Geomembrane Sheet

Geomembrane Sheet


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Products Details Classification
Minimum Order Quantity 3000 Kilogram
Thickness 500 Mic.
Packaging Type Roll
Material HDPE
Brand Singhal
Application Pond Lining


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We are one of the leading geomembrane suppliers and manufacturers at, Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd, As exporters of premium quality thermoplastic geomembrane sheets, we supply Geomembrane liners to the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and the entire world, making them suitable for use with any geotechnical engineering-related material.

Our innovative product is meticulously engineered to withstand exposure to microorganisms, ultraviolet light, and ozone present in soil environments. The specially formulated Geomembrane we manufacture combines a variety of properties, making it highly versatile for a wide range of geotechnical applications and designs. These Geomembranes are particularly designed to excel in water retention and containment scenarios. We take great care to ensure that our Geomembranes boast exceptional welding capabilities, ensuring quick and trouble-free installations. Thanks to their expert engineering, they exhibit remarkable durability, unparalleled flexibility, and formidable protection against punctures, abrasion, and impacts. Our manufacturing processes encompass both factory-based and on-site methods for joining geosynthetic lining materials, each of which adheres to stringent quality-control measures.

Geomembrane suppliers, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd are Provided top-tier High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a polymeric material renowned for its superior properties.

What is a Geomembrane sheet?:

Geomembrana is basically used in many civil projects as it works as a flat sheet designed for controlling migration of fluids and soils. Keeping in mind the set international quality standards, our Geomembrane sheet is manufactured using premium quality High Density Polypropylene material. This High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane, offered in various sizes, finishes, and thicknesses based on individual requirements, stands as a cost-effective solution for our clients. 


  • Texture and Finish Options: The HDPE geomembrane liner is available in both textured and smooth finishes, providing adaptability to different usage scenarios.
  • Temperature Conductivity: Remarkably conductive in high-temperature variations, making it suitable for applications requiring thermal stability.
  • Chemical Resistance: Possesses excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, enhancing its usability in challenging industrial and environmental settings.
  • UV Protection: Offers a reliable ultraviolet protection shield, making it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is prevalent.
  • Weather Durability: The geomembrane sheet exhibits exceptional age resistance against the intense stresses of weather, maintaining its integrity over time.
  • Welding and Molding: Designed for easy welding and molding, allowing for convenient installation and customization according to project requirements.
  • UV Stabilization: Manufactured using UV stabilizers, which enhance its weather resistance capacity and overall longevity.
  • Puncture and Water Resistance: Demonstrates high puncture resistance, making it adept at withstanding mechanical stress, and exhibits outstanding water resistance.
  • Tensile Strength: Boasts high tensile strength, contributing to its robustness and ability to withstand various mechanical forces.
  • Longevity: Designed for long-term use, the geomembrane liner offers extended service life standards, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Roll Format: Supplied in wide rolls for efficient handling and application, available with single or double-sided textured surfaces.


Advantages of geomembrane liner

  • Easy Installation: The geomembrane's user-friendly design allows for straightforward installation processes.
  • Versatile Applications: It finds applications in diverse fields, ranging from waste management and water containment to waterproofing structures.
  • Environmental Protection: Utilized in waste and water management, it contributes to environmental conservation by preventing leaks and contaminations.
  • Thermal Aging Resistance: Its resistance to thermal aging ensures reliability and effectiveness over the long term.
  • Non-Toxic: Made from non-toxic materials, the geomembrane poses no harm to the environment or human health.
  • Chemical Resilience: Exhibits resilience against numerous chemical agents, expanding its applicability in various industrial settings.
  • Cost-Effective: The geomembrane offers an economical and cost-effective solution for lining requirements, reducing overall project expenses.
  • Mechanical Strength: Its impact and tear resistance, along with excellent flexibility, contribute to its robustness and adaptability.
  • Reliable Soldering: The geomembrane's superior soldering ability ensures secure joints and a dependable containment system.
  • Efficient Transport: Designed for easy transport due to its roll format, facilitating convenient logistics and handling.
  • Minimal Risk: The geomembrane's construction eliminates the risk associated with micro-probes, ensuring enhanced safety during application.


The HDPE geomembrane finds a wide array of applications in various industries:

  • Infrastructure: It is used in irrigation canals, stormwater systems, reservoirs, and water tanks, ensuring efficient water management and containment.
  • Industrial: In sectors like mining, power plants, and agriculture, the geomembrane offers effective containment solutions for waste and liquids.
  • Environmental Protection: It plays a crucial role in sanitary landfills, fences, and containment lagoons, preventing environmental pollution and contamination.
  • Aquaculture: The geomembrane is applied in fish-breeding tanks and manure deposits, supporting aquaculture operations.
  • Structural Protection: It serves as structural slope protection and waterproofing for concrete structures, ensuring longevity and stability.


Geomembrana Specification

  • Thickness: Available in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 500 microns, offering flexibility in selecting the appropriate gauge for specific applications.
  • Colors: Available in white, black, and blue, allowing for aesthetic compatibility with various projects.
  • Material: Constructed from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), known for its durability and chemical resistance.
  • Thickness Range: Varies from 0.1 to 2 mm, catering to different requirements and levels of containment.
  • Length: Offered in lengths ranging from 50 to 100 meters, accommodating projects of various scales.

Roll Size: The geomembrane is supplied in rolls with lengths of 20-50 meters and widths of 3-5 meters, facilitating efficient handling and installation.

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