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October 18, 2023

Bulk Container Liner Bags Manufacturer & Supplier Singhal Industries


Arpit Kushawaha


woven container liner


A bulk container liner also recognized as a “sea bulk liner,” functions as a particular defensive packaging procedure manufactured to simplify the well-organized and safe transportation of dry flowable items within ocean shipping boxes. These liners work as a barrier, protecting the goods while unraveling them from the container’s fences and floor.

To replenish the liners, they can be filled through different procedures such as a belt thrower, conveyor, pneumatic, or gravity-fed system. Their well-engineered layout assures a clean and thorough release of the items upon arrival at the endpoint. 

By utilizing container liners in india, businesses can enjoy considerable cost savings compared with the conservative usage of small bags and bulk bags for conveying such fabrics.

Common Usages for Bulk Container Liners

Woven container liners are largely utilized across different industries due to their realism, cost-effectiveness, and capability to defend bulk fabrics during shipping and storage. 

The most usually packed materials are:

  • PE Resin
  • PP Resin
  • PET Resin
  • Soybeans
  • Rice
  • Grain
  • Sugar
  • Fertilizer
  • Soda Ash

Overall, dry bulk container liners are a valued solution for enterprises dealing with large amounts of bulk materials, as they not only protect the products during shipping and storage but also contribute to cost savings, reduced garbage, and enhanced operational competence.

Cost Benefits of Utilizing  woven Container liner

Packing your goods in bulk shipping woven container liner is one of the most economical ways of shipping your items. Here are the key cost advantages of utilizing bulk container liners:

Reduced Transportation Expenses

Bulk container liners permit for denser filling and packaging of items within shipment containers. By maximizing container volume, more items can be shipped in a single shipment, leading to lesser transportation expenses per unit. The liners also help minimize empty spaces in the boxes, decreasing the requirements for additional consignments.

Exclusion of Secondary Packaging

Old-fashioned bulk packaging procedures frequently needed extra secondary packaging, such as bags, boxes, or pallets, to safeguard and hold the items during transportation. Bulk container liners act as the main packaging, eradicating the requirement for secondary packaging materials, and saving both material and labor charges.

Reduced Material Loss and Spilling

Bulk container liners deliver a safe fence that averts material leakage and loss during transport. By decreasing waste and assuring that all goods reach their destination safely, businesses can stave off financial losses linked with damaged or lost items.

Enhanced Loading and Unloading Efficacy

Liners restructure the woven container liner loading and unloading procedure. With the liners in place, commodities can be easily settled from the container without the requirement for extra handling or cleaning. This competence decreases labor expenses and reduces the time needed for loading and unloading works.

Cost-Effective Storage

Bulk container liners can be utilized as storage bags themselves. This eradicates the requirement for transferring products from one container to another, saving on storage and handling expenditures. Moreover, liners can be loaded, allowing for more effectual usage of the warehouse area.

Reusable and Recyclable

Many bulk container liners are developed to be used again and recyclable. By re-claiming liners for multiple products, businesses can decrease packaging expenses over time. Additionally, recycling liners contributes to sustainability goals and may result in cost savings by decreasing waste disposal fees.

Bulk Container Liner Bags Manufacturer & Supplier Singhal Industries

We propose a comprehensive range of high-quality bulk container liners that cater to various industries’ packaging requirements.  Singhal Industries is a leading container liner bag manufacturer in India.

With an ability to brilliance and customer gratification, our bulk container liners are manufactured to deliver cost-effective and efficient choices for shipping and keeping bulk materials. We stock the following kinds of container liners:

  • End Fill 
  • Top Fill
  • Baffled
  • Bar-less
  • Open Top
  • Wide Access

Additionally, we propose the following categories of loading and unloading styles:

  • Rear/Top Loading Spout
  • Wide Access Zipper
  • Full Open Door
  • Discharge Spout
  • Letterbox Hatch
  • Triangular Spout/Fishtail

All of our sea bulk liners are manufactured utilizing 100% virgin resins. The following container lining material kinds are available:

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Woven Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Film
  • Anti-Static PE Film
  • PE/PET Film
  • Foil/PE Laminate 

We’re Your Bulk Container Liner Supply Partner

The cost benefits of utilizing bulk container liners make them a cost-effective choice for businesses dealing with bulk items. These liners propose opportunities for shipping optimization, waste decrease, and operational efficiency developments, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and profitable supply chain.

Singhal Industries which is a container liners manufacturer stands as a prominent leader in the bulk packaging supply industry, proposing comprehensive supply chain choices to manufacturers nationwide. With a wide inventory of over 1,100 diverse industrial packaging items, we efficiently acquire, distribute, and deliver these products in every part of the country. There are various container liner bag manufacturers India are available in the country but Singhal Industries is the best container liner manufacturer among other manufacturers.



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