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July 6, 2024

Rockshield Mesh for Reinforcing Tunnels and Underground Structures


Arpit Kushawaha


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Rock shield Mesh is measured to be a dense polyethylene mesh that is manufactured for safeguarding the pipeline coatings created from rocky backfills. It also cushions the effect of hard backfill on rocks which might root crucial harm to the fitted layer systems.

It safeguards abrasive items after fitted coated procedures, limiting geological movements from instigating damage to pipelines. Rock shield Mesh is utilized for a broad range of offshore objectives for safety against damage caused by fishing (trawl) activities, lay barge rollers, infill, anchors as well as rock settlement.

The Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Rockshield mesh manufacturers in the field since it constructs the finest grade rock shield mesh. 


What is the main Usage of Rockshield mesh?

The primary uses of rock shield mesh are safeguarding the layer of the pipeline. The manufacturing procedure takes place from HDPE. Pipeline protection mesh is considered as a three-dimensional bi-planar.

It holds higher strength, the creation of extrusion plastic mesh is accomplished majorly to safeguard pipelines coating from erosion in rock backfills as well as rocky land. The extrusion is further completed into a layout of a diamond mesh.

The rock shield mesh manufacturer always makes sure that the mesh proposes stable density to the overall width of each roll to securely keep pipeline coating away from any kind of erosion.

It’s highly bendable mechanical protected padding which works identical to rock guard padding throughout all the pipes during as well as after the backfill operations. After the fitting procedure, the pipe is safeguarded against any harm caused by geologic effort.


How does Rock Shield Advantage Several Industries?

Rock shield functions the best at the sites where the structure of pipelines takes place near a rocky coastline since it delivers safety to the pipelines and it proposes full tractability even if the temperature is at sub-zero.

It is used in a broad range of enterprises and as water industries, gas and oil pipelines as well as chemical industries. Its extra aspects such as its light in weight, profitable, easy fitting along higher erosion resistance deliver extra advantages.

The professionals of industries make sure that the manufacturing of Rockshield pipeline protection mesh is conducted by following all the various steps of quality control by going with international criteria for maintenance of the premium grade of the item as well as service to every customer.

What are the Characteristics of rock shield mesh?

Some of the various features are mentioned below:-

  • Wear confrontation
  • No threat of any mechanical harm during the operations which relates to backfilling
  • Allowance of water passage by apertures
  • Erosion resistance
  • Elongation
  • Highly resilient to harsh forces
  • Restriction to geological movement so that pipelines doesn’t get harmed
  • Chemically inactive
  • Impact conflict
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Decreased effect as well as diffusion damage
  • Absorption of any influence created by rough rock backfill
  • Proposes full springiness at sub-zero temperature
  • Rip strength
  • Eradicates the threat of mechanical damage during ongoing backfill operations
  • Lowers coating’s scrape from the underground movement of the pipe
  • Safeguards the pipeline during diggings
  • Nil effect of wet climate of extreme temperature
  • Plentiful weight, strength along with the density
  • Cuts with a efficacy knife

What are the common Benefits of rock shield mesh?

The common advantages of it are referred below:-

  1. Light in weight: It delivers suitable movement around the regions and makes it quite comfortable when it comes to covering around pipes. The weight of an entire roll is 80lbs.
  1. Availability: The manufacturing is done in rolls 4,5 and 6 feet whose width is 100 feet long. The length differs and is available according to the needs of buyers.
  1. Flexibility: The advanced springiness of this fabric makes it available to work within lower temperatures as well as wet weather circumstances. It creates no loss in its exceptional cushioning features.

Applications of Rock Shield Mesh:

The flexibility of Rockshield pipeline protection mesh makes it suitable for various applications in the pipeline industry. Some key applications are mentioned below:

Oil and Gas Pipelines: Consideration for oil and gas pipelines from external dangers are crucial to avoid trickles and protect the incessant movement of resources. Rockshield mesh for gas pipelines proposes strong safety against possible harm instigated by rocks and other rough materials.

Water Pipelines: In water structures, pipelines are in risk of rubbing from rocks and residues. A Rockshield singhal industry acts as a barrier, collecting the stability of water pipelines and dropping the need for regular maintenance.

Industrial Pipelines: Industrial pipelines usually face terrifying environments with harsh elements. The Rock Shield Mesh from Singhal Industries is considered to resist such situations, offering a dependable solution for industrial pipeline shields.

Understand the stipulations of rock shield mesh

The specifications of rock shield mesh can be labeled in the following way:-

Material: High-Density Polyethylene sheets.

Breadth: The range of the thickness is around 1.22 meters to 1.83 meters.

Color: It is normally available in black color or any other color as per the client’s requirement.

Shape: Easily available in both rolls as well as pad forms.

Size of aperture: The length of the aperture is around 4mm x 4mm nominal.

Density: The level of width is between 1.00 mm to 10mm.

Hence, rock shield mesh is highly needed in various industries because of its useful aspects and benefits.


Singhal Industries which is a chief Rockshield Supplier in India has become equivalent with quality and development in the manufacturing sector. The Rock Shield by Singhal Industries emulates the company’s pledge to deliver products that fulfill the highest criteria of toughness and performance. The adding of progressive fabrics and cutting-edge technology guarantees that Rock Shield Mesh is a real and trustworthy choice for pipeline safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which 1 technique is used for protection of underground pipeline?
Cathodic safety is utilized usually with pipelines that are underground or in water. If completed with a new pipeline, it can really avoid erosion from forming at all.

How to protect underground pipes from corrosion?
Using layers is one of the comfortable methods to safeguard your pipes against erosion. Coatings and linings can be utilized on pipes that are above or underground. They often are utilized in mixture with cathodic protection.

How can we protect pipelines?
The underground pipe or tank can be safeguarded from erosion by cathodic protection. In this procedure, sacrificial anodes are linked to the pipeline’s coated steel.



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