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We, Singhal Industries Pvt Ltd, are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality, highly durable Ground Covers. The same are manufactured by us using the best grade of thermoplastic material i.e. Polypropylene. Ground cover are the best solutions to lure moisture into the soil and helps restricts weed growth, by allowing the water to pass through. Ground Cover is an engineered black woven polypropylene geotextile fabric.

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Ground covers are specially designed allowing water to penetrate into the soil and also ensuring that the crops gets proper sunlight and at the same time restricting insects but also protecting them without damaging wildlife. The said Ground Cover is manufactured by weaving the Polypropylene tapes together. They possess great strength and are highly durable. We offer ground covers which are UV stabilized and lasts for long life in direct heat and sunlight. Our manufactured Ground Cover usually have marker lines every 12" for proper plant alignment. It helps to retain the moisture in the soil and maintains the soil temperature. These covers are flexible in application and used in landscape situations for insect protection, weed control, temperature control, frost prevention, etc. Ground covers are best choice for horticultural applications, aesthetic appearances. They are available in different weights, colours, widths and lengths. These covers resist tearing, puncturing, weed penetration saving both time and money! Ground covers can be used in varied applications depending on your choices.

UV stability and UV retention feature:

Our woven black polypropylene Ground Covers are stabilized using ultraviolet stabilizer which acts as the perfect weed barrier for planting areas still allowing moisture to pass through your vegetables and plants. UV stability and UV retention is obtained with the help of circular loom fabric. Our Ground Cover Fabric is the best solution for your landscaping ventures.

Our superior quality Ground Cover occupy the following key features:

  • Very effective in blocking weeds and soil erosion
  • Due to its water absorbent quality, it allows soil to breathe
  • Prevents soil / land washout due to rainfall
  • Used for 100% chemical free weed control
  • Having high tensile strength
  • Highly durable
  • Tough and tear resistant
  • Highly resistant to UV & chemicals and mildew
  • Provides cost effective covering
  • Long lasting and optimum quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Our manufactured woven Ground Covers are sturdy and durable having life expectancy of 5+ years
  • Our ground covers are available in both square marking lines as well as stripes, which can be customized as per customer’s requirement
  • Our manufactured fabric is treated with UV stabilizers that provides a longer life to the end product
  • Our Ground Covers have specific green lines present over the fabric which makes overlapping easier
  • 100% chemical free weed control
  • Prevents / blocks weed growth
  • Time saver in maintaining flower beds
  • Beautifies the landscape as the plants can be planted in straight parallel lines for neat and clean landscaping in nurseries and farms
  • As our manufactured Ground Covers are UV stabilized, they can be used multiple times
  • Having good resistance to mildew, bacteria and other ground / soil insects
  • Possess long term durability
  • Prevents soil and land erosion to an extent
  • Good in regulating temperature in all weather conditions
  • Stabilizes land and soil to an extent
  • Can be reused over many seasons
    • Gardens
    • Stabilizing Soil
    • Green houses
    • Landscaping or Plantation
    • Farming of fruits and vegetables
    • Plant nurseries
    • Outdoor as well as indoor use for green houses
    • Cultivation of fruits and vegetables
    • Parks, gardens, sports fields and golf courses
    • Sports fields and golf tracks
    • Controlling soil erosion
    • Size : As per customer’s requirements
    • Width : 0.50 mtrs to 5.50 mtrs
    • Roll length : 300 (inch) Maximum length – 2500’
    • Surface : Water penetrable
    • GSM Range : 85 – 380
    • Available with / without marker lines
    • Available with / without UV protection

    We have Ground Covers available in various sizes, length, GSMs as per customer’s requirement which gives a very good, neat and clean gardening look. We also supply Ground Covers in nurseries, horticulture and agriculture industry and other similar range of areas. We have a team of experts who can provide you with all sizes of Ground Covers to meet your unique specifications.

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