Rockshield Mesh

Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd well-known brand for manufacturing Rockshield Mesh. Rockshield is also called as Rockshield Pipe Protection Net, pipeline net, pipeline protection mesh, rock shield mesh, Rockshield Construction Net. The main role of Rockshield is to protect pipeline coating from rock backfills. It is manufactured from HDPE. It is 3 dimensional bi-planar high strength extruded plastic mesh manufactured mainly for the protection of the corrosion coating on pipelines laid in rocky terrain and rock backfills. It is extruded into a diamond mesh structure.

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This Rockshield mesh (a heavy-duty mesh) provide steady thickness all-round the width of each rolls & protect pipeline coating from rock backfills. It is flexible mechanical protection padding acts as rock guard padding throughout the pipes during and after that backfill operations. After installation it’s provides protection to the pipe by preventing damage by geologic movement. Rockshield is very necessary where pipelines are constructed near rocky shore as it protects the pipelines & it is flexible even at sub-zero temperature.

It is used by many industries like Gas & oil pipeline, chemical industries, water industries etc., as it lightweight, flexible & easy to install, Impact & corrosion resistance, cost effective too.

Our professional quality team very much ensures that Rockshield Mesh are manufactures with strict measures of quality control by following international standards to maintain the highest quality of the product & service to our customers.

  • Apertures allow water flow
  • Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Tear Strength
  • Elongation
  • Tensile Strength
  • Chemically inert
  • Restrict geologic movements from damaging pipeline
  • Minimizes impact and penetration damage
  • Absorbs impact of uneven rock backfill
  • Flexible event at sub-zero temperature
  • Protects pipe coating from rock backfill
  • Reduces abrasion of coating from pipe movement underground
  • Protects pipeline during excavations
  • Not influence by utmost temperature or wet weather
  • Cushions against concrete weights
  • Cuts with a utility knife
  • Ample weight, thickness and strength protects pipeline
  • No mechanical damage during backfilling operations
  • Resistance to destructive forces
  • Cost-effective alternative to sand collar
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle
  • Minimizes pipeline coating damage which can cause corrosion
  • Easy to install
  • Provides pipeline & coating protection at affordable rate
  • Maintains effectiveness of cathodic protection
  • It will not Rot
  • Protects pipe during loading, unloading & transportation
  • Oil & Gas pipelines Industries
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Water Industries
  • Aqua Culture
  • Width : 1.22m, 1.53m or 1.83m
  • Thickness : 1.00 - 10mm or as per requirement
  • Aperture size: 4mm x 4mm nominal
  • Colour : Black other color may available as per requirement
  • Material – HDPE
  • It is available in rolls and pad forms (cut pieces)

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Best Quality Rockshield Mesh by Singhal Industries.

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RockShield Mesh provided by Singhal is best one.

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