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December 9, 2022

The 7 Color Combinations of Barrier Tapes that you Need to Know






In Singhal Industries, we provide both barrier tapes with wordings and barrier tapes with different colors. The barricade tapes with wordings comfortable to comprehend the instructions such as “DANGER DO NOT ENTER” are implied on the tapes.

However, for barricade tapes that are in various color varieties (without the wordings), most people are not familiar with the various objectives/protocols behind the various colors.

  • Red-white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  • Black-white for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  • Magenta-yellow for Radiation Hazards
  • Green-white for Safety and First Aid
  • Blue-white for Defective Machinery
  • Orange-white for Traffic and Caution Warning
  • Black-yellow for Physical Hazards

Additionally, apart from the standard OSHA 7 color mixtures protocol, here are some of the color varieties that are also very generally implemented.

Law Enforcement Tape or Police Tape: generally, in a yellow-white or blue-white combination, utilized by the police to block off a crime scene and to advise the crowd that the area is being blocked off for analysis.

Traffic Control Tape: Usually in a brilliant solid orange or orange-white combination, utilized for regulating traffic (foot and or vehicle traffic).

When Is Barricade Tape Utilized?

Barricade tape should be used in IDLH (promptly dangerous to life and well-being) occurrences when we have a prominent danger or a perhaps hazardous circumstance that needs a quick boundary around it. It fundamentally acknowledges the periphery for laborers, responders, and the wider population. It is also utilized to forestall or regulate admittance to crisis destinations and assist with regulating traffic and passerby creeks. They are normally used for swarm control or recognizing regions that the general population cannot access on institution property.

People on a call are involved most repeatedly ahead of the use of additional durable actual boundaries.

Barricade tapes are utilized in different circumstances to ascertain high-risk locales or areas of captured admittance. Yellow is utilized to communicate notification for dangerous occurrences that might bring mild injury. At the same time, red shows a location that ought just to be entered by approved workers because of the gamble of demise or severe injury. Various mixtures are utilized too, for example, orange to raise advice, green to distinguish an area utilized to stock safety hardware, or blue to identify data signs. Barricade tape is normally used in development zones. However, it may likewise be used by police and firefighters to incarcerate the community or clinical faculty to show biohazard areas. Moreover, tapes can be used in different occurrences to incarcerate or drive the advancement of people strolling through.

Types of Barricade Tape

Many kinds of safety Barricade tape are functional and named for different objectives. These named tapes give additional data to the work site, comprising general society. In many cases, they are tone-coded to add an extra visual consideration to printed data.

The genuine grandeur of the tapes is that they are adaptable and should be a part of any association’s problem-response instruments. Each safety specialist who responds to episodes should have several rolls in their go-pack.

Anything is feasible for Singhal Barricade Tape. We have the well-known “Caution” and “Do not cross the tape,” be that as it may, we also make multiple extraordinary Barricade tape items that can help with developing safety mindfulness in your place of work. Experts used Singhal Barricade Tape in policing, development, painting, mining, tools, and utilities.

We have an extensive stock of stock legends in different widths, tones, and sizes for your advantage. We can likewise print up to 2 tones, custom mixture coordinating, private marking, and so on.

Why Choose to Singhal Barricade Tape for Your Next Project?

  • Traditional, expendable lumbering arrangement
  • Mixture of mil consistencies for different task needs
  • Private marking and other outstanding bundling needs are accessible
  • Singhal Industries illustrate barriers as “an impediment to deflect the entry of public or vehicles.”

In building locales, various Barricade types like Tape, Signs, Machine Guards, and Physical Barriers are utilized to warn workers, different workers for hire, and the public population about the dangers in the area. There are a few sorts of fences and passage information gadgets, each with its encouragement and security level. Red and Yellow tape blockades on building areas are intended to caution people to avoid possibly hazardous areas, for example, the swing zone of an elevated lift or crane. In the growth work climate, barricades are not entirely ideas; the obstacles are all experts and people in general from injury or to save a daily existence.

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