U Panel Bulk Bag

U Panel Bulk Bag

If you have not encountered the use of the trendy U panel bulk bags yet, here is a brief idea about this product. A U Panel bulk bags is made of polypropylene, and polypropylene has now become the industry standard, serving as a benchmark for other products. A U Panel bulk bag is highly versatile, extremely cost-effective, easy to customise, and can be used for many applications. U-Panel bulk bag are the most widely used product, and Singhal Industries is its largest producer worldwide.

If you are wondering how the bag got its name, it is due to how it looks. This variant of the bulk bag has two side panels attached to a side bottom unit that bears a U-shape. The U Panel bulk bags are composed of three body panels: one panel runs the full length of the bag and extends to form the two sides and the bottom. Two other pieces of fabric are sewn together and make up the other two sides of the bag. When filled, the bag acquires a square shape. Because these bags comply with industry standards and offer safe working loads.

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What are U Panel Bulk Bags?

Before we delve deep into the details of these bags, we need to understand what FIBC is. FIBC is the abbreviated form of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, and they are also popularly known as Bulk Bags. Owing to their size, they are called intermediate containers. These bags can carry weights between 500-4000 pounds. The concept was first developed in Europe around the 1970s. It has been widely adopted for industrial use, especially in industries that handle solid bulk, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food.

U Panel Bulk Bags have a number of advantages. They are lightweight, dust-proof, resistant to moisture, leakage-proof, can withstand acid corrosion, provide strong safety, and many more. They are ideally used for carrying cement, chemicals, grains, and minerals and find other applications in mechanical loading. The best part of using these bags is that you can reduce the cost of packaging and transportation.

As mentioned above, the U Panel FIBC Bag consists of two seams sewn along opposite sides. This imparts a U-shape to the bag. Since it complies with the industry standards, the U Panel Bulk Bag is the most popular kind of FIBC shape. This unique size imparts an immense lifting capacity to the bag. There are corner handles that provide additional strength to the bag.

U Panel Bulk Bag have various advantages. They are lightweight, dust-proof, resistant to moisture, leakage-proof, can resist acid corrosion, provide powerful safety, and many more. They are ideally utilised for hauling cement, chemicals, grains, and minerals and find other applications in mechanical loading. The best part of utilising these bags is that you can lessen the cost of packaging and transportation.

If you look closely at these bags, you will be amazed to see that they have intersection handles that deliver additional strength to the bags. The width normally lies between 90 to 100 cm; however, the size can be customised according to one's convenience.

Singhal Industries is leading U Panel Bulk Bags manufacturers in the country. Not only in India but they also deliver the bags in United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Canada.


If you look closely at these bags, you will be astonished to see that they have corner handles that provide extra strength to the bags. The width generally lies between 90 to 100 cm; however, the size can be customized according to one's own convenience.

The following are some of the features of U Panel Bulk Bags:

  1. Attachments: In the case of a U Panel bulk bag, one can attach a variety of attachments such as top spouts, duffle top, flat bottom, bottom spouts, and so on. The possibilities will be endless! The best thing about U-Panel Bulk Bags is that they can be made in any GSM, and the size can be changed per the customers' requirements.
  2. Stitching: The kind of stitching used in such bags also contributes to the strength of the bags. You can use all kinds of stitches in a U-Panel bag. Double chain or overlock stitching is usually the most preferred kind of stitch used in these bags. These stitches make the bag extremely durable and sturdy.

Labels: One can also easily add labels to a U Panel FIBC Bag


If you see, you will notice that bulk bags have a number of advantages over other containers that are used for handling materials, shipping them, or simply storing them. They make a great alternative to paper bags, corrugated boxes, or fiber drums. Due to their unique features, these U Panel bulk bags help slash down the cost of shipping, increase the space for storage, eliminate chances of spillage, and improve flow control.

Discussed below are some of the advantages that these bags are sure to offer: 

  1. They are lightweight. Therefore, you are not likely to experience any kind of additional weight when you use it to pack and ship anything.
  2. They are resistant to moisture. Hence, you can remain assured that the valuables you pack inside these bags will not be damaged by water.
  3. They are dustproof. Forget the hassle of having to dust your bag every time you take it out for use. The dust can be easily shrugged off the bag.
  4. When you start using this bag, you can leave behind your concern about the contents of your bag leaking. This bag also claims to be leak-proof.
  5. The number of safety nets that have been incorporated in this bag in the form of tough handles and great stitches is clear evidence that these bags provide strong safety.
  6. The overall build of the bag has been kept such that very less stress falls on the bottom of the bag. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your bag tearing off due to extreme load, as the pressure will be evenly distributed and not concentrated over a specific area.

All these features make this product a great buy. You can use these bags to carry cement, grains, chemicals, powders, and granules without the concern about the quality of the contents being tampered with. Due to the durability and sturdiness of these products, they are such a popular choice for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks.


Stated below are some of the applications of U Panel bulk bags.

  1. Powdery substances: FIBCs are an excellent choice for the storage or transportation of powders or fine grains. Some examples of these substances are oats, sand, sugar, zinc ash, cobalt powder, minerals, etc. Based on the kind of product, you may also want to choose a liner for the bag. The FIBC you have chosen might be too breathable for the fine powder you are trying to keep inside the bag. Liners can help to keep the powders secured in place. Liners can help to avoid leakages and puffs.
  2. Agricultural products can also be stored: U panel FIBC bags can be used to store agricultural products. Farmers have a lot of tasks to do, like harvesting products, spreading the seeds, fertilizing the crops, storing materials, and transporting their yield to the buyers. With so much to do, U Panel Bulk bags often become an indispensable part of their businesses. Agricultural products such as seeds, crops, and fertilizers can be kept in, stored, and transported via bulk bags.

Construction materials: Often, U Panel bulk bags are also used for purposes related to construction. When you are planning to store or transport building materials, you need to have a robust storage pack that will ease the shipping process. U Panel bulk bags are highly reliable in this regard. They are flexible and durable and are, therefore, highly beneficial for the storage or shipping of construction materials. For instance, if you need to store materials like sand or debris, these bags might benefit you.


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