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December 7, 2022

Certifies FIBC Bags: An ideal packaging solution for the food industry


Arpit Kushawaha


Certifies FIBC Bags


Food-grade bulk bags are made with 100 percent virgin polypropylene and polyethylene pitches and are created in guaranteed “clean” conditions utilizing food-safe creation techniques. The FDA perceives Virgin polypropylene and polyethylene as safe for food contact packaging. Safe creation norms incorporate, yet are not restricted to, Legitimate Ventilation, Metal Identification, Ultrasonic Cutting, Light Table Investigation, Air Cleaning, and Appropriate Staff Cleanliness.



Food-grade FIBCs are ordinarily intended to hold between 1,000 and 4,000 pounds of dry, flowable items. Item size can go from fine powders to entire vegetables. While many bulk bags are ensured for single utilisation, they may likewise be planned and supported for various excursions under specific circumstances.


What are certified FIBC bulk bags?


A certified FIBC Bag or a certified organisation that produces such bags complies with the stringent assembling rules set by the association. It is perceived for its unrivalled quality, well-being controls, and high functional standards. This additionally infers that the certified manufacturers of these FIBC bags are legitimately obliged to give insurance to their clients.


This food-grade bulk bag is extraordinarily connected with food and related items from 100 percent virgin polypropylene sap which meets the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) quality prerequisites. These food grades of FIBC Bags ought to be fabricated at the certified assembling units, which follow the strict quality conventions and food security standards mandated by the confirmation association.


Tips to utilise food-grade FIBC bags 


With regards to food-grade FIBC bags, there are a couple of crucial things you want to remember to guarantee that you’re utilising them successfully. The following are a few hints on the best way to capitalise on your food-grade FIBC bags-


  • Ensure the bag is appropriately fixed before filling it with food things. This will assist with keeping the items new and forestall any tainting.
  • Fill the bag uniformly so it’s not excessively full or vacant. This will assist with guaranteeing that the things inside are safeguarded and won’t be harmed during transport.
  • While shipping food-grade FIBC bags, ensure they’re put away upstanding with the goal that the items don’t pour out.
  • Whenever you’ve utilised a food-grade FIBC bulk bag, try to wipe it out thoroughly before utilising it once more. This will assist with forestalling any cross-pollution of food things.

How an FIBC becomes “Food Grade”?


All FIBCs are made utilising non-poisonous virgin polypropylene and polyethylene gum, subsidiaries of oil. The fundamental distinctive component between modern grade and food grade bulk bags is the climate wherein they are created, the strategy by which they are collected and cleaned, and the quality testing attempted before they are transported.




FIBC manufacturers and their separate clean room offices are liable to review and can be certified under food safety standards like British Retail Consortium Global Standards and Safe Quality Food. The FDA doesn’t straightforwardly support or affirm FIBCs, nor does it oversee assembling such bags or liners. Its true assertion is essential that 100 percent polypropylene tar “might be safely utilised as articles or parts of articles expected for use in touch with food.”


Outsider confirmations are a significant part of production network safety, effectively guaranteeing consistency with laid-out standards. The distinguishing proof and assignment of HAACP offer different food safety rules utilised by the food business to limit likely risks. By recognising those essential focuses, preventive moves can be initiated to keep issues from happening.


The Global Food Safety Initiative is a non-benefit established under Belgian regulation with the mission of founding an overall standard for food safety plans. Even though it gives no confirmations or license, it works intimately with significant food makers and retailers to make standards with global effect in the production network.


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Advantages & Characteristics of FIBC Bags


Points To Remember While Choosing A Food-grade FIBC Bag


Regarding food-grade FIBC bag, there are a couple of crucial things you want to consider before buying. The following are a couple of interesting points while choosing a food-grade FIBC bag for your business:


The sort of food you’ll store in the bag – Various foods require different capacity conditions, so it’s fundamental to pick a bag appropriate for the particular food you’ll store.


The size of the bag – Please make a point to pick a bag that is sufficiently large to hold how much food you want to store yet not so enormous that it becomes unmanageable.


The state of the bag – A few foods require a particular kind of holder, so it’s vital to pick a bag that will permit the food to be put away appropriately.


