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August 13, 2021

Barricade Tapes – A Safety Tape Essential for Various Sectors






Uses of Barricade Tapes for Social Safety Services

Do you work for social safety services or police, guard, etc.? If yes, then the product discussed in this article is a common thing for you. It is a common scenario where you get to see barricades but not the hard ones. We often see police and race organizers putting up barricades or barrier tapes to mark a particular area. Such barrier tapes play a vital role in portraying a specific situation.

If you have a business that provides barrier tapes, it becomes essential for you to know basic things about these tapes. Such barrier tapes are unique and come in various colour codes to indicate a situation. Since the market for barricade tape manufacturers got more prominent, finding the best quality tapes has become troublesome. However, certain things can help you get the best product for your company. In this article, we will discuss the materials, quality, accessibility, colour codes, etc.

It will help if you understand this basic information about barricade tapes for seamless work. Such type of tape prevents accidents and makes people aware of the problem going on in an area. The customers need to buy quality products that can endure all climates. You have to ensure that the tapes don’t tear due to heavy rain or storms and don’t wind them away. It will be helpful to know where it comes from and what facilities it provides.

Source of Barricade Tapes

We often get to see bright tapes covering a particular area, and there might be danger or caution kinds of words printed on them. Such caution tapes come in a combination of two colours and are bright to ensure catching the eyes of everyone passing by. The purpose of using these barricade tapes is to prevent general safety. The bright colours catch the eye, and the message written on the caution tape makes it possible for them to stay away from an accidental situation.

There are various names for the woven barricade tape. However, some commonly used terms for these tapes include Roll Flagging Tape, barrier tape, safety barricade tape, etc. Whether for marking a permanent or temporary restriction over an area, the bright, non-adhesive safety tapes are visible from a reasonable distance. The bright colours of these tapes and the safety message written on them save many people from accidents, injuries, and even death. Whenever you see a barricade tape, you know the hazardous area, and you might be in great danger if you go towards it. Therefore, it is one of the most vital components of ensuring general safety.

There is no particular weather determined for using barrier tapes at work. However, it will be dangerous if the woven barrier tapes can’t endure the climates. Imagine an open hole on the street, and heavy rain washes away the barricades; someone unknowingly walks towards it and falls into it. Or imagine the tapes getting melted due to scorching heat. Many things can happen to the tape if the quality of the material is not good. Using barrier tapes made with low-quality materials can lead to severe conditions, even the death of people.

It will help a barricade tape manufacturer that uses thick woven polypropylene weave to produce strong Barrier tapes. Good quality and dense woven polypropylene weave make it strong enough to withstand all climates, whether it’s too hot, windy, or cold.

Characteristics of Barricade Tapes

Barrier tapes made with thick woven polypropylene weave have considerable demand in the market, and why wouldn’t they? Such barrier tapes include striking characteristics such as reusability, high tensile strength, highly visible, durable, and resistance to water, heat, and wind, and long-lasting, easy yet essential restriction marking equipment. Even though Barrier tapes come with such excellent features, it is not at all expensive.

Due to its availability, incredible features, quality, and affordability, it has high demand in the market. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to get danger or caution written on the tapes; you can customize the message you want to print on your barricade tape. Apart from roads, sports, and crime scenes, one of the familiar places where you can use these non-adhesive, durable instant barriers is a construction site. Thousands of workers are working on the construction site, and it’s essential to ensure their safety. These barrier tapes work as instant barriers to identify when there’s some accident-prone area to protect those workers.

The barricade tapes are essential for various sectors such as forestry, mining, construction, etc. One can use these safety tapes for multiple purposes: marking the end and start of property, roads under construction, hazardous areas, dead-ends, restricted zone, Cordon pedestrian traffic, marking solutions for off-limit areas, property lines, and construction jobs, accidents, and many more.

What is Colour Codes of Barricade Tape?

When it comes to safety measures, there have to be some unique colour codes, and barrier tapes are no exception. There are several colour variants for barrier tapes, each signifying different situations. Choosing the best barrier tape for your work will be more comfortable if you know which colour stands for what. Barrier tapes always come as a combination of two different colours.

  • Black and white to mark aisle and housekeeping
  • Black and yellow for physical danger
  • Magenta and yellow for radiation danger
  • Red and white to prevent fire
  • Green and white for first aid and safety
  • Blue and white for machinery defects
  • Orange and white for traffic or caution

Now that you know what colour defines what restrictions, you can ask the barrier tape manufacturers to get you the warning barricade tape in colour suitable for your job.


The non-adhesive, weather-resistant, safety equipment barrier tapes are not only affordable but eco-friendly as well. So barricade tapes have your back if you want to make an instant barrier against a hazardous area. The best part is you can customize the message on the barricade tape as per your requirement.



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