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May 10, 2023

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your PP Jumbo Bags?


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags


PP jumbo bags are woven flexibly to suit different requirements and applications. Therefore, this bag is normally very large to store various kinds of derivatives from minerals to fine powders. Moreover, Jumbo bags furthermore have the benefits of being recyclable, and environmentally friendly, that’s why it is positively suggested to utilize.  them In this article, we will share with you how to utilize bulk bags to enhance your life.


Information about PP woven Jumbo bags


PP is currently the best fabric of numerous FIBC manufacturers with numerous excellent benefits. Common products contained in this kind of PP packaging contain fertilizers, rice, and chemicals. Polypropylene or PP is a short form of polymer polymerization of propylene.

The properties of this respective plastic are tougher and more heat-resistant than other types of plastic materials. According to statistics, Polypropylene is the greatly utilized fabric in the packaging enterprise.

PP Jumbo Bags

With the benefit of store and price, PP material has superseded many other fabrics in the packaging industry. PP Big bag is also utilized a lot in farming, fishery, animal feed, and other food industries.

For the carrier enterprise, bulk bags have become dependable packaging when ferrying large volumes of export items. Similarly, when utilizing them to stock items, it is also extremely adequate because of their moisture-proof capacity, separating your items from the exterior climate.


How to Enhance the Lifetime of PP Woven Jumbo Bags.


With its growth and vogue, PP plastic will certainly maintain its position in the packaging industry. Intending to transport bulk goods has led to the usage of bulk bags. FIBC bags can carry nearly all materials and items from many different industries.

You can supersede 20 bags of 50 kg PP woven bags with one 1000kg PP big bag. This will speed up the automation of production and enhance productivity. However, to assure the lifetime of PP woven Jumbo bags, you are required to pay concentration to the following aspects.


Some Effects on the Lifespan of PP Woven Bulk Bags


In the natural climate, under the impact of sun rays the durability of PP woven packaging will reduce over time. Thus, guaranteeing the situation of the storage warehouse is very crucial.

In warehouses and transportation, high temperatures or rain can decrease the durability of 1-ton tote sacks. This affects the conservation of the derivative inside.

PP Jumbo Bag

In expansion, boosting the ratio of recycled fabrics during bag manufacturing can curtail the lifespan of bulk bags. Thus, you should pay close attention to this aspect when ordering these super bags.


Variables Affecting the Shelf-Life


If we speak about the approx. period for any bulk bags then five years but there are various factors to contemplate that can alter this number. Firstly, the security factor rating plays a crucial role. Our bulk bags are fabricated with a minimum 5:1 protection factor rating, which means that they can safely keep at least five times their planned cargo before infringement or ripping.

Secondly, the warehouse situations of the bulk bags are crucial. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can pollute the woven polypropylene material over time, making it brittle.

Jumbo Bags

Dealing with procedures directly affects the wear and tear on a bulk bag, so how these products are handled can impact the shelf-life too. Hauling an FIBC across a warehouse floor will wear down the bottom panel quickly. Likewise, handling the bags in such a way that they scratch against each other or other entities will curtail their lifespan, particularly when abrasive fabrics are kept inside the FIBCs.

Request your bulk bag manufacturer what certifications and accreditations they carry. Singhal Industries holds ISO 9001 certifications for quality management procedures, so our derivatives are ensured to fulfill international standards for quality and stability.


How to Evaluate the Quality of a Bulk Bag


The sufficient method to specify whether an FIBC is still functional is to perform periodic assessments. Check the panels for any indications of tears, voids, or flexible cords. These bags are required to be disposed of and recycled instantly. If the bag looks powerful and in a reasonable situation, then it will be ok to reuse it again.

To extend the shelf-life of your FIBCs, they must be kept in a cool and dry location, out of immediate rays. Any vapor can lead to decay and the degradation of the woven material. Make sure that there are no rodents at your warehouse building; rats and mice can munch through the material to get into the fabrics kept inside the FIBC. For more information about our bulk bags, please contact Singhal Industries.


Some solutions to lengthen the lifespan of PP woven jumbo bags:

  • Always keep FIBCs in a clean and cool climate.
  • Avoid downpours and sun during transportation
  • Keep away from heat inceptions.
  • The warehouse duration does not surpass 18 months.

Above is the knowledge about how to enhance the lifespan of PP woven jumbo bags. With the benefits that big sacks bring, this will be the most beneficial derivative for preserving and transporting goods today.


How to Use Bulk Bags Again and Again


One of the best characteristics of bulk bags is that multiple modern styles and materials make them reasonable for multiple usages. This means you can keep or vessel several loads of derivatives, empty the bags when you’re completed, and either sterilize and utilize them again or send them to a recycling firm for the fabric to be recycled.

PP Jumbo Bags Manufracture

If you like to reuse your bags and get extensive value for the initial expenses, you have to make certain to select the right types in the first spot. FIBCs have safety ratings that specify whether or not they are safe for multiple uses. The safety factor rating means the bags will carry up x number of times the SWL as long as you supervise them adequately.


Reject: Carefully examining your bags should be the first stage in deeming any of them for reuse. As you peek through them, check for visual damages and wear, anything that might make repurposing the bag an unsafe option. Contradict any bag that doesn’t fit the protection standards. Some policies for rejecting sacks include noticeable harm on the lift cincture, outside contamination, moistness or development of decay or mustiness, entrenched wood fragments, and indistinct printing on the exterior.


Clean: Once you’ve weeded out any impracticable bags, you need to shift your emphasis to preparing the totes you plan to repurpose. The first phase in preparation is tidying up. Make sure there is no residual issue in the bag and supersede the liner if it has one. Also, assure the statically held dust aggregates are less than four ounces


Jumbo Bags


Recondition: Reconditioning pertains to ensuring your bulk bags will be able to function the exact way. Supersede the web ties, tags, tickets, and rope locks as essential to maintaining the bags in top-performing situations.


Track: As you go through the procedure of receiving, utilizing, reusing, and quitting bulk bags, you need to maintain a record. Manufacturers and stock managers should remark on the origin of each bag, the products it has carried, the duration of the period in usage, and the number of reuses it has endured.


Test: As a protection precaution, it’s important to perform randomized top lift testing. Determining the frequency and amount of these tests is up to the manufacturer or administrator and should be dependent on the usages and circumstances illustrated in their individualized situation.


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