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December 27, 2022

Why PP Jumbo Bags Are Ideal for Chemicals and Fertilisers


Arpit Kushawaha


PP Jumbo Bags



PP Jumbo Bags are a kind of plastic packaging which is commonly utilised in the transporting and storage of products in huge amounts such as foodstuffs, chemicals, and wood. These Jumbo Bags are formulated from high-density polythene. PP Jumbo Bags are always used for transporting heavy materials, including food, chemicals, and wood. They are used to carry large amounts of products in a single freight, saving time, money, and space.


PP Jumbo Bags can be deployed in various ways depending on the usage or necessity of the buyer. For example: when transferring foodstuff due to the probable health risks if jeopardized to oxygen during exporting, additions in some chemicals could result in plasticises to react with other materials while in the storage. These use cases have helped to shape FIBC Jumbo Bags into the outcome we are today. There is no need for other Jumbo materials like pallets and forklift access in place because they can adjust inside of a standard truck or trailer. The core of what makes our bags so tremendous and inventive is the PP Jumbo Bag itself.

PP Jumbo Bags

Our creation is built to be comfortable to use while preserving the highest possible standards of quality. We produce a product that has been through multiple harsh tests and experiments to ensure that it can last the life of your bag. Our bags are formulated out of a high-grade polythene film, ensuring the best strength of all additional products. With no more pins or tape needed for packing, our bags are truly extraordinary in this area since there is no more time utilised when using other Jumbo packaging brands. It also has a great tremendous barrier against dirt, dust, and gas and shows tremendous UV antagonism from several kinds of light.


What is PP Jumbo Bags?


While we think about packaging bags then PP Jumbo bags are our main choice. Let’s understand what Jumbo Bags are. Jumbo Bags are a packaging item made of adaptable film. These bags are very light in weight and can be effortlessly kept up. These bags are available in various sizes and shapes, facilitating customisation of the packaging as per the prerequisite. Jumbo Bags are outstanding for ferrying huge amounts of items such as nuts, bolts, screws, and other small parts.


Know the benefits of PP Jumbo Bags


As these bags are very adaptable, this distinction makes these bags easy for carrying or ferrying goods. Jumbo Bags have a smooth, high-quality finish and a tight stamp to prevent leaks or spills. These bags can be stored with up to 1400 pounds, and they offer sensible security against exposure to moisture and harsh climate. These bags are commonly utilized as ferrying packaging and can be utilised for drug, food, and beverage applications.

PP Jumbo Bag


Why choose Jumbo Bags?


PP Jumbo Bags features a high-density grade, eradicating the necessity for heavy boxes. Even in highly eroding environments, the bags offer outstanding safety for sensitive products. FIBC Bags use powerful materials that withstand tears and punctures from impacts or blemishes from handling tools. They can be effortlessly machine-sewn utilizing hot air tools to form sealable stitching around the top opening and bottom drain vent holes.


Types of Jumbo Bags


There are a few various Jumbo bags in the market today. Each has its extraordinary advantages that make packaging your products more convenient and efficient.

One variety of PP Jumbo bags is the open-top bag. This type of bag is normally utilised for products that require to be disclosed to air, such as food or flowers. Using an open-top bag lets the consumer see what’s inside the bag and determine if they want to purchase it.

Another type of PP Jumbo bag is the sack-style bag. This type of bag is generally used for products that don’t need to be revealed to air, such as electronics or pharmaceuticals. Using a sack-style bag is more tight and can hold additional products than an open-top bag.

PP Jumbo Bags

In the end there’s the film-style bag. This type of bag is typically utilised for products that need safety from moisture and dust, such as medical devices or clothes. Using a film-style bag is that it keeps the item inside the bag and doesn’t allow air or moisture into the product.


Jumbo Bags offer multiple benefits to the customers:


  1. Jumbo bags offer tremendous packaging that compares to conventional packaging methods.
  2. Jumbo bags are environmentally friendly and can be reclaimed numerous times.
  3. The large size of Jumbo bags allows them to keep a larger quantity of product than conventional packaging methods.
  4. The high-quality construction of FIBC bags assures that the items will stay unchanged during transportation and storage.


Compact packaging that conserves area and resources:


  • Perfect for short freight times and high-volume transporting
  • Offers safety from environmental factors
  • Delivers an extraordinary product exhibition to the customers


Ideal for Chemicals and Fertilisers


When it comes to using the bags there are various products which we can store in these useful Jumbo bags. As we already learned that from food items to wood, from chemicals to fertilisers. But do you know that PP Jumbo Bags are considered as Ideal bags for carrying Chemicals and Fertilisers. Because PP Jumbo bags are very strong enough and there is no effect of wear and tear on these bags so your chemical and fertilisers product remain safe while transporting in these bags.


Fertiliser & Chemical Bags offered by Singhal Industries are BOPP Multi-colour Laminated Printed PP Woven Bags that have stable finish quality, thus making them excellent for packaging of fertilisers and chemicals. We can make these available in multi-colour as well as printed & laminated top options. Further, these can also be created with zippers and handle features as required by the customers. The bags can also be delivered in different configurations like bottom stitched-open mouth, bottom pasted open-mouth and others.

By transporting the chemicals in these types of bags, they remain safe and don’t damage any other thing. If you are planning to transporting any kind of hazardous chemicals or any fertilisers then you can always trust on our Jumbo Bags as we specially crafted these bags for this type of needs.

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Quick Guide To Jumbo Bags Types And Their Uses




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