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June 3, 2022

FIBC Bulk Bags – Know What are and Why It Is Useful




FIBC Bulk Bags


What are the FIBC Bags?


FIBC bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are handy when we plan to store various food items or transport them. FIBC Bulk Bags can be easily used by the manufacturing units related to the food industry as all of these bags can lift, fill, and discharge. According to the need, these bags can be chosen by the clients. Before finalising these bags for using them for storing items, we must be aware of the advantages and benefits of these bags in detail.

Categories of FIBC Bulk Bags


FIBC bulk bags are also ubiquitous as PP Jumbo Bags, and there are several reasons for using them. The category of these bags depends on the requirements, and we have mentioned some of the significant types below.

FiBC Bags


Four-Panel PP Jumbo Bags


Four-Panel FIBC bags are produced using four parts of fabrics that make all the sides of the bag and the bottom. These techniques are followed by most of the FIBC bag creators while manufacturing these types of FIBC bag. The stitching of these types of bags is done in that stretched manner to provide higher resistance against the loading items.


Circular FIBC Bulk Bags FIBC Bulk Bags


Circular FIBC bags are considered one of the lowest categories of FIBC bag. At the time of production of these bags, it is undertaken on the loom resembling a tube, and when we put the goods in Circular bags, they start to lose their shapes. As we place the weight in these bags, it starts to bulge out in the middle.


U-Panel PP Jumbo Bags


The U-Panel type of FIBC Bulk Bags is much superior to other bags. The two parts of fabrics are stitched together when manufacturing the U-Panel bags. When the two parts of materials are stitched together, the shape they will take will resemble a U-Shape. When you put the items in this type of bag, these bags rise to a square shape.


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Essential Things to Know about FIBC Jumbo Bags




If we speak about the best FIBC bulk bag, Baffle Bags are known to be one of the best FIBC bag. After putting the weight or item in any of the Baffle Bags, its shape remains proper. When generating the Baffle Bags, each of them is stitched from every corner, which renders them very valuable for various uses.


Advantages of PP Jumbo Bags


The PP Jumbo Bags are primarily used in numerous enterprises as they have tons of benefits. Some of the main advantages of PP Jumbo Bags are mentioned below.


Improved Safety


One of the FIBC Bulk Bags’ significant benefits is its improved safety. When Labour moves material in bulk bags or drums, the chances of getting injured are very bright. But the risk of injury can be reduced by using the FIBC bulk bag. When we use the FIBC bag, there will be a requirement for mechanical machinery like forklift and pallet jack to move the loaded bags. FIBC Bulk bags can quickly decrease the worker’s manual involvement, increasing the chances of their safety.

1 ton bags


Very Cost-Effective


These FIBC Bulk Bags are considered very Cost-Effective bags when we compare them with other types of bags. Also, the labor cost can be easily reduced by using these bags. The expense of these bags can be effortlessly recalled by holding up a single bag or dumps, and even we can quickly realize it by unloading these bags.




Vast quantities of products can be transported very easily by FIBC bag at a very nominal cost as these FIBC Bulk bags are manufactured with enormous capacity. The bag positioning and stacking can be done quickly while correlating it to different types of smaller loads.


What are the Characteristics of FIBC Bags?


There are some main benefits of using PP Jumbo bags mentioned below. All of the Characteristics of these bags make them very valuable to use. Let’s understand some of the traits of FIBC Bulk Bags.

  • FIBC bag are optimised for use in the future by recycling them, and recycling these bags is straightforward. All of the FIBC bag are Eco-Friendly, and all are very useful.
  • You will find several categories of loading options in these bags like Open Top, Filling Spout, and Flap. Consumers choose these bags as per their needs.
  • FIBC Bulk Bags are very suitable for transporting food-related items.
  • All PP Jumbo bags are equipped with an extraordinary safe working load figure. All of the FIBC Bulk Bags can hold up any load as per the requirement and the product stored in the bags.
  • Most industries prefer these bags for storing Hazardous materials.


Best PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer


Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the most famous name in the industry of FIBC Bulk Bags. They are regularly manufacturing the high-quality Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. For more details, visit our YouTube channel, Singhal Industries.



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