Foldable Crates & Collapsible Crates

Foldable Crates & Collapsible Crates

We hope that after reading the article you must have got the important information about Collapsible Plastic Crates. Singhal Industries is a very famous name in the market of producing the High-Quality Plastic Crates. Whenever you want to purchase these kinds of crates just contact Singhal Industries and get the best products at your doorstep.

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In almost all cases, reusable, collapsible bulk containers decrease expense, adequate use area, and enhance environmental effect while comparing to expendable packaging. They pile securely, safeguard what's held inside, and when not in usage, can be fallen down to a fraction of their height. Additionally, they can be utilized to shift or keep raw materials, parts assemblies, industrial components, and all kinds of commercial derivatives.
These material handling containers are recyclable, made for the circular economy, and have a very meager carbon imprint due to their reusability. These folding crates are manufactured with the help of utilizing high-grade plastics such as HDPE and high-impact polypropylene.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are among the reasonable selling food classifications, but also the most prudent ones. From the time they are put in farms for harvesting and until they end on the client’s kitchen table there is a gap of several days.
During all this duration, the fresh produce must be kept in distinct situations of temperature, humidity and ventilation to remain edible and keep all their nourishing properties. The team of packaging experts of Singhal Industries gave an efficient suggestion for these products: Foldable Storage Crates.

A Delicate and Complex Supply Chain

Going back a slightly further down the supply chain, we suggest utilizing reusable foldable crates throughout the complete supply chain, not just for packaging the fruit and vegetables for shipping to shops.
A lot of fresh produce is relinquished at the earlier moment – during reaping time – because they are positioned in insufficient containers that grind, scrape or otherwise harm them. All these derivatives cannot be resold to end buyers, but sent to terminating plants, for a less price, of course.
Large foldable Plastic crates, by difference, have smooth inner fences and, when essential, circulated sides to deliver optimal safety even to the most prudent kinds of fresh fruit, such as cherries or grapes. These large collapsible storage crates can be safely held in storages with a calm environment (temperature, humidity) until the derivatives are prepared for repackaging in smaller crates to transport to stores.

Reusable Plastic Container Boxes – No Compromises on Safety and Freshness

Buyers nowadays are smart and have many shopping alternatives. They know precisely what they are looking for in each derivative, from the easiest ones (lettuce, tomatoes) to the more exotic mixtures (avocado, mango, papaya, etc.). They understand how fresh crops look and sense and they will effortlessly acknowledge those that do not fit their requirements.
Packed in reusable plastic crates, your goods will stay fresher for a longer duration. Thus, you will expand your possibilities of selling the whole portion of fresh produce – or as much of it as feasible.
During numerous years of closely operating with producers and traders of fresh fruit and vegetables, the experts at Singhal Industries understand its important benefits, as relayed to us by our consumers:


Reusable plastic containers have circulated flanks and fences. Thus, the fresh produce acquires adequate air to deter the onset of decay and mustiness. Also, the smooth inner fences are excellent for staving off marking on the texture of even the most tender and delicate derivatives.

As a side benefit, our buyers suggested that natural ventilation thanks to the reusable plastic crates benefited them to decrease water usage. Traditionally, they would have to squirt the produce to stave off dehydration and wilting.

Reliable to Use in the Cold Chain

Reusable plastic crates can be hauled in frigorific trucks without damaging them. The containers are created from virgin materials authorized for food contact. This means that there is no danger of risky chemicals leaking and being immersed by your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Extended Shelf Life

Professional packaging fabrics for agriculture and the food industry are developed to propose your utmost advantages in every feasible characteristic. One distinct area noted by our clients is an advancement in the average shelf life for different kinds of fresh produce, from mushrooms to grapes and tomatoes.

On average, these derivatives survived two days more without any indication of wilting/ proceeding bad compared to derivatives kept in additional varieties of crates and boxes.

Easy to Handle by Employees

Reusable plastic crates are developed to help your workers pick them and position them on racks fast and safely. The open grips are ergonomic and offer sufficient grip and convenience.

Therefore, your workers will be competent to refill the fresh produce corridor as soon as it is crucial to fulfill all your customers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

All the experienced packaging fabrics we create are the outcome of constant R&D work to assist our buyers accomplishes a good ROI. The reusable collapsible storage boxes, like the rest of our plastic packaging, are sturdy, manageable to tidy up and sanitize and 100% recyclable at the end of their beneficial life. Thus, you will amass a lower aggregate expense of ownership and will govern to optimize your functional and logistic spending.


  • In the Dairy Industry
  • Agriculture Uses
  • Fishing Industry
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Grocery Store Uses


External Sizes:- 23.64 x 15.76 x 11.27 In.
Internal Extents:- 22.54 x 14.66 x 10.96 In.
Crumpled Dimensions:- 23.64 x 15.76 x 2.09 In.
Loading & Stacking:- Max Capacity 50 lbs Weight 5.29 lbs

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