PP Woven Fabric

PP Woven Fabric

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading and well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of flawless Polypropylene Woven Fabric. We manufacture PP Woven Fabric like circular, flat, wide, etc., which is coated/uncoated with the latest technology on our finest circular looms and tape line machines. The company provides PP Woven fabrics that are very strong and durable. As it is of woven characteristics, it is very flexible, lightweight, and therefore used in various industries.

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We manufacture laminated as well as non-laminated PP Woven fabric roll. Our PP woven fabrics are available in roll forms, making loading easier and smooth for any machines such as cutting, stitching, etc. Our PP woven fabrics are known in the market for their quality, durability, strong wear resistance, tear-proof nature, eco-friendly and cost-effective. They are much in demand in India as well as the International market.

Singhal Industries manufactures high-quality PP Woven Fabric, which is used for making many end products. The PP woven products include PP small bags, boxes, perforated bags, courier bags, FIBC Bags, cement bags, sugar bags, woven bags, ground covers, woven laminated bags, woven laminated gusseted bags, etc. PP woven fabrics are also used in many industrial sectors such as fertilizers, cement, chemicals, textiles, machinery and wheat, flour, fish, meal, and rice industries. Also, it is used to cover aircraft, trucks, railway wagons, open spaces, boats, industrial machines, and agriculture products at farms.

Being a renowned company in the market, we believe in quality as our prime responsibility. Our quality team always ensures that we manufacture 100% defect-free PP Woven Fabrics by following international standards to maintain the highest quality of the product and the best service to our customers.


Features of PP Woven Fabric Roll

  • High Tensile Strength and Durability: PP woven fabric boasts exceptional tensile strength, making it remarkably durable. This inherent strength ensures that the fabric can withstand considerable stress and pressure without tearing or breaking, enhancing its longevity. 
  • Heat Resistance: PP woven fabric exhibits a notable resistance to heat, which makes it suitable for applications where exposure to high temperatures is a concern. This characteristic helps maintain the fabric's structural integrity even under challenging conditions. 
  •  Low Elongation: The fabric's low elongation property signifies that it retains its shape and dimensions even when subjected to stretching forces. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity of the items or materials it encases.
  • Improved Stiffness and Rigidity: PP woven fabric offers improved stiffness and rigidity, imparting stability to the items it envelops. This characteristic is especially advantageous for packaging and protecting items that require shape preservation.
  • Gravure Printing in Multiple Colors: With the capability to be gravure printed in up to six colors, PP woven fabric allows for vibrant and intricate designs. This quality enhances its aesthetic appeal and branding potential.
  • UV Stabilization: The fabric is UV stabilized, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating or losing its structural integrity. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Strong Wear Resistance: PP woven fabric exhibits strong wear resistance, ensuring that it can withstand abrasion and friction without succumbing to damage. This makes it an ideal choice for rugged applications.
  • Moisture and Tear-Proof Nature: The fabric's moisture-resistant and tear-proof properties make it reliable for safeguarding items from moisture damage and physical harm, ensuring their protection during transportation and storage.
  • Coated and Uncoated Options: PP woven fabric is available in both coated and uncoated variations, providing versatility to cater to specific requirements. Coating options can offer additional attributes such as water resistance or enhanced strength.


Advantages of PP Woven Fabric

  • Economical and Eco-Friendly: PP woven fabric is cost-effective to produce and purchase, making it an economical choice for various applications. Furthermore, its recyclable nature aligns with eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Long Lasting: The fabric's durability and resistance to wear and tear contribute to its extended lifespan, ensuring that items packaged within it remain protected for extended periods.
  •  Flexible and Lightweight: Despite its robustness, PP woven fabric retains flexibility and lightweight properties. This combination of features simplifies handling, transportation, and wrapping tasks.
  • Recyclable: PP woven fabric is recyclable, promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact by reducing waste generation.
  •  Easy to Carry: The fabric's lightweight nature, along with its flexible characteristics, makes it easy to carry, whether during packaging, transportation, or other applications.
  • Versatile Applications: PP woven fabric is utilized for various purposes, including covering items, packaging goods, and wrapping materials, showcasing its adaptability.


Applications of PP Woven Fabric

    • Paper Bundles: The fabric is commonly employed to secure and protect bundles of paper, preventing damage during handling and transportation.
    • Textile, Upholstery, and Carpet Packing: PP woven fabric provides an effective wrapping and packaging solution for textiles, upholstery materials, and carpets, ensuring their safe transit.
    • Carpet Packing: Carpets can be securely wrapped and shielded using PP woven fabric, preserving their quality and appearance. 
    • Wrapping of Paper Rolls: The fabric is suitable for wrapping paper rolls, offering protection against moisture, dust, and other potential sources of damage. 
    • Wrapping for Steel Coils, Tires, Yarn Cones: Items like steel coils, tires, and yarn cones benefit from the fabric's robust protection against external elements during storage and transport.
    • Sacks, Bags, and FIBC: PP woven fabric serves as the foundation for producing sacks, bags, and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), catering to diverse packaging needs.
    • Cover for Lumber, Fumigation, and Tarpaulin: The fabric is used to create covers for lumber, aid in fumigation processes, and act as tarpaulins for shelter and protection.
    • Tents and Shelters: Its durability and resistance to external factors make PP woven fabric suitable for crafting tents and temporary shelters. 
    • Open Air Storage: Items stored in open-air environments can be shielded from environmental factors using PP woven fabric covers. 
    • Storage on Ships: The fabric's resistance to moisture and tear makes it valuable for covering items during storage on ships, safeguarding cargo during sea transport.
    •  Packaging of Corrugated and Wooden Boxes: PP woven fabric is employed for wrapping and securing corrugated and wooden boxes, preventing damage and ensuring safe delivery.


Specifications of PP Woven Fabric

  • Size: Available in widths ranging from 12 inches to 48 inches, with customization options based on specific requirements.
  • Weave: The weave of the fabric can be tailored to suit the preferences and needs of individual clients.
  • Colors: Customizable to match specific color preferences or branding requirements.
  • UV Stabilized: Can be UV stabilized for varying durations (e.g., 200 to 1600 hours) or according to specific needs.
  • Printing: Available with printing on one side or both sides, allowing for tailored designs and branding.
  • Weight: Available in a weight range of 40 GSM to 200 GSM, accommodating different levels of strength and protection.
  • Denier: Available in denier counts ranging from 400 to 2000 and beyond, providing versatility in terms of strength and durability.
  • Packaging: Supplied in rolls with lengths starting from 100 meters, offering flexibility in packaging quantities.
  • Type: Available in various types, including laminated or un-laminated fabric, BOPP laminated fabric, and tabular or flat configurations.

Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. possesses a team of experts dedicated to delivering PP woven fabric in a diverse range of sizes, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

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