As per the ongoing tendency of construction locations, underground electric power cables are measured a crucial feature that is required for the proper working of the power system in every building or community. Damages and defaults lead to difficulties in the connection of the power supply. This is the time when the value of the Cable covering tiles comes into focus. The tape and Cable Protection Tile both contribute to delivering a secure and exceedingly connective underground cable.

When can the underground cable get broken?

The underground cables are manufactured to deliver accessibilities for connecting power wherever the overhead line cannot be utilized. It is because the wires are concealed in the ground that is visible to various kinds of dangers that can turn into unsafe outcomes. Generally, it has been discovered that maximum damages are caused while people are digging a trench for many other usages. Underground cables can be broken due to diggings, floods, and many other happenings. In most situations, Warning Tape Tile plays a crucial role that is unmatchable to other protective agents.

Various parts of the underground protective section

The underground cables have the impending to allocate power expediently in urban and other places where there is no probability of unified overhead cables. So to guarantee security and preserve service continuousness, an underground power cable system is required to be secure from any kind of defective situations as well as physical harms. An appropriate shield system specifies the existence of impeccable cable protection tiles and tapes that prevent physical damage from happening. Faults in the cable system can lead to problems like reduced supply disruptions as well as compact risk caused due to accidents and personal injury. A few of the important parts underground protective system are conferred below:

Cable marker tape
: These are the tapes that are normally highlighted with “Caution Electric Cable Below” and are deliberated to be available in the shape of a roll that is not only broad but even longer in appearance. These tapes are found to be fairly similar to Warning Tape Tile which is even encoded with the warning message.

Heavy-duty warning tapes
: These are the tapes that are chosen for higher dangerous levels and measured to be more possible in contrast to caution tapes. It is recorded with the danger note which can be recited even from a distance in a similar way it is located in the Warning Tape Tile.

Underground cable covers
: Next to the warning tape tile comes the underground cable covers that are utilized to stave off further harm. These covers are placed over the cables to avert them from getting physically dented. These covers are found to be covered along with the warning tapes that are largely printed with standardized warning messages. This is useful even in the low, medium as well as higher voltage.

Cable protection tiles
: These Underground cable protection tiles share a resemblance with the warning tape tile and are distinguished in terms of their functionality and performance. This tape tile is expected to be thinner in contrast to the covers and is generally sold in the shapes of rolls which differ from 40 meters to 365 meters in terms of length and are classified into heavy-duty tapes and standard tape. This tape can fight with the power of lower voltages.

The mesh
:  mesh is the colored choices in the variety of heavy-duty plastic which is utilized to be suppressed at a particular distance from underground cables. This helps inform the diggers that the cables are laid below. The mesh is composed of stainless steel tracer wire which is covered with tape encoded with the printed warning and can run across the entire length.


The Benefit of Utilizing Cable Protection Products:

What is Underground Warning Tape?

Cable covering tiles let you discover and avert damage to valued underground utility facilities. When digging, if you don’t locate the utilities first, you are facing severe injury, high mending expenses, fines, and outages. According to the reports, every 6 minutes someone damages an underground utility line because they dig without noticing utilities first. With the help of Detectable Warning Tapes, it is very comfortable for those who dig the ground for any task.



Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the primary manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Warning Tapes. It is also recognized as a Safety Caution Tape. The company creates underground warning tapes that are well printed, having any text/language in different lengths and colors modified as per the customer’s requirements. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size are cable tiles?
Cable tiles are available in various sizes according to the requirements of the user. The most common sizes of these tapes are 1000 x 244 x 6 mm.

How do you protect wall tiles?
The tiles need to be secure from scratchy elements like debris, sand, dust, etc. by vacuuming them or dust-wiping them every week. Some vacuum cleaners are very hard on the floors, and henceforth, dust washing is the best way to keep the tiles on the floor clean with ease.

What is the function of warning tape?
The main objective of warning tapes is to make employees and other personnel careful and informed about the dangers that may be prowling in the workplace. They are utilized mainly for highlighting the dangerous locations and to also offer proper action that is required to be taken to evade these dangers