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August 3, 2021

PP Woven Bags and PP Leno Bags: The Major Differences




PP Woven Bags


PP Woven Sacks: What Is It?

The polypropylene woven sack or PP woven sacks as it is commonly called, is the most preferred form of packaging in many industrial sectors. These are the most challenging packaging bags with high demands in the sugar, grains, food, and milling industries. If you are looking to pack 30 to 35 kilograms of food products, the PP woven bags are an excellent solution. Made from polypropylene woven fabric, these bags possess superior strength and hence loess prone to punctures. These bags come in two versions- laminated and non-laminated, which further depend on the material requirements. Packaging plants use these bags for varied packaging items such as animal feed, cement, ceramics, talc, seeds, and sands.

PP Woven Sacks: Features :-

The following are the features of PP woven bags:
• They are lightweight and breathable due to the low density of polypropylene.
• They are non-staining fabrics, and hence you can clean them quickly and are reusable.
• They are non-toxic plastic resins with antibacterial properties
• These bags are easy to produce, assemble, and made from economical material
• They have excellent resistance to stress and high resistance to cracking
• The PP woven bags can sustain high temperatures, as it starts melting at167°C
• These bags are highly resistant to strong acids and acids as well as solvents and other chemicals.


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How are PP Woven Bags Different?

Know more about PP Woven bags

PP Woven Sacks: Advantages



PP is generally lightweight with a density of 0.9-0.98 grams per cubic centimeter. PP woven bags without additional filters measure nearly the same as polypropylene, which is lighter than water.
High breaking strength :

The bags are flexible and have high breaking strength, which is close to the metal material.


Resistance to chemical corrosion:

The PP woven bags are highly resistant to both organic and inorganic chemicals. Besides having strong chemical stability to solvents and oil, they remain unaffected by chemicals for longer when kept below 100°C.


Environmental resistance:

At normal temperatures, these bags are free from water erosion. Moreover, the water absorption rate within 24 hours is lower than 0.01, with almost negligible moisture penetration. However, at lower temperatures, these bags become fragile and brittle.



The friction coefficient between pure PP woven bags is only 0.12 that is similar to nylon. Hence, the friction between these bags and the materials inside experiences a lubricating effect.


PP Woven Sacks: Applications :-


Agricultural product packaging:

These bags are primarily used in packaging, storing, and transporting agricultural products such as aquatic products, feeds, fruits, and vegetables.


Food packaging:

These bags are highly used for food packaging, such as rice and other grains.


Geotechnical engineering:

PP woven sacks are used in both construction and irrigation works. The bags are widely used in making roads, railways, ports, mines, buildings, and more. One can easily filter, drain, and isolate the PP bags. Moreover, these bags possess anti-seepage properties, which makes it a great choice in the field of geotechnical engineering.


PP Leno Bags: What Is It?:

Leno is a kind of weaving technique. The manufacturers twist adjacent wrap tapes around consecutive weft tapes that offer these bags a unique spinal pair in this technique. These unique spinal pair effectively locks each weft in place.

Made from polypropylene, the leno bags are highly flexible. At the same time, these bags are tough, moisture resistant, and sustain heavy weight. Moreover, one can easily transport the bags without much discomfort. The Polypropylene Leno bags are primarily used to store and transport agricultural materials, making the materials durable without causing any harm. The bags have superior ventilation, making it easy for people to see the materials present through the bags. The sewing present at the bottom of these bags contains single or double folds and double stitching, including the top hemming and drawstring.


PP Leno Bags: Features :-


The following are the features of PP Leno Bags:
• We manufacture the bags on circular or flat weaving leno looms
• They are flexible from 12 inches to 80 inches in length and width
• The denier of tapes is between 600 and 650.
• The sewing at the mouth of the bag contains chain stitching, overlocking, or seam.
• They are available in a wide variety of colors, easy labeling, printing, and lamination.
• The drawstring present at the top of the bags helps in easy handling of the jute bags.
• They are fine-finished, waterproof, and long-lasting.


PP Leno Bags: Advantages :-


Enlisted are the benefits of PP Leno Bags:
PP Leno bags offer safe and hygienic packing of horticultural products, consumables, and perishables.
• They are lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture.
• The bags offer excellent breath-ability for the produce.
• These bags have ventilation and hence do not impart any odor to packed fruits and vegetables.
• The bag does not allow fungal growth either on the side of the bag or in the packed contents.
• PP leno bags prevents sweating and rotting of agricultural produce.
• They are non-toxic, storing and transporting fruits, vegetables, and other food products is safe using the bags.
• There is negligible wastage and spillage of fruits and vegetables.
• PP is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, and PP leno bags do not consume much heat. Hence, it acts as a power saver for cold storage owners.


PP Leno Bags: Applications :-


Primarily, PP Leno bags are ideal for packing, storing, and transporting a variety of products, including:
• Firewood logs and kindling
• Fruits like pineapples and oranges
• Vegetables like onions, garlic, ginger, and potatoes
• Animal feed
• Groundnuts and coconuts
• Flowers
• Shellfish
• Several varieties of non-durable products


About Us:

Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of PP woven bags. We manufacture our products using advanced technology and high virgin raw materials. Our woven sacks come in two varieties- manufactured using PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (high-density polypropylene). They come in laminated and non-laminated versions, single and double prints, and with and without liners. Moreover, they are available in gusted and flat styles, various colors, and BOPP options, which we customize according to the requirements of our customers.

We also emerged as a leading manufacturer of PP leno bags, which are ideal for storing and transporting firewood and agricultural goods. We use the finest materials to make our PP leno bags that allow better air circulation in the most hassle-free way. Our PP leno bags offer superior packaging options for the materials to sustain longer and maintains their durability.



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