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November 1, 2021

Here Are Some Differences Between PP Woven Sack & FIBC Bulk Bag




PP Woven Bag FIBC Bag


Packaging plays the diverse role of protecting products, preventing deterioration, contamination, extending shelf life, ensuring safe storage, thus helping to make them easily accessible to consumers.

PP woven bag is the best choice for bulk packing. PP woven bags are the preferred material worldwide for bulk packaging of edible products for home use and export.

What makes PP woven bags more reliable?


Bulk FIBC bags and PP woven bags are both made with PP granules. However, both of these bags are different than one other. FIBC big bags are designed for handling bulk materials. While the PP fabric bags are designed to pack only 50 kg and 25 kg bags, in the FIBC bulk bags, we can stuff a maximum of 500 kg, 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 2500 kg, and 3000 kg of material. While we can stuff, the PP woven bag weighs only 25 kg and the 50 KG. PP woven bags and FIBC big bags are both made with PP granules and fabric.

PP Woven sack is also made with PP granules and PP fabric. Small bag fabric is made with low GSM, while FIBC large bag fabric is made with 130 GSM and 280 GSM. FIBC bag fabric is costly compared to small bag fabric. The weaving machine is also very different from PP woven bags and FIBC bulk bags. In the FIBC bulk bag, shuttle eight and shuttle frame machine 10 are helpful, while shuttle frame machine 6 is applicable in small bags. Both FIBC bulk bags and PP woven bags are different from each other. Small PP bags are always made in circular or tubular cross-angle fabric, while jumbo bag fabric is tubular fabric both work in FIBC bag production.

Some advantages of PP woven bags


Given below are some advantages of PP woven bags:

  1. It imposes greater strength than jute or paper bags

PP / FIBC woven bags, jute, paper bags/boxes are the most widely used packaging systems for bulk products. It is the material of choice due to inherent functional performance and cost advantages.

  1. Performance of PP woven bags are better

The function of the packaging is to protect it and keep it in the ideal shape for sale. The appearance of a product is essential when it comes to its marketing efforts. The packaging has the potential to break or make a product successful. Protection, attraction, promotion, and differentiation are all categories where packaging helps to improve a product. The appeal of the printing effect is significant for packaging as it catches the attention of consumers.

Marketers well think out the colors, designs, and materials used. Product packaging can grab consumers’ attention, and based on what they see on the packaging, you decide to choose your product over what they usually buy. Even the promotion on the packaging of a product influences consumer decisions. The packaging is what sets your product apart from the rest. Has the ability to sell your product, resulting in significant marketing efforts.

  1. PP woven bags are much more reliable than paper bags for carrying food items

Most pet owners have experienced the convenience of purchasing pet food in bulk – it means fewer trips to the store and, in most cases, significant savings. But for many people, these perks are quickly forgotten when they lift a pet food bag, only to see the bag tear and spill on the floor while they are still in the store, or even later when they have already purchased the item and carried it home.

Traditional paper bags used to hold pet food can be endlessly annoying for consumers and retailers. Consumers can be frustrated with hefty bags that tear and tear too quickly. Retailers and suppliers are often forced to absorb the additional costs of replacing the faulty product and cleaning up after the inevitable spill.

Why should you consider PP woven bags for bulk packaging?


Packaging manufacturers know these frustrations all too well and have developed a product specifically designed to overcome some of the annoying drawbacks of large multi-wall paper bags. These bags are robust and highly durable, and capable of carrying well over fifty pounds without any problem.

They are also highly stable and rarely tear or shatter if dropped. In recent years, woven polypropylene bags have been widely adopted by agriculture and manufacturing industries, most often used to hold animal feed, sand, agricultural produce, grain, minerals, chemicals, fertilisers, cement, coffee, sugar, flour, rice, and much more. The bags can be personalised with a logo and text on one or both sides and are available in various sizes.

They can also be easily customised with bellows, non-slip coatings, and lamination and treated to resist UV rays. Many pet food manufacturers have been pleased with the small bags because their weight can be kept reasonably so that women, the biggest buyers of pet food, can handle them more easily.



Bulk packaging must be strong, durable, and lightweight, offer adequate protection with a longer shelf life, be manageable, practical, reusable, recyclable. The environmental impact must be minimal with a holistic approach taking into account the packaging material analysis life cycle. We can sum up all of the above that PP woven bags, FIBC, and gauze bags are ideal for bulk packing.



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