Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film

Global Warming is gradually engulfing our planet due to the increase in human-caused greenhouse gases. It is causing the earth to become warmer along with the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Hence, there has to be a solution to protect the plants from these destructive elements. Greenhouse Film is the ultimate answer to protect plants from the harmful rays of the Sun, dust, rain, storm, and even insects. With the help of Polythene, you can make Greenhouse Film, which acts as a protective covering for the plants. It creates a desirable environment for the plants to grow in good health and yield better. 

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Singhal Industries offers a variety of greenhouse films as per customers’ requirements, including one-year films, four-year films, white films, anti-condensate films, and more. Films manufactured by us are flexible material that comes in sheets of various thicknesses and are measured in mils. The same can be used in single or double layers, depending on your insulation needs. Our Greenhouse Films have high mechanical properties to withstand maximum stress during installations. Greenhouse Films keep the plant environment warm, maintain better heat distribution without heat build-up or stress, and reduce energy costs in the process. We also provide custom-cut lengths available on many greenhouse film styles so that you can order the exact amount you need.


What is a Greenhouse Film?

As reputable Greenhouse Film Manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in manufacturing durable and protective films crafted from Polyethylene. The main purpose of these Greenhouse films is to make a controlled inside environment, whatever the external environment be, to protect the plants from direct sunlight, heat, rain, dust, insects, etc. A better crop yield can be achieved with a better-controlled environment inside. Greenhouse film’s job is to control light, temperature, and physical protection of the plants from outside elements and maintain a controlled environment inside in various climate conditions. A greenhouse creates a possibility to extend the growing season, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc., all through the year.


It is a Better Heat Insulation

Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film is ideal for the proper growth and maintenance of plants. It provides just the right temperature and warmth the plants need to grow efficiently. The Greenhouse Film also retains the heat, thus providing an excellent condition for the plants to grow. One of the most significant advantages of using the plastic sheet is that it protects the plants from the harmful UV rays of the Sun along with storms, dust, and other dangerous elements. The Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film has fewer chances to break and can handle the average temperature. Thus, it acts as an excellent money saver for your future.


Durable and Safe

Greenhouse Plastic sheeting is best for the growth of plants, and it is because it is not only cheap but also durable. It is one of the best sheets covering extremes of weather conditions as it protects the plants from hailstorms, excessive heat, and other similar acts of nature. Moreover, since the Greenhouse Film is durable, it is unlikely not to crack soon.


Easy Maintenance

The Greenhouse Film is light and hence easy to maintain. Moreover, since it is flexible, you can use the Greenhouse Sheet in any dimension according to your convenience. One of the most significant advantages of using the Greenhouse Sheet is that there is no requirement for frequent replacements, and you can use it for a prolonged time as it does not get damaged due to temperature extremes.


UV Protection and efficient Light Diffusion

Plants do need sunlight for their growth. However, due to Global Warming, most plants are not growing correctly due to the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Hence, the need to protect the plants is of utmost importance. Greenhouse Film is the best solution for plants as the material acts to provide efficient light diffusion and protection against the UV rays of the Sun. The Greenhouse Plastic Film control the wavelengths of the rays of the Sun, thus boosting the growth of the plants. It also protects plants from fungi and other insects.


Prolonged Growing Season

Greenhouse Films are highly effective as it prolongs the growing season of the crops and plants. Therefore, it helps in a steady supply of crops during their growing season. One of the primary reasons for choosing Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting is that it eliminates artificial heating and lighting. Thus, it also acts as highly cost-effective. Therefore, if you want to enhance the growth of fruits and vegetables in a particular season, it is advisable to use the Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film. You will spend less on maintenance and thus will be able to create a fortune for yourself shortly.


Types of Greenhouse Plastic

There are different types of Greenhouse films. Therefore, when you purchase a plastic sheet, you will get different grades of Greenhouse plastic sheets. Following are the different types of plastic sheets that are available in the market for the protection of your plants:

Polythene Plastic You can get polythene plastic sheets in two varieties depending upon the production area. Commercial-grade plastics are for large farms, while utility plastics are for small farming. However, both are extremely useful for the protection of plants. Since the plastics undergo a lot of wear and tear due to extensive weather conditions, it usually lasts for around two years.


Copolymer Plastic

If you have extensive farming, the ideal choice is copolymer plastic film, which is more durable and expensive than the usual polythene plastic film. However, the plastic film is quite complex and thus protects your crops from extensive weather conditions.

Polyvinyl Plastic

If you want a plastic film to last longer, Polyvinyl plastic is ideal. Though the cost of Polyvinyl Plastic is high, it is worth an investment as it can last longer than your expectations. Moreover, if you take proper care and maintenance of the sheet, you can use it for about five years.


Polycarbonate Plastic

Polycarbonate Plastic Film is one of the most durable sheets for crops and plants. The film has two layers of polyethylene plastic, making it more challenging than any other plastic. Hence, it is more durable and acts as a powerful resistance to heat and humidity. Moreover, due to the Polycarbonate plastic, the sun rays are diffused. The glow of the Sun shines from all directions, thus exposing all the parts of the plants to sunshine. Therefore, it enhances the healthy growth of plants.



Greenhouse Film acts as a powerful protector of the plants. With the rate at which our weather is changing negatively, it is time we protect our crops for better and healthy growth.


What are the features of Greenhouse Film?

  • The greenhouse films are available in a variety of polymers
  • These polymers are high damage-resistant that helps farmers to protect their cultivated crops
  • It is lightweight and has light transmission features
  • It is cost-effective and provides various options for the grower to choose it
  • We offer varieties of greenhouse films. These films are thick, flexible and available in sheets of various thicknesses, which can be used as single or double layers
  • The films also provide ageing performance for long-lasting, durable solutions


What are the Advantages of Greenhouse Film?

  • Greenhouses need less irrigation than normal farming as it traps moisture.
  • Reduces the duration of cropping and increases the quality of crops/plants too
  • Humidity and temperature are effectively controlled as per the requirement of the crops/plants.
  • If growing high-value crops/plants is what you are into, greenhouses are the best options.
  • Greenhouse film benefits include plant protection, longer growing season and climate control.
  • Through greenhouses, it is possible to grow off-season crops also
  • Any educated youth can create self-employment opportunities through the usage of greenhouses
  • Pests are very easily controlled
  • It is versatile as crops/plants can be grown in various climatic conditions.
  • The films provide better insulation as they possess better heat retention properties when compared to glass greenhouses.
  • It is available at a low-cost price compared to the glass
  • It usually shatters free, lasts for a longer time and is easier to fix or replace
  • It also helps to extend the growing season even in cold climates
  • It allows for growing a wide variety of plants and protects from pests and predators
  • Moreover, this film can easily protect from dangerous pesticides found on commercially raised crops.


What are the Applications of Greenhouse film?

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Plantations


Check all the Specifications about Greenhouse Film?

  • Thickness range: 80 to 200 microns
  • Width range: 01 to 10 meters
  • UV Durability: 06 to 48 months
  • Film Appearance: Clear, White, Greenish
  • Diffused: High to low diffusion range

We have a team of experts who can provide you with all sizes of Greenhouse Films to meet your unique specifications. We manufacture Greenhouse Films in different sizes, thicknesses & colours as per customer’s requirements. Our experienced quality team ensures that the sheets are manufactured, keeping in mind strict quality control measurement’s as per international standards.

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