Underground Warning Tape

Underground Warning Tape

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Products Details Classification
MOQ 1000 Meter
Material PE, SPVC, LLDPE, LDPE, and HDPE
Length, Width, Thickness Customized as per Requirement
Roll Length & Width Customized as per Requirement
Tape Colours Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Colour with Text, and Colour with Combinations
Print Print Text, Logo, Words, Number, and as per requirement
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Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. provide the best quality underground warning tape products worldwide.

Who is Manufacturer of Underground Warning Tape

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Warning Tapes worldwide. It is also known as Safety Caution Tape. The company manufactures underground warning tapes which are well printed, containing any text/language in various sizes and colors customized as per the customer’s specifications. The Pipeline Warning Mat has a bold, eye-catching background and big text font such as “Warning”, “Caution”, “Danger”, etc.

Underground Warning Tapes are manufactured using material SPVC, LLDPE, LDPE, and HDPE lead-free pigments with virgin grade. We have various thicknesses of SPVC and Polyethylene available with us.

Underground Warning Tapes are designed for workers that need to communicate important safety messages, such as the location of an emergency or dangerous substance. These signs are usually rectangular and come in white with a red strip down the center. They are made from high-quality materials that are solid and durable when put to use.

What is Underground Warning Tape?

Detectable underground warning tape lets you find and prevent damage to valuable underground utility facilities. When excavating, if you don’t locate the utilities first, you are facing stringent injury, high repair costs, fines, and outages. According to the reports, every 6 minutes someone damages an underground utility line because they dug without discovering utilities first. With the help of Detectable Warning Tapes, it is very easy for those who dig the ground for any purpose.

Here at Singhal Industries, we have a wide range of underground warning tapes and pipeline tapes available in a variety of colors and for a variety of techniques. Many, however, are clueless about what precisely underground warning tape is, so we've decided to write a quick blog post to let you know strictly what our pipeline tapes are, what they're utilized for, and how they can help you.

What is a Warning Tape?

The Warning tapes also called barricade tapes and safety caution tapes, are used to warn/catch the attention of the passer-by local workers of the area, which possibly bear danger. These safety caution tapes serve as lifesavers in various dangerous situations. warning tape is manufactured using low-density polyethylene and are colored non-adhesive film. A customized printed message is written on it that warns the future excavators about the presence of any underground utilities installed, such as electric cables, fiber optic or telecommunications cables, gas pipelines, or water pipelines. Underground warning tapes are installed underground at a specific distance but directly above the service line. It indicates that future excavators to be aware of the underground utility pipeline.

This Pipeline Warning Mat aims to offer an immediate visual warning to the excavators. They do not give any protection/resistance to the product used. They only provide a warning indication to the excavators for any further excavation work done in the case.

Warning tapes also give a physical barrier to the excavators and may be used in combination with cable protection tiles or Tape tile cable protection tape.

We also manufacture detectable warning tape & non-detectable warning tape, which customers procure for applications such as gas lines, sewer lines, water lines, optic fiber, telecommunication, and electrical uses. The width of the tape is determined by the size and depth of the buried utility line. The width of the tape decides the depth at which the detectable warning tape should be buried. Detectable warning tape protects the underground utilities 24 hours a day and around the year. This Warning Mat gives a "stop-sign" effect that is highly visible to future excavators, even if the tape is not inductively located during excavation.

How Do You Use Warning Tape?

Warning Tape is a solid tape that can be used to try to prevent people from entering a dangerous or even dangerous area. You can use it to post warnings, or in the case of a construction project, you could also use it to delineate areas so that your workers know which areas they are allowed to enter and which areas they are not allowed to enter.

Yellow: - When it comes to safety, yellow warning tape is a standard precaution. This tape is typically used in areas where danger exists, such as near gas lines or electrical cords. The tape's colour alerts people to be cautious and prevent accidents. Additionally, the bright colour can help emergency personnel locate the area if an incident occurs.

Red: - Red Warning tape is often used in an emergency setting as a visual indicator to warn people of danger. The colour red is associated with warning signs, and a large amount of tape makes it easy for people to see, and the tape is also easy to remove if necessary.

  1. Others product allow you to use standard tools as safety controls. For example, there are handles made out of rubber that you can use to protect yourself from electrical shocks when working on any electrical work, whether installing outlets or wiring panels inside the wall. If you want to use a more robust option, consider using hand-held terminals that can be attached to any socket or circuit breaker and make it possible for you to safely operate overhead power lines without putting your fingers into them.
  2. Use caution when removing tape from surfaces. Be sure to use gloves and a sharp knife to avoid leaving any residue on the surface.
  3. Place tape over areas you want to keep clean, such as the edge of your desk or the corner of a room.
  4. Remove tape as needed, but be careful not to damage the surface underneath.
  5. Be sure to replace tapes as they wear down so your work area remains clean and organized.

When and Why Do the Emergency Services use Warning Tapes?

