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December 20, 2022

Uses and Categories of Underground Warning Tape






It is generally utilized when health and safety issues have been identified but are not readily noticeable to anyone who may approach the area. Caution tape is generally utilized in a variety of threat signs that indicate the severity of the hazard and any protective impact that is needed.

Underground Warning Tape is a physical and visible barrier utilized to warn and restrict access to a work location. There are different kinds of tape, and you should be familiarized with them all. Yellow Caution / Warning Tape indicates nominal protection and health crises in the region. These include hoses or wires on the floor, loudness, heavy tools in operation, a packed work location, and other aspects. Except as otherwise stipulated, the yellow tape may signify, Welcome, but continue with a warning.

The Red Danger Tape Denotes:

There is a critical or high-growth level of safety and health hazard in the area. There are above loads, dropping loads, work being done overhead, exaggerated noise transmission, open holes, essential fall safety, prohibited room entrance, and other dangers. Must not move into unless you have approval from the applicable commanding supervisor.

The principles and exercise policies for using any Warning Tape are as follows:

A skilled or trained person should set the tape and alert the person not to go up or down the tape, although it barricades a region unless an emergency or job mandate needs them.

  • Utilize powerful barrier tape
  • The repeated text on the tape should immediately identify any risks
  • The tape should be recyclable, allowing you to haul it as the job location changes.
  • Use tape to outline restricted areas

All Warning tapes with a minimum of one of the following information must be mentioned within or on the tape

  • Identifying the threat
  • Point of Communication
  • Contact Number

Don’t ever peel off barricade tape until authorized to do so. 

  • If a tape is old, replace it immediately.
  • Do not damage the tape.
  • If you ripped or damaged the tape, then quickly fix it with fresh tape.

When the risk/task has been removed, simply eradicate and remove the tape from the place to evade any errors.

When Should You Utilize a Warning Tape?

  • Use tape to specify worksites, dangerous construction areas, perimeters, and the existence of excavation activity.
  • Use caution tape for overhead pipes which could hit your head.
  • Warning tape could be utilized for an access control line if it can maintain lbs.

Depth for concealing Electrical Underground Warning Tape?

The wider the tape, the sufficient recognition, and awareness. Non-Detectable warning tape is utilized to protect, locate, and specify Underground Warning Tape utility installations.

Warning Tape (Red vs. Yellow)

Building construction tools, such as Lorries, aerial workstations, or cranes, are involved in 75 percent of casualties induced by collisions.

Various kinds of barricades are utilized on construction sites. Tape, signs, machine barriers, and obstacles are utilized to alert personnel, other subcontractors, and the public about probable risks on the project site. There are different obstacles and warning systems within each objective and degree of safety. On building sites, red and yellow tape barriers warn people to stay away from potentially hazardous areas, such as the swinging area of an aerial lift or cranes. Barricades are not just ideas in the construction sector; they are there to protect all workers and the public from injury or save a person.

The underground Warning Tape red color demonstrates an upcoming safety and health concern in the region. If a red tape/barricade is built, no one should ever come to the area if they have labored there and a person within the prohibited area signs that it is okay to approach. Yellow warning tape, the most regular, suggests that the area has minor safety and health hazards. This could include anything from procedures and tools on the floor to noise levels above 85 decibels, many items of heavy tools being utilized, or a congested workspace, among other things.

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