Danger Tape Roll

Danger Tape Roll

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Brand Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Color Red & White
Roll/ Size 1/ 100m  by 3 inch
Material Polyester
Application/ Tape type Warning/ standard and premium quality customized tape are also available

Danger tape roll is used in areas that pose a threat to the commoner. Usually, you will find caution tapes at accident sites, construction sites, and road repairs. It is primarily used to make people aware of the danger ahead, so they must be cautious. Therefore, the danger tape must be of good quality, so it does not wear off quickly. Moreover, the colors of the caution tapes must be vibrant so that people can understand the danger ahead. Singhal Industries is one of the pioneers in producing the best quality danger ribbon tape. They have been in the business for almost half a century and are considered among the best for producing high-quality caution tapes. The company has been dealing with various clients across the country and has maintained the goodwill of supplying the best quality caution tapes.

The primary reason for the popularity of Singhal Industries is that they have maintained a high-quality standard in producing caution tapes. Moreover, the company is also blessed to have highly skilled and experienced professionals who give their best in maintaining the standard of quality of the caution tapes.


Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of premium quality danger tape roll that is highly durable and perfect for safety in the workplace. We export our products worldwide including the USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Gulf Countries. Call us or enquire about the warning tape Price Now.

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What are Danger Tapes?

Danger tape is also known as barricade tape, as they are primarily used to close down an area due to danger to ordinary people. They are non-adhesive and brightly colored to catch the attention of the people and vehicles on the road. The primary reason to use barricade tapes is to ensure the safety of the people and hence reduce the risk of accidents and serious injuries. Usually, the danger tapes are bright red, and the message is written in black. It is primarily used in areas that are highly hazardous to people. The red color of the polythene ribbon signifies 'Danger. ‘Hence, once you see the presence of danger tapes, you need to be extra cautious as it can lead to injury and accidents.

Primary Objectives of Danger Tape

Danger tape is specifically used to alert people of hazards. Hence, it is expected that they must be cautious and stay away from the area under the barricade. Its primary focus is to warn the people of the dangers ahead. Usually, the yellow tapes do not create a warning signal among the people. It is for these reasons the danger tapes are red. It is visually attractive, and since the red signifies danger, it will create awareness among the people to be cautious in and around the area. The presence of danger ribbon tape indicates that the area is a high-priority zone; hence, the risk of trespassing can be severe to your health.

The primary objective of the danger tapes is to reduce the risk of accidents and deaths. Hence, the first step that the workers do while working in hazardous areas is to barricade the area with red polyethylene tape with the words 'Danger -No Entry' or 'Caution-No Entry' in black. It will instantly strike the people's minds of the risk ahead of them. Hence, they will move away from the area. Moreover, since the danger tapes are made of polyethylene, nylon, or similar materials, they are robust and rigid. It does not wear off quickly due to extremes of weather conditions.

When is Danger Tape Used?

Danger tapes are usually used to promote the safety and security of the people. It is a mark that restricts ordinary men from entering high-risk areas. Following are the prime areas that need the use of danger tapes:

  • Construction Sites

Areas under construction are hazardous for the people. It is because it deals with heavy iron rods, bricks, and other materials. Hence, if there is a malfunction, it can harm ordinary men. For these reasons, the areas under construction are barricaded with danger tapes. It makes people aware of the risk that, if ignored, can lead to severe accidents and even death. The red color is usually related to danger; hence, the danger tapes are bright red. They are non-adhesive but, at the same time, extreme, as they can withstand any external forces.

  • Areas Under Fire

Since fire spreads rapidly, you must immediately barricade the place of fire with danger tapes. It is because you will notice a large crowd when there is a fire in a building or apartment. During these times, some may even unintentionally move nearer to the place of fire, and thus can lead to further casualties. Hence, the primary work of the firefighters is first to close down the area under fire with danger tapes and then start their work process. It helps as the firefighters get ample space to complete their tasks smoothly.

  • Crime Scenes

Danger tapes are instrumental in crime scene areas. It prevents people from coming near the crime scene, and it thus helps law enforcement and forensic professionals to protect the area from tampering. Hence, you can carry on the investigation without any hassles.

Types of Danger Tapes

Though there are different types of caution tapes, the two most common ones are the following:

  • Caution Tapes

Caution tape is yellow with letters in bold black. The contrasting colors are easily identifiable by the people and vehicles, so they become cautious of the danger ahead. The color of the yellow ribbon is vibrant, and hence it is easily visible from a far distance. It thus helps the vehicles alternate their way and simultaneously slow down their speed. In some cases, you will also notice black diagonal signs to heighten caution among the people on the road.

