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March 2, 2024

Protecting Your Products: The Importance of PP Corrugated Sheets in Shipping


Arpit Kushawaha


corrugated plastic sheet


Corrugated plastic sheets are very famous in various industries and you should know why these plastic sheets are very famous. We just want to inform you that these PP corrugated sheers are very light in weight but hold a very rigid structure. Corrugated Plastic is a creation of plastic manufactured by the extrusion of twin-wall plastic sheet items. 

These PP plastic corrugated sheets can be contingent as plastic sheets and built of cardboard. Corrugated plastic has other various names like Polyflute, Corflute, Twinplast, etc. These plastic sheets have the sporadic quality of being hard and light in weight at the same time. It is so different from a material that it can be shabby with a useful edge and still have a strong texture.  The manufacturers & suppliers of Plastic corrugated sheets propose a broad span of colors and constancies to fulfill the requirements of different buyers.


Important Details about PP Corrugated Sheets

These corrugated sheets are largely used in agriculture facilities; corrugated sheets have distinctive tedious folds on their surface. Because of their excellent shape, they propose years of reliable usefulness and improved stability. Their corrugated shape with precipices and cribs makes them tougher than before. 

Because of the particular crenelated structure, flimsy and light-in-weight metals like aluminum can also be reformed to withstand ages of environmental whipping. 


Know about the Application of PP Corrugated Sheets

For Shield/Protection

It is suitable for packing electronic items, steel rolls, steel cords, cables or automobiles, and extra parts. In dissemination, its water/grease-proof, and anti-chemical part has proceeded into an inevitable fabric for building.


For Shipping/Packaging

The toughness and hollow layout of the PP corrugated sheets can capably be gusted away and decreased. It can be superior in all types of shipping boxes, mailboxes, display desks, sections, etc. If you use an electric configuration or anti-static material well, it will stabilize electric resentment. The variance of being light in weight but predictable heavy is suitable for packaging.


For Display/Advertisement

The outer layer of the PP corrugated sheet is greasy and flat and it is suitable for printing. The print result is extraordinary. It is water or heat-proof and very useful for indoor & outdoor display boards & advertising.


Understand the Major Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Sheets

  • Strong Robustness
    One of the toughest types of Plastic Corrugated Sheet has an incredible name in the structure industry due to its non-scratch quality.
  • Very Comfy to Tidy-Up
    It is very comfortable to tidy up and therefore used for both indoor and outdoor products.
  • Cost Effective
    With other unbelievable advantages, expenses are also taken into consideration by its creators and suppliers. Its low cost makes it more famous amongst different industries.
  • Waterproof and Recyclable
    These Corrugated Sheet producers and suppliers disparage its murkiness and predictability, therefore making it one of the most beneficial fabrics utilized in the packaging industries.
  • Light in weight
    These sheets are known to be very light in weight and they can be used to assist an extremity in case it is crushed.
  • Hard
    The hard steadiness of the Corrugated Sheet PP makes it so non-toxic that it can be used for covering during natural calamities, filling, in buildings, etc.
  • Color and Size Selections
    Unlike other plastic items corrugated plastic sheets, PP and Corrugated Plastic Boxes are beneficial in various colors and dependability (3, 4,5mm).
  • High Chemical Confrontation
    Chemically the sheet has lethargic features with a separate pH feature which makes these sheets as resilient to extensive chemicals.
  • Capability to Resist Diverse Temperatures
    In regular climates, water, oil, and extra diluters don’t have countless effects which makes them more beneficial during unfavorable temperature situations.
  • Alterations can be Conducted
    The perfect Corrugated Plastic can be transformed with condiments put into the sheet to nurture them to fulfill the requirements of various users, like, fire-retardant, custom types, corrosive inhibitors, etc.
  • Sensibly Priced and Easily Disposable
    When likening the PP corrugated sheet produced by Singhal Industries which is the best PP corrugated sheet manufacturer in India to other fabrics, the savings in terms of budget are considerable. When associated with competing items, its manufacture is both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Know About the Features of PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets


Light Weight & Strong
These Sheets are very light in Weight & always remain strong in Durability.

Water & Chemical Proof
PP Corrugated Sheets are very best as they are waterproof & Chemical Resilient.

Impact & Tearing Resistant
These useful plastic Sheets have enhanced Effect & Tearing Strength.

Highly Functional
PP Corrugated Sheets are used for many purposes which is why they are known as Highly Functional.

Termite & Vermin Proof
PP Corrugated sheets are Termite & Vermin Proof.

Puncture Resistant
PP Corrugated Sheets are puncture-strong as they can’t be broken or damaged easily.

PP Corrugated Sheets can be used multiple times according to their requirements and usage.

Load Bearing Strength
PP corrugated Sheets have outstanding Load Bearing Strength.



Singhal Industries is the supreme realistic pp corrugated sheet manufacturer in India. If you are thinking of buying corrugated sheets then never think too much before purchasing them from Singhal Industries. At Singhal Industries we have a team of Industry experts who always work to create the best & highest-quality products according to the client’s requirements. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are corrugated plastic sheets used for?
The Corrugated Plastic Sheets are used in various industries like packaging, advertising, shipping, protection, etc. As these corrugated sheets are very useful in various industries it is considered useful & important materials.

What is the size of a corrugated PVC sheet?
Singhal Industries delivers corrugated sheets in 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm, 1830x1220mm, 450x600mm, or custom sizes as per the custom needs. Weight: The weight of the PP Corrugated Sheets will rely on the width and dimensions a customer may select.

What size is corrugated plastic?
It does not trail the crests and valleys of the corrugate. The two most shared widths are 26 and 36 inches. Other standard widths are 24 and 39 inches. When calculating exposure utilizing the width and length of corrugated roofing, keep in mind that each part will need to overlay by several inches.



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