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May 26, 2023

The Differences Between PP Woven Bags and Other Packaging Materials


Arpit Kushawaha


PP woven bags


Bulk FIBC bags and PP woven bags are both created with PP granules. Nevertheless, both of these bags are different from one another. FIBC big bags are created for handling bulky items. While the PP fabric sacks are developed to load only 50 kg and 25 kg bags, in the FIBC bulk bags, we can load a max of 500 kg, 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 2500 kg, and 3000 kg of goods. While manufacturing the PP woven bulk bags and FIBC big bulk are manufactured with granules and fabric.


PP Woven bags are also created with PP granules and PP material. The small bag material is created with low GSM, while FIBC large bag material is developed with 130 GSM and 280 GSM. FIBC bag material is expensive compared to little bag material. The weaving device is also very varied from PP woven bags and FIBC bulk sacks.


PP Woven bags

If we speak about the size of machinery used in FIBC bulk bags then you should know that shuttle eight and shuttle frame machine 10 are beneficial, while shuttle shelf device 6 is useful in small bags. Both FIBC bulk bags and PP woven bags are distinct from each other. Small PP bags are constantly developed in circular or tubular cross-angle fabric, while jumbo bag fabric is tubular fabric both work excellently in FIBC bag expansion.


Some Benefits Of PP Woven Bags


Given below are some benefits of PP woven sacks:


  • These bags have excellent than jute or paper sacks

If we compare the PP / FIBC woven bags with jute, and paper bags/boxes then we can easily say that the Woven Bags are vastly used in the packaging of various products. It is the fabric of options due to its inherent functional enactment and cost benefits.


  • The rendition of PP woven bags is better

The function of the packaging is to safeguard it and keep it in the standard form for sale. The formation of a derivative is crucial when it comes to its marketing endeavors. The packaging has the potential to crack or make a derivative thrive. Safety, attraction, publicity, and differentiation are all classifications where packaging assists to enhance a product. The inducement of the printing impact is substantial for packaging as it grabs the engagement of buyers.


  • Marketers will think out the colors, designs, and materials used

Product packaging can clasp consumers’ engagement, and relying on what they notice on the packaging, you determine to select your product over what they usually buy. Even the publicity on the packaging of a product impacts consumer decisions. The packaging is what sets your derivative apart from the rest. Has the capacity to trade your derivative, resulting in substantial marketing efforts.


  • PP woven bags are much more trustworthy than paper bags for transporting food items

Most pet owners have encountered the convenience of buying pet food in bulk – it suggests fewer trips to the shop and, in most issues, significant savings. But for many people, these perks are quickly overlooked when they lift a pet food bag, only to glimpse the bag tear and spill on the floor while they are still in the store, or even later when they have already bought the item and hauled it home.

PP Woven bag


Traditional paper bags which are utilized to carry pet food can be endlessly frustrating for buyers and dealers both. Clients can be intimidated by sturdy bags that rip and tear too fast. Retailers and suppliers are usually compelled to immerse in the additional expenses of replacing the faulty derivative and cleaning up after the unavoidable spill.


Why should you contemplate PP woven bags for bulk packaging?


The manufacturers who belong to the packaging industries know these frustrations all too well and have formulated a derivative specifically developed to overcome some of the annoying weaknesses of huge multi-wall paper bags. These bags are strong and highly enduring and competent for carrying well over fifty pounds without any difficulty.

They are also positively tough and infrequently rip or shatter if they fall over. In recent years, woven polypropylene bags have been largely embraced by farming and manufacturing enterprises, most frequently utilized to carry animal feed, sand, farming produce, cereal, minerals, chemicals, fertilizers, cement, coffee, sugar, flour, rice, and many more items. The bags can be modified with a symbol and text on one or both sides and are functional in various sizes.

They can also be efficiently customized with bellows, non-slip layers, and lamination and dealt with to withstand UV rays. Many pet food manufacturers have been satisfied with the small sacks because their weight can be maintained reasonably so that women, the biggest buyers of pet food, can operate them more easily.


Additional Eco-friendly Benefits of Polypropylene


  • Polypropylene is chemically static. It does not react and breaks down into dangerous material.
  • It has a low consistency, thus less content is needed to make more bags.
  • It is durable, and thus, products developed from fabric stay for a long time.
  • It is very easy to tidy up with water. It does not require high-energy solutions or cranky methods of treatment.
  • It can be altered in any shape.
  • It could be customized to put in some traits.
  • Its chemical ert significance puts together it safe for the stock material. Therefore, polypropylene woven bags and bags are used primarily for keeping food and food products.


Final Thoughts


Bulk packaging must be powerful, stable, and lightweight, offer sufficient safety with a longer shelf life, and be manageable, empirical, reusable, and recyclable. The environmental effect must be tiniest with a holistic approach taking into account the packaging fabric analysis life cycle.

Product packaging is a critical aspect of production and marketing in any company, big or small. Businesses must package and brand their products well to attract and keep buyers. However, selecting packing fabrics isn’t as easy as it seems. Businesses must evaluate the environmental generosity of the packaging materials they operate as proposals to safeguard climate development by the day.

Both today and in the future, woven polypropylene has been demonstrated to be an excellent packaging fabric. This is partly due to the multiple cost-cutting and adaptability advantages it provides to organizations and the fact that it is an environmentally familiar opportunity.


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