Container Liners

Container Liners

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the best manufacturers and exporters in world of bulk packaging material, offering premium quality, highly durable and cost-efficient Container Liners. Container Liners reduce transport risks, safeguards your shipments from damages. Container Liners also protect from weather conditions. These Container Liners are suitable for all types of dry containers.

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What is a Container Liner?

Container Liners are essential and economical packaging solutions for bulk shipment of goods/material, ensuring complete safety without any risk of damage. The purpose of Container liners is that when the goods are being transported from one geographical location to another, it is natural that the goods may come in contact with contaminators like water, oil, dust, soil, air etc., which can degrade the quality of the product.

With little or excessive contamination, the goods may become unfit for use and may be declared unfit by concerned governmental bodies. If the goods do not conform to the quality standards set by concerned governments of the destination country, then the transported goods may get rejected by the authorities. To avoid such situations, dry bulk Container Liners are being used as a protective layer against contaminators. Container Liners also ensure hygienic shipments of your product in the most efficient way. It makes your shipment easier, time-saving, and affordable. Container liners are the best choice for transporting products such as medicines, chemicals, fuels, minerals, vegetables, fertilizers, powder, seeds, food items, etc.

Container Liners are the best fit for the bulk logistic industry as they have good flexibility, easy storing options, and superior quality. It saves manual handling expenses and prevents cross-contamination of the product. In addition, container liners insulate the shipment completely to avoid radiation of heat and temperature variations. It also minimizes the cleaning cost of the dry container.

Also known as:

  • Shipping Liners
  • Sea bulk Liners
  • Sea Land Container Liners
  • Dry Bulk Container Liners


Our superior quality and sturdy Container Liners occupy the following key features:

  • Containers Liners manufactured by us are very well coated to enhance good durability and strength
  • Manufactured using the highest isolation grade
  • Sealing out moisture, water, and external weather conditions
  • Also reducing the shipping costs and facilitating easy installations
  • Having a wide range of standard as well as custom made Container Liners
  • Attached with strong bungees, hooks, and strapping tools to ensure smooth installation, loading and unloading
  • Providing complete leak protection and reducing the chances of container washout
  • Having well-versed form-fitted package design solution enhancing complete safety of your products


  • Container Liners provides saving on handling and packing costs
  • Container Liners layers up the protection factor of your products
  • Container Liners has an incredible loading percentage and is unbelievably lightweight
  • Container Liners eliminates your packing waste, cargo spillage, and difficult handling conditions
  • Container Liners provides easy loading, discharge, and unloading functions saving your time, money, and labour cost
  • Container Liners is chemical resistance, oxygen barrier, and having anti-static properties
  • Container Liners provides an enclosed chamber to ensure safe shipment of your high-value products


Various industries use our container liners due to their extensive application range. It is used in chemical industries, roll-off containers, dumpsters, gaylords, etc., also used to ship and store dry bulk products, including:

  • Food products
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural products
  • Minerals
  • Soda ash
  • Grains
  • Urea and fertilizers
  • Silica


  • Available in different lengths and thickness
  • Clear or black design
  • Coated or uncoated liner options
  • 5'-12' sidewall height options
  • Pneumatic, conveyor, and gravimetric container liners
  • Storage capacity: Customisable
  • Made of woven container liner or extruded film
  • Dimensions available suiting 20ft, 30ft and 40ft
  • May have discharge spout if required

Our company has a team of experts who can provide you with all sizes of Container Liners to meet your unique specifications. Our Container Liner is manufactured using different grades of materials, including Polypropylene and Polyethylene and is also coated with PE Film to protect your goods from contamination. In addition, we offer customizable Container Liners to ease your shipment loading and unloading functions.

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