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March 17, 2023

How to Choose the Right PP Jumbo Bags for Your Business Needs


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags or FIBC bags are also known as bulk bags or jumbo bags. PP Jumbo  bags are a very cost-effective and convenient way to stock and haul powdered, granulated, and bulk materials which also include sand, fertilisers, and plastic granules. The most typical material for FIBCs is dense woven polyethylene or polypropylene, covered or uncovered. Singhal Industries are specialists in developing polypropylene textures in a cube bag.


FIBC bags are also known as Giant bags, Huge Bags, tubs, and flexible intermediate bulk containers. They’re formulated from a flexible material, usually polypropylene (PP) yarns woven into a cloth. These bags are flexible and last for a longer period and the reason behind this is that they are prepared with a strong PP mesh. They’re perfect for warehousing and transporting huge quantities of products.

PP Jumbo Bags


The substantial material may be efficiently kept and ferried in Jumbo Bags. Also, they are impenetrable to direct damage. They do not harm the fabric while being transported in the bag. These PP Jumbo bags, which have a tremendous storage space, are outstanding for transporting big amounts of stuff comfortably and thoroughly.


PP Jumbo Bags are Available in a combination of Sizes and styles



U-panel – A sole panel wraps two multiple groups and the base of the pack in this method, thus giving the tote a U-shaped stability and configuration.


Four-Panel: The layout of a four-panel bag is fashioned in the exact way it sounds. It’s created up of four strips of material that have been stitched together to form an almost rectangle bag.


Circular –Unlike the panel deviations, the circular contour has no vertical lines, often known as a tubular bag. Rather, the cloth is developed on a circular loom using knitting tools. The cloth is next trimmed to reasonable sizes for different bag sizes.


Baffle: Baffle bags are preeminent by the strips of cloth situated in the extremities of varied cylindrical and four-panel bags relative to the overall shape of the tote. The sewn-in features square the tote, enhance its overall look, and strengthen its durability. They deliver higher productivity in the warehouse and freight of goods.


PP Jumbo Bag


Cross-corner loop bag


A bulk bag crafted from round woven cloth with an open top and a flattened texture is a cross-corner loop bag. Cranes and forklifts can efficiently operate and hold them. This cross-corner loop bag is assembled from UV-stabilised polypropylene and has a thick fabric excellent for construction supplies like sand and topsoil.


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The Benefits of PP Jumbo bags



Some of the advantages of FIBCs bags are mentioned below.


Bulk storage: You may keep many products at once utilising bulk PP Jumbo bags. Some bags may load up to 4,000 pounds or more, making it very easy to pack your inventory into a few units. You can fill, shift and position large portions of storage utilising a lift truck or comparable piece of gear.


Durability: Big modern bags consist of a woven fabric cover created from polypropylene fibres. This plastic-based fabric resists mold and mildew since it doesn’t tangle any water. It also has increased thermal strength, as it can contract and expand without inducing damage.


The weaving procedure made the fabric harder than non woven material, and the intersecting strands added to the overall durability of the bag. There are precise more costly PVC-coated polyester fabric variations for applications that need even additional heavy-duty containers. These bags have fused seams, keeping them waterproof and making upkeep simpler.


Watertight fabric: You’ll be competent in keeping and transporting items that have to keep dry without bothering about mild or fungal expansion if you select waterproof fabrics. FIBCs can safeguard your products from water damage even if your warehouse capability becomes moist or wet during a hurricane. They’ll be saved in the same way during transportation, guaranteeing that your stock stays in excellent form.


Reusable: Because PP Jumbo bags are so tough, they can be reused once a task is completed. You can have the bags last for multiple rounds of freight or warehousing if you take care of them and wash them appropriately between those usages. Reusable containers deliver lower stretched storage expenses for your company and a constant supply of sea shipment packing.


Recyclable: These bags can be recycled efficiently after their use. The materials which are utilised in these bags will be utilised to formulate new totes and other polypropylene-based products. The PP Jumbo bags manufacturer can reduce the prices by reclaiming the bags because they don’t have to use 100 percent renewable sources for each product.


Furthermore, recycling the ingredients keeps other plastic out of dumps and the ecosystem, and re-utilising the resources in the production of new bags enables conservation. As a result, these bags are a win-win case for you and the ecosystem.


Manufacturing Process By PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer



In the extrusion procedure, virgin polypropylene granules, calcium carbonate, ultraviolet inhibitor, and infrequently colour pigment are heated and changed into tapes. These tapes are coated on bobbins of the required size at the end of the extrusion line. This is the initial component in the growth, and it establishes the tape’s mechanical properties.


Big Bags


Extension Tape Bobbins are filled with circular/tubular weaving looms or flattened (Sulzer) looms. The tapes will be woven into the fabric that fulfils the crucial specifications and measurements and then covered into rolls. Weaved textiles are utilised in the fiber body, as well as fill and release elements.



The material in the whirl is divided into exact proportions and a mechanical cutting mechanism. This automated technology is utilised to enhance cut-size thickness.



Webbing with powerful polypropylene tapes and the multi-filament yarn is intertwined into the lifting loops of the bulk bag.



All of the materials crucial to make the bulk bag are compiled in one place. Highly experienced and trained labourers combine the parts to manufacture a fibre or bulk bag under the guidance of professionally certified inspectors.



A highly certified respective manufacturer will analyse every bag manufactured to guarantee suitable use.


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Quick fact about 1 Ton FIBC Bags




With so many benefits, utilising mass-storing PP Jumbo bags is a no-brainier. Your business will be able to store and haul bulk quantities without having to buy fresh wrapping or remain in crisis about sustained damage. Even when the bags are no longer required, the recycling option is useful to you and the environment. Re-utilising and recycling the bags are simple actions that will keep your system working adequately without a storage crisis



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