS Plastic Sheet Harmful?

Compared to the other plastic forms, ABS is non-toxic since it doesn’t contain any known destructive elements. Moreover, there's no evidence of unpleasant health effects from ABS exposure. However, it is advisable not to use ABS plastic sheets in medical implants.

Industrial Applications of ABS plastic sheets

These are some industries where ABS plastic sheets are primarily used for facilitating different processes.

  • Aircraft Industry
  • Vacuum Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • Medical technology
  • 3D Building Materials
  • Material conveying
  • Luggage Industries
  • Home appliances and equipment
  • Automotive industry

Extraordinary Properties of ABS sheets 

Since ABS plastic sheets possess multiple properties, they are the most suitable plastic material for several industrial applications.

  • The human-friendly plastic material doesn't have any carcinogens, thus ensuring zero adverse effects.
  • Excellent joinability
  • This plastic product can be heated up several times without causing any degradation.
  • Resistant to breakage
  • This heavy-duty sheet possesses significant impact strength and thus perform in both high and low point temperature, i.e., from - 40°C to 150°C
  • This plastic sheet is an economical and easily handled solution.
  • Possessing incredible resistance to moisture, and electrical properties
  • Guarantee excellent resistance against corrosion over the wide temperature range
  • The plastic sheet comes with enough sturdiness and good resistance power against abrasion and chemicals.
  • Extraordinary sound-absorbing properties
  • Available in multiple custom colors as per the customer’s requirement
  • Possessing extraordinary dimensional stability due to construction using vital elements
  • Having excellent moldability and ductility properties
  • Can be thermoformed to the intended product


The Features of ABS Plastic Sheets

  • The fascinating properties of our ABS Sheets are that they carry high resistant capacity and are very tough to break
  • Sheets possess high impact strength and can perform well in both high and low temperature
  • Have excellent corrosion resistance over a wide thermal range
  • It has good chemical resistance capacity and high rigid feature
  • Excellent sound damping properties
  • Excellent weldability
  • ABS Embossed Sheets Are Highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion
  • Having excellent electrical properties, moisture and creep resistance
  • It Has high dimensional stability as manufactured using strong material
  • ABS Plastic Sheets have excellent impact resistance, which is a unique feature
  • The sheets have outstanding formability and ductility qualities
  • Easy to handle and cost-effective


Significance of using ABS Plastic Sheets in Different Engineering Projects

  • As ABS plastic sheets are made of thermoplastic material, they are widely used in industrial and
  • commercial requirements
  • Having reliability and unique impact resistance potentiality
  • Easy to handle
  • Having excellent dimensional steadiness, therefore, can be easily painted
  • Having excessive tensile strength and resistance power to physical abuse
  • Have incredible strength and stiffness
  • Most suitable for a variety of applications range and easily recycled
  • Can cut effortless with a machine-like saw, turning machine, drill, die-cut, router and shearing machine.

The whole article ensures that ABS plastic sheets or ABS Embossed Sheets will retain their popularity even in the future. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to use this plastic to enhance your industrial application or business procedure.


Typical Uses for ABS Plastic Sheets

Since ABS plastics are sturdy enough, they can be the perfect choice for the following uses:

  • Cold-storage Industry
  • 3D printing or additive manufacturing
  • Computer keyboards
  • Packing crates
  • Fittings
  • Vacuum Construction
  • radio cases
  • Power tools
  • Wall Socket Face-Guard
  • Furniture components
  • Housing appliances
  • Camera bodies


What is the Specification of ABS Plastic Sheets?

  • Pattern: Plain or rough
  • Thickness range: 0.5mm – 10.00mm
  • Width Range: 100 mm to 2600 mm
  • Surface Finish: Glossy, Matt & Embossed
  • Temperature range: - 40°C to 150°C
  • Colour: Any as per requirement
  • Thermoforming: Can be thermoformed to any desired product as highly thermal resistant.
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