FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag

We, Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading and well-known manufacturers of PP sling bags. It is manufactured with high-grade virgin material to ensure it gives high load-bearing strength. This PP Sling Jumbo Bag are more famous for carrying heavy load bearing capacity. Our FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag have excellent strength as it is produced with advanced technology & following international quality standards; that’s why it gives 100% safety to the stored products even in an unfavourable atmosphere during transits. PP Sling Jumbo Bag avoids leakage and breakage & is reusable. A sling bag works like an FIBC bag which is used for the shipment of a heavy and large cargo of packed goods & it is a cost-effective packaging option.

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PP Sling Jumbo Bag is also known by different names in different countries like FIBC sling bags, cement sling bag, FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag, sling big bags, big pallet bags, and soft lifting bags, pp sling bag, industrial sling bags etc. It is available in three different types, i.e. Cap Type, Belt Type & Sack Type. The safe working load is from 500 kg to 2000 kg. So if you are planning to export/transport heavy products or to store dry products /items, then a PP sling bag will be the best packaging option.

This industrial sling bag / PP Sling Jumbo Bag is available in round and square shapes, and it can be lifted from three different sides: top lift, bottom lift and side lifting. We follow a very strict quality control system to ensure deliver the perfect product to customers. All the manufacturing processes start from the granulating, weaving, sewing etc., till packaging. All functions are done in-house; our PP Sling Jumbo Bag is available at a competitive rate.

Following are the features of FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag :-

  • Safety Factor - 5:1/6:1 as per customer need
  • Breathable
  • 100% Virgin Polypropylene
  • Anti- Static & Conductive
  • UV & Radiation Resistant
  • Shock resistance
  • Reinforcement
  • Enough Intensity in structure
  • Easy option of loading & unloading

Following are the Advantages of FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag :-

  • Dust, damp & moisture proof
  • Integrated lifting loop
  • High quality weaving
  • Complete protection to the packed items
  • Cost savings
  • Reduce damages
  • Recyclable & reusable
  • Competitive rate

Following are the Applications of FIBC Jumbo Sling Bag :-

  • Chemicals, Mine & Cement Industries
  • Sand, Fertilizers, Salt
  • Construction waste
  • Grains, Corn, Fodder & Seeds
  • Rice & Wheat
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Coffee Beans & Soybeans
  • Iron Ore, Aluminum ore & Ore Powder
  • Minerals, Granules & Plastic Resins
  • Stone chips
  • Flow able products

Following are the Applications of PP Sling Jumbo Bag:-

  • Color - Various color available as per requirement
  • Bag weight - As per requirement
  • Size - Customize option available
  • Thickness – As per customer requirement
  • Loop Option ( Lifting ) - side-seam loops
  • Top Option – Fully Open
  • Bottom Option – Flat Bottom
  • Shape - Round and Square option available
  • Body Fabric & Bottom Fabric - As per customer requirement

Our company has a team of experts who can provide you with various sizes, shape, style, colour etc. of sling bags to meet your unique specifications.

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