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August 14, 2021

Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd – Launched Website New Products




Singhal Industries


Singhal Industries is a leading industry that has been emerging over the years for innovating Polypropylene products. This company brings the revolution for customers to add value to flexible packaging & lining products. The company has worked in a huge area for the last 20 years. The company launched its new website a few days back, and now they made an impressive come back with superior-high-quality products.

This company is headquartered in Gujarat and works on different products to make the packaging efficient. They have the power to customize every packaging according to the requirements of their customers.

The company has world-class superior machinery & instruments updated with the technology. These instruments play a great role in manufacturing flawless products. The company takes well-defined steps to measure the quality control & testing of products before delivering them.

The company works by taking a huge team and ensures zero per cent defects. They give first priority to their clients who have believed in them for years. This is a well-known company that offers flexible products to national and international platforms. They operate internationally over the five continents of America, Europe, Australia, Africa & Asia.

By delivering quality products, the company found a way to reach the heart of their customer. The success & position of the company reaches this level just because of their hardworking team. The company has team management who take every decision by communicating with each other.

Company quality policy

Singhal Industries is a company that has been proudly ruling the industry for over 20+ years. The company is certified with ISO 9001:2008. They only use quality products with raw materials to produce and manufacture products. They have a testing team to ensure the quality & safety of the product before it reaches your door.

They ensure that the product is gone through the global standards and has zero errors. The company takes well-defined steps for measuring the quality & control till they find zero defects in them! The company’s main goal is to provide superior quality service to the world with a proven methodology.

To check the quality of the product, they go through a few factors like product strength, durability, cutting, weaving, stitching, dimension, shape & size, and product strength. Once the product passes through each measure, they allow selling to the consumers.

The infrastructure of Singhal Industries

The company’s infrastructure depends upon the departments. It is categorized into departments: HR and Admin, Research and Development, Production, Purchase and Sales, Quality Testing, Digital Marketing, Logistic, Packaging, Delivery, etc. An experienced team of professionals controls all the departments. They have well-structured units to manufacture and deliver quality products.

The company has built the latest infrastructure for many products like PP sheets, PE woven, and many more. They have manufacturing facilities at three different locations, which are built in an area of approximately 1,75,000 square feet. The company has auto-adjusting dies, online thickness gauges, extrusion tape lines, and many more.

Besides that, they have five solvent-based lamination machines, splitting machines, circular weaving machines, flexo printing machines, and many more. They also have bag converting equipment and a centralized laboratory to test the products before delivery.

Why choose Singhal Industries?

The company has vast experience in the field of packaging products like FIBC Bags, Leno Bags, PP Woven Bags etc., film products like TPU Film, Sheets products like HDPE sheets, pp sheets, and polymer-based products. The company dedicatedly works on different packaging products and successfully emerging in the industry. The company gains many successful clients in the entire working years. They used advanced technology to offer a 100% guarantee on their product. The clients preferred to take service from this company because of the commitment, trust, and quality. Here are some strong points about the company:

  • Durable & flawless range of products

The company offers a durable & flawless range of products with innovative designs. They focus on durability to save your money.

  • Quality control

The company has a laboratory and a huge workforce who check every product before reaching the desired destination.

  • Certified Company

The company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, which builds trust among the users. They follow the state-of-the-art infrastructure to satisfy their clients.

  • Delivery & logistic support

The company also offers on-time delivery with logistic support. They have an expert team who are well experienced and prompt in their field.

  • Worldwide presence

The company has built a worldwide presence by providing impressive products over the years.

  • World-class technologies

The company holds the best infrastructure and world-class machinery to deliver flawless products. They have advanced machines, technologies, and instruments that make the production process efficient.

  • Low cost with high productivity

They believe in low cost & high productivity, and for this reason, every product provided by this company is affordable.

Services provided by the company

PP jumbo bags

This is one kind of bag that is made with polypropylene to store the products in it. There are different types of PP jumbo bags that you can purchase from here.

PP Leno bags

This is another kind of bag that is used for packaging. You can purchase PP Leno mesh bags at a reasonable price from Singhal Industries. These are strong and durable too.

PP woven Bags

These are also known as Packaging woven bags used to store and transfer products from one place to another. These are durable and efficient for packaging.


This is a safety film made with polypropylene that is applied over the woven PP bag for additional safety. It allows printing for both sides of the bag. We also known as rice bags.

PP sheets

The PP sheets are economical material that offers a combination of mechanical, chemical & thermal properties simultaneously.

HDPE Sheets

These are mostly used for cutting the boards and in other food service industries. It absorbs less moisture & extremely durable.

HDPE T-rib Liner Sheet

These are used for lining sewage concrete pipes and tunnels efficiently. These are made with excellent products.

TPU Film

These are flexible films with high elongation & properties. They have high characteristics and superior tear strength and flex performance products.

Warning tape

These are widely used for product safety. These are available in any size and colour and protect the goods with utmost care.

To know more about them, visit their website



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