  • Danger Tapes

The danger tape is red and uses black lettering on top of it. The primary reason is to make the people aware of the high risk; hence, in no circumstances must they be near the area. The red color of the polythene tape escalates caution among the people to make them aware of the high risk ahead of them. It usually has the sign 'Danger-Do does not enter' instead of 'Caution-Do not enter. ‘Hence, it acts as a protective barricade for people and avoids injuries and accidents.

Apart from there are also other types of polyethylene barricade caution tapes. Some of the other ordinary barricade tapes one might see are the following.

  • Yellow Crime Scene and Police Tape

Sometimes you will find the police barricading a particular area with the message, 'Crime Scene-Do not cross. ‘It means that there has been a crime scene, and hence the police have secured the perimeter to carry on the investigation smoothly. It primarily means that ordinary people must stay out of the area.

  • Underground Warning Tape

Sometimes you will find gas lines or other underground risks marked with tape, possibly due to an excavation in process or some road repairs. These tapes are also made from polythene as they are not prone to external forces. However, the color of the caution tapes may vary according to the convenience of the people.

Singhal Industries has been diligently working since its inception in producing high-quality danger tapes and is still growing strong. The company makes the best product for workplace safety and has experience in manufacturing custom danger tape rolls according to client's need. The quality of the polyethylene tapes is according to the set standards and hence is reliable and durable.

Why Choose the Singhal Danger Tape Roll?

Because we are the best in the warning tape industry, we make all types and colors of warning tapes worldwide. A red barricade tape means the area is prone to injuries and accidents. Hence, it is hazardous for ordinary people to enter a restricted area. Usually, in construction sites where heavy lifts and cranes are usually used, red barricade tape comes into play. A red danger tape indicates that nobody except the workers should enter the restricted area. It is because the area is at high risk, and hence, if not restricted from the people, it can lead to severe injuries causing death.

The most common type we usually see on the road is yellow, which signifies certain risks in the surrounding area, so you must be cautious. The risk and danger are less if you find an area with yellow caution tapes.

The yellow and red polythene tapes have a special significance of their own. Hence, it is advisable to use them accordingly. If you feel the area is hazardous, it is advisable to use red tape so that people can become aware of the danger ahead. It can prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.


Features of Danger Tape

The danger tapes are primarily used for areas that need extra protection from ordinary people. For these reasons, the danger tapes are red so that people can easily understand the danger ahead. The following are the primary features of danger tapes.

  • You can use danger tapes for Construction sites.
  • The red color danger tapes are also used to mark the Forestry area.
  • You will find danger tape where unwanted digging in the oil and gas pipeline area is restricted.
  • The danger tapes are used in areas where mining work is in process.
  • We can use the danger tape to recognize dangerous & hazardous Places
  • You can also use the danger tapes to temporarily or permanently restrict an area from the public.
  • Police usually use danger tapes for safety purposes.


Advantages of Danger Tape

When using caution tapes, you must check their flexibility and texture. It is not a one-use item, and you must ensure that it is durable and can withstand extremes of temperature. Singhal Industries is one of the pioneer producers of caution tapes primarily because it has maintained the standard and hence one of the famous producers of caution tapes. Following are the features of caution tapes.

  • Caution tapes must be flexible, and you can stretch them over long distances without drooping or wilting.
  • It acts as a protective resistance to extremes of temperature. So, whether the weather is humid and hot or freezing, the caution tapes are not vulnerable.
  • You can customize the polythene tapes according to your convenience, which means you can use them for various warning messages.


Applications of Danger Tape

The different colors of the caution tapes are according to their usage. Following are the standard colors that are specifically used for various purposes.

  • The red color of the tapes is primarily used for high-risk areas and primarily denotes a stop sign, fire, or danger.
  • The yellow color caution tapes are used for caution. Hence, people on the road must be cautious of the danger ahead.
  • The green color cautious tapes are used mainly to identify an area to stock safety tools.
  • If there is a warning signal, you can use the orange color caution tapes.
  • The blur color cautious tapes signify any other information signals.


Specifications of the Danger Tape

The Singhal Industries have earned fame, particularly in creating versatile caution tapes. One of the prime features of Singhal Industries is that they can give specifications to various types of danger or caution tapes. Following are the various types of specifications according to Singhal Industries.

  • Fire avoidance and insurance gear — red/white
  • Housekeeping and passageway checking — dark/white
  • Radiation hazards — maroon/yellow
  • Safety and medical aid — green/white
  • Flawed hardware — blue/white
  • Traffic and caution admonitions — orange/white
  • Actual hazards — dark/yellow
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