Warning caution tape is a common sight in emergency services environments, and it's used to communicate important safety messages to the public and emergency responders. Here are some reasons why warning tape is so important:

  1. Warning tape can help keep people safe, and when used correctly, warning tape can provide a barrier between people and potentially hazardous situations. By communicating critical safety information, warning tape can help prevent injuries.
  2. Warning tape can help Red Cross volunteers, and other first responders identify areas of concern. By placing warning tape around potential hazards, first responders can quickly identify areas where they need to take extra precautions during an emergency. This warning tape helps them provide the best possible care for those in need.
  3. Warning tape can provide a visual cue for emergency responders. By displaying important safety information in an easily recognizable format, warning tape can help emergency responders respond more effectively to emergencies, which helps save lives and protect property.

What is Electrical Warning Tape?

Barricade tape is another name for electrical and cable warning tape. It's most commonly employed when safety and health risks have been discovered but aren't immediately apparent to those who might access the area. Normally, electrical warning tape is used in conjunction with warning signs that display the nature of the hazard and any preventive measures that may be required.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established guidelines for color-coding caution tape. The specifications specify which colors of Warning Tape for Electrical Cable should be used for certain hazards in the area. The colors of the electrical warning tape are as follows:

  • Red/white firefighting and safety equipment
  • Black/white housekeeping and aisle marking
  • Hazards of radiation—magenta/yellow
  • Green/white safety and first aid
  • Faulty equipment (blue/white)
  • Orange/white traffic and caution signs
  • Physical dangers (yellow/black)

The warning tape's size and substance and still up in the air by the different makers. The electrical warning tape is a hued, non-cement film consisting of low-thickness polyethylene with a message imprinted over it to caution the presence of covered utilities (e.g., cable links, media communications, fiber optic links, gas pipelines, or water pipelines).

Underground warning tape is usually made to measure a certain distance above the service line so that future excavators are aware of the electric cable or pipeline below. Excavators will only receive a visual warning via warning tapes. They aren't meant to provide protection or resistance to further excavation.

Electrical and cable caution tape from Label Source includes large, strong wording that is easy to see. The wording on these cable and pipeline tapes is large and bold for easy reading.

What is its Purpose of it?

Underground warning tapes are intended to draw attention to any buried or subsurface cables to promote awareness and limit the danger of injury. They will avoid damage and injury during excavation and labor and alert passers-by to the exact location of utilities. Any of the following items can be labeled and identified using our subterranean warning tapes:

  • Electrical mains buried
  • Fire hydrants
  • Pipelines for natural gas
  • Cables for street lighting
  • Lines of CCTV surveillance
  • TV/telephone lines buried in the earth
  • Optical fiber cables
  • Ducts in the road
  • Wires for traffic signals

What is the Purpose of Electrical Warning Tape?

Electrical warning tape advises contractors and workers when excavating near buried reclaimed electrical mains. The tape is buried above underground services to provide a visual warning when excavating.

Pipeline cables will help you locate previous days' work. Still, they will also alert passers-by to the presence of electrical cables buried beneath the ground, reducing the risk of tripping. Underground warning tapes also comply with health and safety regulations, protecting you, your employees, and anyone who comes into contact with your items. These are the purpose of the electrical cable warning tapes. Kindly make it a point if you want any counsel before buying your underground electrical warning tape.

We, Singhal Industries Private Limited underground warning tape manufacturer in India, provide products worldwide. It is a very famous brand because of its quality, service, & delivery.


Following are the features of Underground Warning Tape:

  • Highly resistant to weather, temperature, and abrasion as the same is manufactured using pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • We have detectable warning tape available in both economies as well as premium grades.
  • Has high visibility to help identify potentially dangerous areas
  • Manufactured using high-quality LDPE, HDPE, SPVC, and HM-HDPE material for better performance
  • Possess high tensile strength for durability
  • Resistance against heavy impact
  • Available in various thicknesses ranges
  • Printing which is UV resistant, Non-detectable, and scratch proof
  • Special material tapes available in any color, language, and sizes

Singhal Industries Private Limited works as a company and manufactures underground warning tape as per their vast experience in this field defined above features.


Following are the Advantages of Underground Warning Tape:

  • Lead-free pigments
  • Stressing the visibility of dangers and risks to passers-by as well as locals
  • It helps prevent injuries and accidents by showing dangerous stop signs
  • Notifying people of the danger with standard colors and text
  • An essential safety tool for contractors and excavators
  • This tape is entirely Environmental friendly
  • Nontoxic to humans and animals
  • Colorfast and always legible
  • Resistant to weather influences

Singhal Industries Private Limited underground warning tape manufacturer, have depth knowledge of the product & shared the above advantages as per their understanding & knowledge.


Following are the features of Pipeline Warning Mat:

  • Fire doors
  • Handrails
  • Electrical equipment
  • Low beams
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouse floor, etc.
  • Underground electric cables
  • Telecoms and fiber optic cables
  • Gas pipelines
  • Water pipelines
  • Sewer pipelines

Singhal Industries Private Limited, an underground warning tape manufacturer, works as a supplier and supplies their tapes in the industries mentioned above.


Following are the Specification of Pipeline Warning Mat:

  • Length, Width, Thickness : It is totally customized product and available as per requirement)
  • Film Thickness: Vairous microns (Customized available as per requirement)
  • Roll Length: 100m, 200m, 300m (Customized available as per requirement)
  • Roll Width (cm): Difference width (Customized available as per requirement)
  • Film Colour: Red/White, Blue/Black, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black (Customized available as per requirement)
  • Printing: Printed in words for type identification
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