The material the bag is produced using – Food-grade FIBC bags are regularly produced using polypropylene or polyethylene, the two of which are safe for putting away food.


The cost of the FIBC Bulk bags – Try not to hold back on quality to save a couple of dollars, and ensure you’re getting a decent quality item that will safeguard your food and keep it new. FIBC bulk bags come with both cost-effectiveness and good quality.


Features of food-grade FIBC bags


To purchase food-grade bulk bags and to store or move food-grade items, it is critical to understand what compels food-grade bags unique. The following are three things that separate food-grade bulk bags from the rest:


The Materials Are Unique – Food-grade FIBC bulk bags are produced using 100 percent virgin polypropylene sap which guarantees that the bag has zero reused materials. Entirely possibly reused materials can debase food items; hence, such materials are not utilised in food-grade large bags.




Quality of Assembling Offices – Another standout element of food-grade bulk bags is that these are BRC-certified food-grade bags meaning these bags are fabricated in offices that are certified by BRC. BRC-certified food-grade bags are fabricated in very spotless and sterile circumstances and held to the strictest standards of quality. This guarantees these bags can be relied upon to pack and move food items. A BRC-certified office has legitimate vermin control and ventilation, definite record-keeping, extreme workforce cleanliness, metal recognition, and light table review.


Extensive Investigation and Following – As these bags are utilised to store and move food, manufacturers can’t take any risks with their quality. In this way, each group goes through a thorough testing process, wherein each bag has a unique ID, followed right from its creation to its conveyance to the end client.


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FIBC Bulk Bags: The Ideal Storage Solution


The various sorts of food-grade FIBC bags


There is an assortment of food-grade FIBC bags or 1 ton bags accessible on the lookout, each intended for a particular reason. The most well-known kinds of food-grade FIBC bags are:


Liner Bags: These bags have a liner that assists with keeping the items new and liberated from impurities. They are frequently utilized for moving dry products like flour or sugar.


Dampness Obstruction Bags: These bags have a dampness hindrance that assists with keeping the items from becoming soggy or ruined. They are frequently utilized for shipping transitory things like natural products or vegetables.


Gas Flushing Bulk Bags: This type of bulk bag has a gas flush that assists with protecting the newness of the items. They are frequently utilized for packaging sensitive prepared products or chocolate.


Anti-Static bulk Bags: These bags help to forestall the development of friction-based electricity, which can harm delicate electronic parts. They are frequently utilized for packaging electronic gear or semiconductors.


Benefits of Food grade FIBC bags 


Virgin Pitch – Food-grade FIBC bags are produced utilizing 100% virgin polypropylene sap. This implies the pitch utilised for assembling FIBC is liberated from any reused material that might debase the food you mean to convey in the bag. Such bags are more powerful and can withstand capacity, lifting, and transport. FDA guidelines make it mandatory to involve virgin pitches for assembling food-grade FIBCs.


FSMA Accreditation – Food-grade bulk bags presently require an FSMA certificate. This Food Safety Modernisation Act was done by FDA right after high degrees of individuals became sick because of food-borne infections. An FSMA-certified item shows that the manufacturer has stuck to mandatory prerequisites suggested by the FDA. Thus, such bags are safe for use while shipping food materials.


Capacity Limit – While purchasing bulk bags, you need to check the capacity limit of the bag since, in such a case that you load more than the predefined limit, the bag will probably be harmed during lifting and transportation. These bags accompany marks that show they’re putting away the limit.


Customisation – Food organisations typically have explicit transportation and capacity prerequisites, and consequently, they require their FIBCs to be modified to their necessities. This way, when picking your food-grade FIBC bags provider, ensure they bring the office to the table for required customisation as quickly as possible.


Final Words 


Not all FIBCs are delivered with food-grade quality; however, those propositions are a tremendous aid to the food handling industry. Food-grade bulk bags guarantee that food materials can be put away and shipped to their objective safely while staying new, delicious, and liberated from tainting. You should pick BRC-supported food-grade bags from the primary food-grade FIBC bag manufacturer, who gives due significance to food safety and guarantees their assembling processes ensure food-grade bags that satisfy the business guidelines of quality.


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