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March 17, 2022

Top Industrial 8 Bags Products Made by Singhal Industries




8 Industrial Bags




Singhal’s group of industries is the global manufacturer of bags, film products, geo products, jumbo bags, sheets, and warning tapes. They put their stand in the flexible packaging industry in the year 1987; they played a very important role in the global plastic and paper manufacturing unit for 20 years.

They have grown organically and have subsidiary companies to capture businesses across the packaging industries. Within the lifespan of 34 years, they capture the market and emerged as a leading manufacturer of polymer products with quality products across the packaging spectrum.

They are grown organically to form sister companies and extended their hands into the renovation and safety equipment across the world. They have their foot in the manufacturing of sacks for fertilisers, cement, fresh produce, sugar, firewood, riverbank protection, gas pipelines, etc. They already leaped their hands to different continents of the world.

They only have a vision of most admired and leading manufacturer of packaging bags and other products, throughout India with quality products, and want to be the leading player in the market, which provide teamwork and enriches the highest quality products.  They also want to achieve the goal and provide quality service.

They are the largest manufacturer of plastic bags and sacks, to keep things safe and protected from rot. Below are some of the top 8 Industrial bags manufactured by Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. is as follows:


Top 8 Industrial Bags Manufactured by Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Bopp Bags

Singhal Industries BOPP bags in India are made of good quality sack paper, with five layers, with distinct quality, and they protect the bags from leakage because it is made with waterproof technology, and the products inside the bag are protected by humidity.

The bag is designed in such a manner that high-quality printing can be done on the bags so that retailers can print the bag with logos and company names. These bags are commonly used for fertilizers, pet foods, animal feeds, etc.

PP Woven Bags

PP means polypropylene bags are one of the leading and well-known producers of PP woven bags in India, it is highly durable, flexible, and good strength and flexible, because these features are essential for the goods like sugar, salt, seeds, fertilizers, grains, salt, seeds, grains, rice, and other essential goods. Singhal has a highly experienced quality testing team, and the sacks are designed and tested in international standards to maintain high quality to our customers.

FIBC Sling Bags

It is also known as FIBC sling bags, it is recognized in different ways, it is also called FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers) sling bags, cement sling bags, FIBC sling bags, etc.

The major capacity of these bags is from 500 kgs to 2000 kgs if any product is to be exported then these bags are the most useful products. They come in different shapes, most are square and round-shaped.

PP Jumbo Bags

It is an eco-friendly product that has outstanding features and FIBC bulk bags are the largest compared to other bags. It can be recycled after usage, they are bags with effective handling cost and are easy to carry due to integral lifting loops. PP jumbo bags can be used for advertising because, of their big size. The logo can be embossed and visible to the customers.

PP Leno Mesh Bags

They are the net type bags, mostly used for storing onions and garlic so that this product can’t hold moisture inside them, they become rotten if stored in sacks. They are highly flexible and highly moisture resistant.

They are tough to hold heavyweight and also come with zero flexibility. They are also called potato mesh bags, onion mesh bags, and, pp Leno mesh bags

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are easy to carry and more durable than paper bags, these bags cannot be leaked, if you put the wet waste.

Paper bags cannot hold for long and cause damage. They are available in different colors. The most commonly used covers are black, white, tan, and clear. They are also available in red, blue and green, etc. These bags are opaque, which helps to detour UV rays.

Pipeline Weight Bags

These are made of non-biodegradable polypropylene fabric and it is filled with pebbles therefore it is not damaged by the acidic attack of soil and resistible to groundwater and protect the pipeline from bursting from heat.

This is used for making the pipeline systematic and in order so that citizens don’t face problems. Pipeline weight bags are also known as geotextile saddle weight bags. It can be easy to install and lift easily by the crane hook.

Geotextile Bags

These bags are made of non-woven geotextile or woven, they are used for different purposes, they are also known as geotextile bags made of permeable fabric and utilized with the soil. They are used for filtration, protection, separation, reinforcement, sealing, and drainage.


Over the past few years, Singhal Industries has emerged as a leading inventor and innovator of polymer products to suit the varying needs of the market. The company brings state-of-the-art technology that adds value to customers through a range of flexible packaging and flexible lining products.

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