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September 12, 2023

PE Liners: A Guide to Opting the Right One for You




PE Liners: A Guide to Opting the Right One for You


Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. well-known name in the field of PE Bags (polyethylene bags). We are a manufacturer, exporter & supplier of excellent-grade PE Bags. These bags are useful in transparent plastic form but narrowly translucent which can be used for packaging & storing clothing, electronic items, food stuffs, etc. The major use of these bags is to protect food, devices, or gadgets from the effects of the surface climate. These bags can be reused and recyclable too. PE bags are useful in different sizes which are used to carry the commodities with comparative weight. It is useful in printed shape for advertising your label and Company emblem.


1) Flexibility  2) Tear-Resistant  3) Durability

These are the main three characteristics which are playing an important part in polyethylene bags when we have put heavy-weight products in these bags. That’s the reason why prominent industrial corporations prefer polyethylene storage sacks for storing and transporting heavy-weight goods in such sacks.

Polyethylene bags are classified into three classes HDPE bags, LDPE bags & LLDPE which are increasingly increased in consistency polyethylene, Low consistency polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene. HDPE bags are slim bags, hard to semi-flexible & good moisture barrier properties & Applications for HDPE bags are injection moldings, flat threads, etc., whereas LDPE bags are fragile, adjustable & have good clarity & applications such as bags, small container bags, sugar bags, fertilizer bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap, etc. Eventually, LLDPE has increased effect and punch resistance & applications for LLDPE are improved enactment sacks, industrial liners, ice backpacks, etc.

Our professional, highly skilled quality testing team very vastly ensures that Polyethylene Bags are simulated with strict standards of grade supervision by assuring global standards to conserve the raised quality of the PE Plastic Bags & provide adequate service to our consumers.


  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Good chemical stability & warmth resistance
  • Antagonism to strongly alcohol, acid & alkaline
  • Enormous Tensile strength
  • Low vapor absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulation impacts
  • Delicate, soft, light & adaptable
  • Good Water and moisture opposition
  • UV Resistant
  • Protect derivatives from mud & dust
  • Affected with 100% virgin resin
  • Restrict the light from penetrating the bag & protect the goods


  • A broad variety of uses
  • Transparent but narrowly translucent
  • Strong, Flexible & Durable
  • Punch, effect, and rip opposition characteristics
  • Expense protection
  • Chemical opposition
  • Food quality availability
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • FDA & USDA Approved
  • Waterproof possessions
  • Very smooth procedure & mold
  • Warmth Sealed


  • Shopping bags, Plastic sacks & bottles
  • Packaging of food grains, fertilizers, cement
  • Plastic seats and tables
  • Holding screws & fittings
  • Shrink wrap & film derivatives
  • Industrial liners
  • Grocery polyethylene sacks and garbage sacks
  • Ice Bags & ice cube containers
  • Threads for wools & net
  • Vehicle fuel tanks
  • Toys, bulk receptacles, tubes, and tubing
  • Crater plastic products
  • Flat Yarns

What are the Usages of PE Liner

PE Liners are a layer that facilitates the lining of the interior barricade of the bag. It is to make certain that the products inside the boxes do not skim with the container. The liners are commonly developed from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The liners play an important role in the manufacturing of an extra fence inside the container. This, in turn, endorses the safety of the product and at the precise time readily staves off kinds of contamination.

Polyethylene liners are also commonly known as poly liners which are quite flexible liners formulated to line the interior of a flexible bulk receptacle or bulk bag. These liners discover a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. The liners can be very smoothly paired with the bulk bags to provide a different layer of safety for the product as well as the bulk bag itself. Let us learn about the different uses of polyethylene liners.

Utilizing Different Chemicals

Polyethylene liners are efficiently used in the chemical industry since these liners are resistant to several chemicals and hence are used for the deterrence of chemicals in the big sacks from filtering through cloth weave and the hems of the bulk bags. The liners also deter chemical transmission with the woven fabric which might cause wear and tear in the bulk bags.

Using Fine Powders

The polyethylene liners are outstanding to be used with fine powders. Different varieties of fine powders are greatly more prudent for trickling through the bulk bags during the period of loading, hauling, maneuvering, and refilling the bulk bags. It is specifically where the PE liners come to salvation. The liners stave off the fine powders to drip from the bulk sacks.

Operate with Sensitive Materials

The Ethylene liner is used in different susceptible derivatives. Apart from safeguarding the bulk bags, the liners are also beneficial in delivering adequate protection for the inner product of the sacks. Different fabrics are inclined to contamination and require an additional layer of protection at the time of utilizing bulk bags that the liners produce. In expansion to this, the polyethylene liners stave off dust, moisture, and other pollutants from reaching inside the bulk bags.

Enterprise Applications

Polyethylene liners can be used in nearly all industries relying on the material being retained or transported in the bulk bags. Respectively, polyethylene container liners are best used in the food industry and the medicine enterprise where extra protection is needed for the inner contents of the bulk bags from all types of contamination.

Why Choose Singhal Industries?

At the moment when you need PE liners, it is of immense importance to choose a trustworthy, reputed, and responsible PE liner bags manufacturer. Singhal Industries, in this respect, is the best choice. Singhal Industries is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene liners where you can be assured of achieving the best quality liners at a reasonable cost.



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