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February 18, 2022

PP Jumbo Sling Bag – The Best Bags for Packaging Purposes






Currently, there are various packaging options available to load merchandise storage and transport. PP Jumbo Sling Bags are evaluated as one of the promising outlay and adequate packaging products. While making these types of packaging bags the fabrics can be spherically woven or horizontally sewed and this can be glossed with plastic or it can be untreated.

These packaging bags are widely used to hold up those items which are very low in cost. While speaking about the useful product to store the dry products storage and transportation then also these FIBC Sling Bags are very beneficial. These packaging bags are manufactured with High-Quality raw materials. These sling bags can easily carry a heavier load. These FIBC Sling Bags are also referred to as Sling Bags and these are considered as best packaging products in comparison with others.

Many stocks like Chemical Compound, Foodstuff, Metals, and any extra articles. These packaging sacks have very ample space and are manufactured from woven cloth which are having Cylindrical Shape. These bags are prepared according to the Clients’ needs and there are several different classifications available for these bags. These bags are utilized for Multi-Trip and Solitary Uses. The sequence of these bags ranges from 250 KG to up to 2000 KG.

PP Jumbo Sling Bags Types

FIBC means Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers and these bags are manufactured by woven polypropylene which is greatly pertained to as the best way to hoard and transport the solid and dry bulk products. The FIBC Sling Bags are classified into four types and each type of these bags has unique features and applications. We have below mentioned the main types of PP Jumbo Sling Bags and how we can use these types of bags.

Type A Bags

Type ‘A’ Bags of Sling Bag are made from plain-woven polypropylene sheets and other non-conductive materials. These PP Sling bags don’t provide static electricity safety so these bags should not be utilized to store or transport flammable entities. These bags are largely used to transport non-flammable commodities and care must be made to prevent these bags from coming into contact with toxic gases and hazardous chemicals.

Type B Bags

Like the other types of Bags, the ‘B’ types of bags are manufactured from plain-woven polypropylene sheets or any type of other non-conductive cloth. This can’t scatter electric fields. The main characteristics of these bags are that these bags have a low deterioration voltage which is not surpassing 6 kV. These bags do not diffuse sluggish charges hence are not deemed antistatic.

Type C Bags

Type ‘C’ bags are produced with non-conductive polypropylene substances sewed with conducting strings in a grid-like structure. The functionality and protection of these types of bags counts on earthing & grounding. While replenishing and releasing these bags more awareness is expected of electrical connections between the Bag’s reasonable Grounding and Conductive Thread.

Type D Bags

D types bags are also known as Dissipative Bulk Bags and these are prepared from a combo of fixed diffusive an antistatic cloth. Due to its application and properties, all of these bags are effortlessly utilized in an atmosphere for a crucial ground link with scrub combustions without the urgency.

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Advantages & Characteristics of FIBC Bags

PP Jumbo Sling Bag Manufacture With Superior Quality

What are the applications of the PP Jumbo Sling Bag?

There are several applications of these types of bags. We have cited below the major applications of these bags.

  • The packaging rack of these sling bags enables simple and safe loading or unloading of the articles.
  • These bags are also utilized in vessels for transmitting products frequently.
  • 20-40 little bags of loading capacity of 1-2 Tonnes can be effortlessly held up.
  • These bags are utilized to stabilize and clean storage products to make additional capacity.

What are the Ways to Keep these Bags Safe?

The FIBC Sling Bags are quite flexible but to protect these bags for a long period then these bags require to be protected by the following procedure.

  • Always use a waterproof bag of covers to protect the bags from water.
  • To maintain these bags in uncomfortable situations, always store these bags at the proper temperature.
  • Always use a one-sided shut up or half-closed tops bag so that it can be conserved.

Final Words

The PP Jumbo Sling Bags are recognized to fulfill the requirements of large businesses. These are extremely flexible and also recyclable. When you want to buy this kind of bag then always select the best one and Singhal Industries are the best and largely renowned performer in this field.

We always use High-Quality products to manufacture the Sling Bags. We always want to provide the best products to our clients according to their needs. We never fail to impress our Customers. Whenever you want to buy these types of packaging bags then never think of any other manufacturer as we are the best in it.



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