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January 13, 2022

Updates on Types of PP Woven Bags its Qualities Usage Advantages


Shivani Kapoor


PP Woven Bags India


In various industries, PP woven bags are mostly used to pack the material. Agriculture Industry, Food Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical Industries etc used these types of bags. These PP Woven bags have non-toxic, non-staining and anti-stressing properties which makes these bags an ideal packaging bag. The characteristics of Woven Bags makes these bags a number one choice for numerous industrial units. PP Woven bags are made from Polypropylene sheets.

In those bags, we can easily contain Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar, Food Grains, Polymers etc. These bags are prepared by weaving polypropylene threads by opposing orientation to generate robustness. This technique is required for the production of valuable things, for example, bulk bags.

What is a PP Woven Bag?

PP stands for Polypropylene and PP woven bags are made from it. It is a thermoplastic resin extracted through the process of polymerization. Polypropylene strips are woven in both directions to create a light-weighted but strong bag. Then those bags are called PP Woven bags.

What are the Types of PP Woven Bags?

Polypropylene Bags or PP Woven Bags can be divided into numerous types based on their design, size and strength. Although these bags are available in different-different types, we are going to discuss the most known PP Woven Bags.

PP Woven Plain Bags

We can easily understand by the name which type of bag is this. PP Woven Plain Bags are made with virgin plastic and this bag is also referred to as Simple PP Bag. This type of bag has some advanced properties like Tear-resistance, durability and light-weight. Which makes this bag a perfect option to keep grains, sugar, animal feed, etc.

PP Liner Bags

These PP Liner Bags have liners inside. These types of bags are very best for those materials which require the most protection. These sets of bags are used to transport or store the materials with finer particles such as chemicals, cement, sugar, etc.

PP Laminated Bags

When an extra layer of poly film is coated on plastic bags, then the resultant bags are called PP Laminated bags. This bag has some advanced properties like anti-toxicity, weather resistance, and high tear strength. Which makes these bags perfect bags for storing and transporting the content which needs to be saved from water and humidity like Rice, etc.

Gusseted Bags

When an extra piece of material is added to the PP Bags to enhance the volume and capacity. These types of bags are called Gusseted Bags. The surfaces of these bags are flat which enables the sacks to stand easily without any external assistance.

BOPP Laminated Bags

The definition of BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. This layer is added to the PP Woven bags as an extra layer. Which enhances the strengths of the bags. BOPP Laminated bags have much higher durability and are durable and attractive. These sets of bags are majorly used to transport and store various contents which include Fertilizers, Animal Feed, Grains, etc.

What are the Qualities of Polypropylene Bags?

The qualities of PP Woven bags makes them very useful in the business of packaging. We have listed below the main characteristics of these bags.

● The cost of these bags is very low. The polymer is itself inexpensive which gives broad access to those products which are based on polypropylene.

● These PP Woven Bags are non-toxic which enables a large range of alternative uses. Also, these bags are used in Food Industries and Pharmaceuticals industries due to their non-toxic behaviour.

● PP Woven Bags are very light weighted which makes these bags incredibly sturdy. Although these bags are very lightweight, they can still hold a thousand pounds of stuff.

● Woven Bags are resistant to bases, acids and numerous chemicals. So they can be utilized in the therapeutic formulation.

Uses of PP Woven Bags in Various Fields

For Packaging Agricultural Products

These types of bags are normally used to handle and distribute agricultural products like Foods, Fruits, Fishery Products, Vegetables etc. Various types of PP Woven Bags are used in the field of agriculture. Vegetable Woven Bags, Fruit Mesh Bags, Fertilizer PP Woven Bags are mainly used in the Agriculture sector.

Geotechnical Engineering

PP Woven Bags fabrics are largely used in constructing irrigation facilities, roadways, harbours, railways, mining and building among other things.

What are the Steps Involved in any Woven Bag?

There are three major steps involved while manufacturing a Woven Bag.

● Tape Manufacturing
● Film Extrusion
● Winding Manufacturing Process

PP Woven bags are made and imprinted to meet the expectations of the customers. The colour combination, features, Volume capacity and message vary from customer to customer.


In comparison with textile weaving, weaving yarn into a textile is the best method. While making the PP Woven Bags circular weaving machines are used to weave these flat strips into circular cloth. Then woven circular fabric is cut into the necessary sizes.

Polishing and Sewing

The Woven Cloths are transmitted to the fulfilment & sewing section of the facility. Before publishing, the fabric is cut into pieces. After printing the cut parts are delivered to be stitched. Before starting the sewing procedure a valve is constructed in one edge of the cut portion according to the requirements of the client’s.

What are the Main Advantages of PP Woven Bags?

As Polypropylene Bags are used differently There are lots of advantages of PP Woven Bags.

● These PP woven bags have high tear strength which helps to carry the heavyweight materials.

● The PP Woven is manufactured from that material that is highly resistant to chemicals. Which makes these bags an idle option for storing and transporting the chemicals.

● Polypropylene bags are reusable and also highly durable. Which makes these bags less pollutant in comparison to other bags which are used for packaging.

● These bags are also resistant to all types of climate. Whether it is cold, heat or humidity it doesn’t get affected by any of those. That is why it is the very best choice to store and transport chemicals, detergents etc.

● The PP Woven bags are much resistant to most of the acid-like alkalis. Which makes this bag a perfect option to store various types of chemicals with maximum safety.

Best PP Woven Bags Manufacturer in India

There are various manufactures available in India who produce PP Woven Bags. Singhal Industries is a very famous and best brand for PP Woven bags and manufacturer in India. Our highly experienced and professional team always ensures that polypropylene bags are made keeping in mind the strict measure of quality control.

We always follow the international standard While manufacturing these PP bags. We always value the trust of our customers so we always strive to provide for them according to their needs. Our bags are highly durable, have strength, are flexible and are excellent. You can easily store or transport various essential items like Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Seeds, Grains, Pulses, Rice, Fruits, Vegetables etc.

Our bag can also be used for packing Cement, Metal Parts, Polymers, Rubber, Concrete Cement. When you need the high-quality PP Woven Bags then always gives our company a chance to show why we are the best manufacturing unit for these types of bags. We are based in Gujarat and can deliver the products across the country very easily.


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