Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags are very important to know that disposing of biohazards, biomedical wastes, and pharmaceutical contaminants should be done correctly, following the state’s guidelines. Without disposing of them properly, one does not only spread many diseases but also pollutes the environment. Thus using Biohazard bags to dispose of biological, pharmaceutical, or medical wastes is the best solution.

We all know that biohazard waste can be solid or liquid. These wastes are contaminated with harmful materials or things that can be infectious that can be a threat to the environment and the public. They are a bit different from medical wastes, which generally contain used syringes, ampoules, pieces of cotton, bandages, and many other things.

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Medical Waste Bags play a crucial role in safe disposal. Biohazardous bags are made from HDPE and LDPE non-chlorinated plastic and are available in many colors to adhere to the guidelines for disposing of such materials. They are available in red, yellow, blue, black, and translucent colors so that the users can segregate the materials as per the degree of spreading infection and polluting the environment. One must follow the OSHA guidelines that clearly state how to dispose of these wastes.

Biohazard Bags are suitable for autoclaves, allowing the steam to kill harmful spores, bacteria, viruses, or fungi in a controlled environment. The bags are incredibly lightweight but quite sturdy and are available in various sizes. Each bag is stamped with the “Biohazard” symbol to warn the users and the disposal staff about the contents and take proper care till disposal.

Biohazard Bags do not tear easily and are durable and flexible. They are manufactured using high-quality plastic, and strict quality control measures, including inspection, are taken before they are supplied to the market by the best manufacturers. One has to adhere to the OSHA guidelines even while manufacturing them. The bags can be recycled after the waste material is disposed of properly.

Though medical wastes are found in clinics and laboratories, which are not contaminated, they can be hazardous to ordinary people. Again, biohazard waste is always infectious and contains infectious items and agents that can threaten society and the environment. However, these must be disposed of with great care using biohazard bags.

Application of Biohazard Bags

The biohazard waste is separated before disposal and put into bags of different colors as per their nature. These bags are colored separately to distinguish the types of hazardous materials placed inside.

  • Red Color – Biohazard bags, red in color, is used to dispose of body fluids, intravenous tubes and bags, unfixed tissues of humans, contaminated PPE kits, urine dips, glucose strips, and other anatomical wastes. They are also used to dispose of animal carcasses, garments soaked in blood, operated organs, swabs, and other infectious medical equipment. However, one should not put nuclear waste materials, pesticides, alcohols, food wraps, or pharmaceutical effluents as these bags are not meant to dispose of them.
  • Yellow bags – One should put hazardous chemicals, drugs, infectious clinical materials, gloves, aprons, bandages, diapers, and sanitary pads in these bags. One disposes of syringes, intravenous fluid lines, and other metallic wastes after putting them inside the yellow-colored bags. One should not use them to dispose of non-infectious materials, household litter, or pathological wastes, including placental remains.
  • Blue-colored bags - These are used to dispose of hazardous pharmaceutical wastes. Products termed hazardous by RCRA, like nicotine, expired pills, powders, and unused medicines, are placed inside the blue bags and disposed of with proper care.
  • Translucent bags – These bags are used to dispose of unregulated hazardous materials. When the disposal team is unsure about the type of waste material, they should use these bags to avoid further confusion.
  • Autoclave bags – These bags are available in multiple colors and can be used in autoclaves to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The steam with high pressure in the autoclave kills the germs and makes the materials free from spreading infections. Thus, the material can be reused in clinics and hospitals after being cleaned in the autoclave.

Getting the Biohazard Bags

If you are a doctor, a clinic, a hospital owner, or engaged in hospital management work, it is time to visit our online store and get these bags. The best quality plastic material is used to manufacture these bags, and each bag passes through strict quality inspection before being supplied in bulk. Get the bags at the most reasonable price to cater to your need to dispose of biomedical waste correctly, following the state's guidelines. We are one of India's leading manufacturers and suppliers and cater to all corners of the world with a pledge to keep society and the environment safe. It may be autoclave bags or other biohazard bags; our stocks are exhaustive, and one can get them in various specifications maintaining global standards.


Features of Biohazard Bags include:

- Easy to open and close

- Waterproof

- Resistant to chemicals

- Can withstand extreme temperatures

- Available in various colors

- Made from durable plastic

- Available in different sizes

- Available in different colors


The advantages of using biohazard bags

There are many advantages of using biohazard bags. Hospitals, clinics, and other medical entities should use these bags to dispose of hazardous materials to save the environment and society. The staff, as well as ordinary people, can stay away from infections if these bags are used.

  • As the items are segregated and put into respective bags, they do not contaminate the environment. For example, one can prevent the used syringes from floating in the sea or dumping on the shore.
  • Again, if the biohazard materials are disposed of correctly in these bags, water contamination, and air pollution can be avoided or are low. One can prevent infectious blood from being dumped inside a landfill and contaminating the soil for miles.

Correct disposal of bio-hazardous items can prevent injuries from sharp edges like disposable knives, needles, and many other prostheses. Humans and animals can stay safe as they are not exposed to these highly contaminated and infectious medical wastes.


  • Hospitals
  • Clinic
  • Labs
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Offices


Specifications of our Product 

Following are just few standard specification rest we manufacture as per customer requirement :-

  • One can go through our product specifications and order us accordingly.
  • Available bag capacity: 10, 5, 2, 1 kg or 500 gm.
  • Sizes available: 19 x21, 18 x24, 24x24, 24x30, 30x35, 30x50, 36x42 Inch or as per customer requirement
  • Available colors: Black, Blue, and Red or as per customer requirement
  • Material & Type: High grade HM & LDPE material. The bags are disposable.
  • Application: Ideal for hospitals and clinics.
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